Self Service In Telecom Is Now The Top Priority

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self service in telecom

With a change in time, customer experience has become one of the most important competitive advantages that an organization must have and yet a lot of telecom companies struggle with it. It has become important to make sure that all the touchpoints from start till the end are optimized in order to engage not only the existing customers but the prospective customers as well. This can be done by providing self service in telecom.

In a nutshell, to have a competitive advantage it becomes important to have a user-centric strategy as in market places that compete for customers. Customer satisfaction is looked at as an important differentiator.

Current Situation

If we talk about the current telecom customer satisfaction, there are a lot of improvements that can be done. As per an Index for customer satisfaction, ISP’s are ranked lowest in customer satisfaction. A lot of researchers believe the main reason for this could the lack of competition as compared to other markets.

But with the digital era, telecom companies can no longer ignore customer experience as it becomes one of the key differentiators. Thus apart from new consumer offerings and the relevant content, there is a dire need for sustaining the right channels of communication which will act as the key elements to market the offerings enhancing customer experience.


Self Service

Self Service is equipping the customers and employees with tools and information systems that can help them find solutions to their query and enhance their experience for the product or service. In the digital era where most of people are connected, tech-savvy, and are happier to find solutions to their problems rather than investing time to explain their problems to the agent first and then waiting for their help. Thus self service plays a vital role in not only enhancing the customer experience but also reducing the support costs to a large extent.

In the case of telecom, self-service would be to provide their customers with a knowledge base, picture guides, decision tree software, or frequently asked questions, AI Chatbots, etc. For example, an internet service provider can offer its customers with picture guides to help them activate or turn on the 4G services in their device so that the customers don’t have to call the agent and ask for the steps to this issue rather they can go on to the service providers website and follow the steps shown in the picture guide.

According to various reports having a self service option influences customer loyalty thus having a self service feature would a good move for companies to help them increase customer engagement and experience.

Not Just A Customer Facing

It is not necessary that self service in telecom is just customer-facing but it could be employee-facing too. For example, to help employees, there could be some self service platform to provide information on various HR policies that the company has or some training related knowledge base for the employees. Thus organizations can look into the effectiveness and the benefits that self service systems can give to their employees.

Content and delivery would be the most important elements in a self service system. In our reference organizations can have a knowledge base stored in their self service systems and use a suitable software or platform for delivering it to both the customers and the employees.


Why Self Service in Telecoms Is Needed

Gone are the days when organizations used to win customers based on the price and quality of the product. Now successful organizations are the once which provide better customer experience. Customer loyalty is no longer based on the price or product which an organization offers rather customers are loyal to organizations based on the experience they get.

Not only this but investing in the right initiatives aiming towards improved customer experience has the potential to increase or double your revenues within 3 years.

According to several reports, approximately 67% of people are more inclined to self service than speaking to agents. Thus it is important to have a knowledge base that can be customized as per the needs of the customers.


More Reasons

  • Increase in customer satisfaction through omnichannel experience
  • Lower cost of  customer support services
  • Giving customers better control over the functioning process
  • Increased Self resolution rates


In order to stand out of the competition, it becomes vital to give importance to enhancing customer experience and for improving this experience one needs to make sure that they understand their customers, analyze the customer behavior at every touchpoint and presence over multiple channels.

Once this analysis is done we can create a knowledge base that can be used for solving customer needs and requirements. Self service is one of the ways of providing power and options with the customers so that they can solve their problems on their own in less time. Thus it can help in offering better and faster service to your customers while on the other hand recusing the operational cost for a particular organization.

To provide digital support at all times without hiring additional agents, self-service becomes a great user-friendly tool. Self service can thus act as the new customer agent and it can not only serve the customers but the employees as well.


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