Knowledge Management For Travel and Tourism Industry

Fully-customizable easy-to-use, travel knowledge management platform helps agents and customers answer their questions in seconds

  • Enable self-service
  • Personalized Communication
  • Increased loyalty

When speaking of travelling, the mention of comfort not only concerns innovation but also delivering satisfaction to the consumers. Delivering spotless service is ensured by the organization by winning better CX scores. The key to do the same is to stay connected, available, and reachable 24×7, over all platforms. A good knowledge management system uses various modules to create and distribute knowledge both to the customer support executives and the end consumers as well.

Travel Knowledge Management Process

The journey to your CX goals starts here

Apart from maintaining a knowledge base and channelizing it with knowledge management software, it is essential to upload the user-centric information across all touch-points to aid on lookers with solutions to petty queries. When consistent knowledge is disseminated through knowledge management software it helps in omni-channel coverage. Consistent knowledge, bot and agent aid, and visual and augmented reality support helps the consumers to find the solution to their problems seamlessly thus fetching running you high on a great NPS and CX score.

CX challenges of travel industry

Self-Service Enablement

Self-service can help the customers to look for solutions to their problems on their own, thus eliminating agent's role. For example: best hotel near me.

Agent Support Solutions

The knowledge circulated should be consistent and available over app and website as articles and FAQs for customers at one platform.

Inefficient Omnichannel Support

A consumer can reach out to the organization for enquiry over social media, text, WhatsApp, call or app thus requiring a 360° approach.

Manage Agent Knowledge

Consumers contact agents as specialists in resolving the query thus they must be well versed with probable problems and their solution.

Smooth And Speedy Support

More is the delay caused; easily is the consumer deflected thus stealing UV to your website. This results in a reduced CX & CSAT for your organisation.

Our knowledge management portfolio for travel services

Single source of complete organizational data

Consistency across contact centers, branches & digital

Update regulatory data and distribute immediately

Drive digital CX for customers as well as agents

Our modules


Decision Trees

Interactive decision tree software resolves complex queries and simplifies customer interactions through a series of questions accompanied by multi-choice type answers. This streamlined technical process for support teams and customers has a step-by-step intuitive workflow.


Knowledge Base

A ready repository of the organization’s knowledge can be created, filtered, updated, and accessed by the creator. The assignment of duties and responsibilities can easily be defined by the admin of the knowledge base. Since the knowledge uploaded is delivered on all touch-points, it is checked and approved by admin and super admin respectively.


Picture Guides

It is the visual assistance that agents need while handling complex customer interactions. Picture guides ensures best for agents and users by allowing faster and efficient resolutions using images as a better tool as compared to words.



With Artificial Intelligence on your side, build virtual assistants for customer engagement. AI Chatbots are more efficient and reliable to enrich digital experiences and power human-like exchanges between customers and your services. Chatbots, intelligent enough to pose as humans, allow customers to get right aid at right time.

Benefits for



In a highly dynamic environment as that of travel, the contingent forces are strong and require a specialized hand in the same. When a robust knowledge base is a given, the struggle for better performance no more remains a pressure.

  • Easy findability
  • Reduction in error rate
  • Reduce task multiplication


With self service enablement, it becomes feasible for customers to decide the mode of help. Consumers feel privileged when given an option to choose from; and what better than freedom from long and hammering call center ring tones.

  • Access information anytime
  • Avoid long hold & call queues
  • Digital Adoption of services
operations supervisor

Operations Supervisor

Role of operations supervisor is of inevitable importance as well. The query pertaining to a financial problem involves a lot of brainstorming resulting in an impatient caller. This caller if lost here, will be a customer lost from sale counter too.

  • Lower AHT & Hold Times
  • Achieve SLAs
  • More productive agents

Training and Quality

Onboarding of agents, in reality is one of the most crucial parts of recruitment. Agents with good communication skills are trained in accordance with organization’s workflow and knowledge aiming to achieve an even higher level of C-SAT & CX.

  • Faster training & on-boarding
  • Simplified feedback mechanism
  • Training & assessments for process knowledge
digital team

Digital Team

Majorly responsible for digital transformation of a company backed by robust strategy and planning; an engaging and interactive website or app can reap conversions if it’s friendly and compatible enough for the search engine to crawl through.

  • Drive digital transformation
  • Promote self service apps & website
  • Monetize through digital channels
cx head

CX Heads

Consumers can reach out to you through app, website, bot, WhatsApp, social media, text, and call 24×7. Any loophole evident results in degradation of CX and NPS. It is thus essential to prevent any decrease in agent efficiency, learning, and quality.

  • Achieve CSAT & NPS scores
  • Reduce OPEX at contact centers
  • Increase overall brand loyalty

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