Interactive Decision Tree Software:
Simplifying Customer Resolutions

Our interactive decision tree software resolves complex queries and simplifies customer interactions to a few clicks. Streamline technical processes for support teams and customers with a step-by-step intuitive workflow.

  • Structured Resolution Delivery
  • Impeccable Customer Experience
  • Reduced Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • Improved First Call Resolution (FCR)

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Interactive Decision Tree Software:<br>Simplifying Customer Resolutions

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Intuitive creation of Decision Trees

Allow users and departments to create guided workflows as per business needs. From resolving Customer Support tickets to streamlining communication within departments; Knowmax’s interactive decision trees are published using a perceptive UI for the benefit of the user.

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Customized Delivery of Decision Trees

Knowmax solutions are made-to-measure and delivered as per the convenience of your business. Integrate decision trees within your website or chatbot, that’ll work just as well on any browser PCs or smartphones. Choose from our On-Cloud and On-Premise delivery models with multi-lingual options, that best suit your brand’s business needs.

Customized Delivery of Decision Trees

Improve NPS with Decision Trees

Strengthen your Net Promoter Score by a sizable margin, while emphasizing on key support metrics with Knowmax. Ensure higher Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and customer loyalty through seamless support and promote self-care amongst customers and users.

Improve NPS with Decision Trees

Decision Trees for Call Centers

Reduce average handle time of tickets and calls by using a decision trees software for complex interactions, by building consistency in customer support. Ensure your support agents use Knowmax’s Interactive Decision Tree Tool to enhance First Call Resolution and overall CSAT score.

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Decision Trees to enable Self Service

At least 67% of customers prefer self-service to assisted customer support. Using a guided workflow, a user can troubleshoot and solve their queries on a business’ digital touchpoint. It not only helps the customer to quickly find apt resolutions but also increases customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Decision Trees to enable Self Service

Decision Tree Analytics

Explore usage, efficiency and resolution rate of decision trees through a unified dashboard. Keep a track of most frequent queries and how they impact user resolution experiences. All data is made actionable with Knowmax’s intelligent analytical tools.

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30% improvement in Customer Satisfaction & Agent Efficiency with Knowmax

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Integrations with tools that you choose

Explore integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar.


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How Decision Tree Software helps in enhancing Customer Experience

How Decision Tree Software helps in enhancing Customer Experience

Brands today have detailed processes with dynamic changes to serve millennials across the globe. As a CX Head, it is important to use a decision tree software to ensure that the right information is given to customers across assisted and digital channels. Knowmax is a decision tree software that helps you create workflows and publish them across all customer touchpoints using an interactive UI backed with robust analytics.

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