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4 Benefits of a Knowledge base for self service

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Looking for a knowledge base for self service?

In a world enabled by the internet, customers are seeking to be more independent than ever before.  86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience – PWC 

Customer experience (CX) through exceptional customer service is what you as a business strive for, then enabling self-service to your customers is the best answer to all your solutions. We have established that self-service is the way to let us look at technology that aids it- A knowledge base software.

What is a knowledge base for customer service?

A knowledge base platform is a collection of published documents across Omnichannel, be it how-to guides, instructions, or frequently asked questions. It is helpful from the customer’s point of view; a knowledge base is also handy for agents across the organization to find and retrieve any information beneficial to enrich customer experience

4 must-have features of a knowledge base for self-service

1. Ease of findability

Your customer could be looking for information on digital channels. If the information is not available on your business channel, they might resort to google as their self-service option. 

This also means that information cannot just be present at some corner of the website or the app. The section to solve queries through self-service needs to be visible on the search for customers to instantly find it.

2. Consistent flow across channels

When multiple people handle different pages or platforms of a business, that information will likely get a little scattered or consistent inflow. A scattered flow might confuse your customers a little. 

All information representing a particular product or a service needs to reflect the same information across multiple touchpoints. When a knowledge base comes into the picture, it takes care of all the pushing out of data from a single source. 

3. Regularly updated information

Like your gadgets such as mobile phones regularly get updates, your knowledge base needs to be periodically updated or as and when required. Updating needs to be done so that information does not become redundant. 

With a knowledge base, software updating is made simple. Since all organizational information is stored on the cloud in knowledge management, updating in one place makes changes in all systems or devices simultaneously. 

4. No contact resolution

No contact is the way to go for any customer these days; no one wants to wait on a call, talk to a person to resolve queries. Moreover, it needs to be encouraged, seeing how it is already a well-accepted idea. 

A knowledge base helps push out the same information across platforms for consistent delivery of information. The self-help knowledge base means the data can guide no-contact self-service tools such as chatbots, AR solutions, etc. 

4 Benefits of a knowledge base for self service

The benefits of a knowledge base for self-service are not just decreasing support costs, but they help you put your customers first. When you place your customers first, they feel valued and prefer to use your products or services, enabling you to grow.

1. Immersive self-help

With an AI feature on Knowmax that aids chatbots during self-service, customers usually cannot tell if they are talking to a human or a chatbot. Other features like self-help visual guides also give immersive experiences to customers seeking help. 

Immersive self-help is possible with having a knowledge base that aims to bring out the same experience a customer would have when they clearly explain to a human counterpart the same problem. The idea is to show the customers you care by helping them find the exact solutions they look for. 

2. Faster resolutions

You do not want to keep your customers waiting if you need to turn them into your loyal base. Work on providing faster resolutions that automatically make your customers satisfied with your brand. 

Knowledge base helps in providing a faster resolution. This can be done in any format, be it articles, FAQs, or guides in other forms. When self-help is an option, it is the way that solves the problem quickest.

3. Enhanced CX

Just as we talked about solving a problem quicker, self-service through a knowledge base enhances the positive outcomes and overweighs it compared to adverse effects. 

Here positive outcomes are solved by self-service, and the discarded or left behind negative consequences are having to call a contact center and wait for a long time on hold, etc. 

4. Self-empowerment

Even though we have established that many young populations enjoy being independent, there might still be a few others who are quite not comfortable having to do everything on their own. 

While there are other modes of communication for the customer, like contacting the contact center, a self-help knowledge base can induce empowerment. Imagine providing a means to empower your customers; doesn’t that feel great?


There is a quote that goes, ‘self-help is the best help.’ As an organization, you must look at the possibilities you can explore by deploying self-service through a knowledge base platform. A self service knowledge base management is just as essential, or even more so than having many agents at your contact center. A self-help knowledge base powered by knowledge base software is the best investment you can make for both your customers and your organization.


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