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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Creating Knowledge Base For Self Service (Read 10 Benefits Inside)

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In a world enabled by the internet, customers are seeking to be more independent than ever before. 86% of buyers will pay more for an exceptional customer experience– PWC

Knowledge base for self-service

The customer experience (CX) through exceptional customer service is what you as a business strive for, so enabling self-service to your Customers is the best answer to all your solutions. One way to do this is to have a knowledge base for self service. 

What is a knowledge base for self service?

A knowledge base for self service is a central platform that includes published documents, be it how-to guides, manuals, or frequently asked questions that customers can use to troubleshoot their queries.

It is helpful from the customer’s point of view; a knowledge base is also handy for agents across the organization to find and retrieve any information beneficial to enriching the customer experience. 

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10 Benefits of a Knowledge Base For Self service

A knowledge base for self-service has benefits that impose customer experience elevation. When you place your customers first, they feel valued and prefer to use your products or services, enabling you to grow. According to a survey, 91% of customers would use a knowledge base if it met their needs.

1. Consistent support

  • One of the benefits of a self-service knowledge base is that it provides consistent customer support across channels. 
  • Inconsistent information can make your customers lose trust and interest in your products or services. 
  • Self-service knowledge service through knowledge base benefits customers receive the same information on all your platforms, improving trust in the brand. 

2. 24/7 support

  • Humans need rest, and bots do not. Today, technology is advanced enough to provide support to customers around the clock.
  • When your employees aren’t in, you can take the help of a knowledge base for self-service to do the job. 
  • The benefit here is that an AI-backed knowledge management system can have human-like interactions with your customers all days of the week round the clock throughout the year.

3. Customer retention

  •  Poor customer service is one of the primary reasons companies tend to lose customers. 
  • Contact centers can stall customers or help them through self-help guides and other instruments with a self-service knowledge base
  • There will be fewer call holds with better self-service, and self-resolution rates will increase, promoting a better customer satisfaction level.

4. Improved CX

  •  With self-service portals run through knowledge management from a single source of truth, customers will feel the consistency of the brand. 
  • The fact that functional self-service can help customers resolve issues on their own is a massive tick on the customer satisfaction list. 
  • Nicely curated documents, articles, and FAQs help customers know you as a brand care about their problems, and are ready to help them. 

5. Faster resolutions 

  • Imagine you are a customer and need help with a recently purchased product or a service. 
  • Calling for customer support might take a long, but if there were guides and solutions available, the resolution would become less time-consuming. 
  • A self-service solution through a knowledge base makes information available for faster resolutions

6. Improved resource allocation:

  • When it comes to customer service, self-service eliminates the need for many personnel to cater to customers. 
  • While employees are required to assist customers at times of need, a nicely built knowledge base for customer service lessens the number of employees necessary for the job. 
  • So productivity among employees can be built in the organization by allocating human resources to other vital business functions. 

7. Personalized service

  • A knowledge base for self-service can connect the right customer to the right customer journey recorded in the CRM system with a CRM integration. 
  • Integration with CRM Software and KB helps give the customers solutions to their specific problems right away. 
  • A personalized experience is a huge customer experience booster.

8. Self-learning knowledge base

  • A knowledge base that is supported by AI-powered knowledge management software can pick up the customer’s needs. 
  • It becomes easy for your business can understand what the customers are looking for by deploying a future-ready knowledge base for customer self-service. 
  • Keeping track of customer queries through a self-learning knowledge base makes your business approachable. 

9. Customer acquisition

  • With a self-service knowledge base, businesses can put up information on websites and other channels. 
  • Providing customers with the information they need to know about a product or service makes them more likely to become customers. 
  • Descriptions of a product or service on your website or other public portals are extremely welcoming to window shoppers as it provides an opportunity to turn them into customers. 

10. Call deflection

  • From a contact center perspective, the benefits of a knowledge base for self-service include call deflection ability. 
  • A centralized knowledge base enables support as described above, helping customers resolve problems and not calling for customer support. 
  • Call deflection helps contact center agents reduce call incoming and help those who need complex help. 

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Self-service is a profitable way of customer support. Businesses need to be prepared to unleash the potential of self-help to make a business grow in the right direction while understanding their customers.

Self-help is convenient for customers and beneficial for companies. Achieve improved CX with self-service by bettering how you help your customers through a knowledge base for self-service

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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