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Customer Self-Service Portal To Empower Users

Customer self-service portals induce a sense of independence and accomplishment in the users’ minds; it also allows them to deal with the problems of products or services at ease.

  • Quick resolution
  • Zero wait time
  • Enhanced CX
  • Omni-channel support
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Customer Self-Service Portal To Empower Users

Challenges in customer self-service portal

Sluggish solutions

Sluggish solutions

Over-flooded with complaints and no solutions to back it up keeps decking them up. The consumers with unclosed complaints become the base for negative CX score and ratings. Thus, self-service can be an easy escape.

Scattered knowledge

Scattered knowledge

The knowledge of customer self-help portals must be consistent. All the knowledge required must be found in one single place. Troubling the visitor to adventure into ill-managed and ill-kept knowledge is bound to backfire.

Lagging 24×7 support

Lagging 24×7 support

The problem can arrive any minute, and so should the solution. The customer self-service portal should be available with consistent and correct information around the clock and backed by agent support when necessary.

Lack of personalization

Lack of personalization

While an agent brings in solution to a problem a screen shows how to be at that point thus lacking the sense of empathy and personal touch thus making call centers the first point of consumer contact availing soft skills.

Updated knowledge

Updated knowledge

The knowledge posted gets old and out of use with product renovation and needs to be updated with proper checks. A huge knowledge base is difficult to handle, and such content lengths must be authorized before being on a self-serve platform.

Feedback mechanism

Feedback mechanism

The content of the customer self-service portal, its appearance, tone, and ease of use all must satisfy the visitor and keep them hooked for a longer time period by positivity, thus building a community for open vocalization of consumers’ voices.

Heavy investment on time & patience fronts

Heavy investment on time & patience fronts

Building a great customer self-help platform requires a long time of observation and parallel improvement with feedback. From the visuals to design and content, each element must be ‘visitor approved’ over time to ensure a better experience.

Benefits of customer self-help portal

A customer usually dials up an agent as soon as a situation arrives but with self-service a considerable amount of such petty but bundling tickets get easily deflected thus relieving the agent from being tangled up thus saving time for more complex queries.

Ticket deflection

A good customer self-service portal, when designed properly, gives way to easy navigation, establishing multiple modes of communication and eroding all communication barriers. A user-friendly interface provides great room for easy searchability of information they need.

Enhance user experience

The information circulated should be characterized by easy findability. Also, interactive modules can be used to depict the same. It becomes easily understandable if decision trees, visual guides, AI powered chatbots and WhatsApp bots are used for the same.

Interactive display

Problems related to huge product and service use too might increase and thus must be handled via a bulk capacity serving platform. If a consumer self-service portal is not strong enough, it can crash when many queries start to flow in, all simultaneously.

Smooth bulk handle

The information circulated over each platform should be consistent to avoid confusing the customers. Smooth and engaging information display and flow makes communication easy at times even enhancing consumer’s tolerance towards tiny flaws.

Consistent information

Self-service lays the foundation for driving the digital transformation of the organization. A well-programmed self-service portal disseminates consistent and interactive information through modules and guides using conversational bots backed by AI and ML programs.

Drives digitization

With the consumer solving their own queries at their own preference, the solutions derived speed up thus improving the user experience. The dependency of the callers on agents goes down thus reducing the manpower requirement and OPEX cost simultaneously.

Reduced OPEX

Features of customer self service portal

Knowledge created and updated over one platform can easily and uniformly be integrated and disseminated over all platforms. The cross channel content distribution makes it easy for the customers to pick up the exact same information irrespective of the change of platforms.

Omni channel integration

The user reaching out for help to an organization can reach out for inquiries or solutions using smartphones, tablets, or laptops. A great consumer self-service portal with a responsive design eliminates the time taken to search for tabs all over the screen or wait for the portal to load slothfully.

Device agnostic

This feature digs out exact solution for the whole ocean of the feed shortening the response time of the portal. Thus elastic search helps finding what you are looking for just by typing in the keywords to the same embedding search engine like experience over your portal.

Elastic search

SEO compatible content instead of mere content requirement serves as click bait thus inviting more customers to use the portal. It increases the number of visitors and also increases the session time per visitor. Better interface generates genuine leads thus aiding better conversions.

SEO compatible

To maintain a voice of the brand is essential for the organization and must be followed over all support touch-points as well. Thus all content must leverage similar tonality. The postal can easily be customized with uniformity in knowledge, design and appearance.

White labels your brand

Knowledge when is uniformly disseminated through interactive modules like decision trees, picture guides and chatbots, it not helps speeding up navigation towards the solution but also make solutions a part of product handling over product complaint.

Intuitive modules

Impact of customer self-service portal for different users



With self service enablement, it becomes feasible for customers to decide the mode of help. Consumers feel privileged when given an option to choose from; and what better than freedom from long and hammering call center ring tones.



In a highly dynamic environment as that of self-service, the contingent forces are strong and require a specialized hand in the same. When a robust knowledge base is a given, the struggle for better performance no more remains a pressure.

Digital team

Digital team

Responsible for the digital transformation of a company & backed by a robust strategy, an engaging consumer self-service software can reap conversions. A user-friendly portal attracts more visitors and stretches up the average session time, thus generating leads for sales with higher conversion rates.

CX heads

CX heads

Consumers can reach out to you through app, website, bot, WhatsApp, social media, text, and call 24×7. Any loophole evident results in degradation of CX and NPS. It is thus essential to prevent any decrease in agent efficiency, learning, and quality.

Content authors

Content authors

The content if created over a single platform is integrated and disseminated over multiple touch-points serves to the relief of content authors from work load duplicity. Regularly updated content can be disseminated in a channelized manner providing a hassle free experience.

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