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Knowmax leverages Generative AI to automate knowledge management and assists your CX experts with AI, so they don’t have to ever worry about where the right knowledge is.

Blending AI & Knowledge for Brilliant CX

Instant knowledge access across channels

Ask AI to get instant answers

Turn time-consuming information search into interactive question answering with Ask AI. Enter your questions and let AI wade through your knowledge base to give precise answers with exact information source.

Get instant article digests

Locating critical information from a hundred-page article can take forever. Use our AI knowledge base to summarize key information and empower frontliners to deliver solutions on the go.

Make self-service accurate & low-effort

Integrate Knowmax with your self-serve channels, and guide customers with actionable knowledge, so solving problems independently is no longer a headache for them.

Faster content creation

Assist your knowledge authors with AI expertise

Create new content or flip existing standard operating procedures (SOPs) into near accurate decision trees with MaxAI. Fine tune with human in the loop and make new content live faster.

Rephrase content for clarity

Creating content takes time but editing can take forever. Trim long articles, elaborate points or change the tone of your content within a click with our AI text editor.

Translate more accurately

Knowmax’s AI translator ensures that language is no longer a barrier to expanding your customer support. Translate into 15+ global languages with high accuracy within a few clicks.

Effortless Knowledge repurposing

Generate bit-sized FAQs from lengthy articles

Reuse your existing knowledge and create on-point FAQ from articles. Fine-tune the content and publish in less time & effort than before.

Create quizzes from articles to augment agent training

Nothing is static, nor is your knowledge. Create quizzes from articles to ensure your agents are constantly updated with current information.


Wondering about data privacy?

Security is at the heart of Knowmax’s AI. Knowmax abides by data security and privacy laws established by various governing bodies across the world We have data security agreements with our AI vendors, so no customer data is used to train the AI models.

Knowmax’s AI is tailored to your CX needs

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