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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Create DIY Knowledge Base By Considering These 4 Things

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Having a vision is essential because the first thing one needs to create anything is intent. Based on the purpose you have, which is call handling in this case, you can proceed with the building of your knowledge base. To create your own knowledge base, you need to have access to a DIY knowledge base.


A DIY knowledge base is a do-it-yourself knowledge base that lets you create any script or article with ease. 

What things are needed to create a DIY knowledge base?

Call handling for both inbound and outbound calls requires a knowledge base for callers to access information while speaking to people or customers on the other side of the call. Every knowledge base builder must know the following before using any tool to create a knowledge base for call handling.

1. Collection of existing data

If you look at files in your organization, you may find that information already exists but in silos. Before creating a knowledge base, one has to look at the existing data `and see what is still relevant. 

The relevant information can be collected, and if it is appropriate, it can be used to either build upon the existing content or make new content. All files must be collected the same way to save what is essential, and duplicate files can be deleted in the process.

2. Organize data

Organizing data is a must since anyone using this knowledge must know where a particular file is. After collecting existing data, you need to put the data into files for quick access.

Suppose a document contains information on delivery troubleshooting, then it can be placed under the delivery folder. If the document is in the new order, it can be grouped under the be put in the new order-related file. 

You can also organize your data department-wise later; all this helps migrate files if you switch to better and advanced knowledge management. Even if you aren’t, you end up having easy and quick access to important information now that they are segregated. 

3. Create data

After you collect data, you know there are gaps to fill within the existing data. You can brainstorm ideas and fill in those gaps that are really necessary to take in during call handling.

You may also create new documents about new things you might not have a manuscript ready already. Not having the script in hand for call handling adversely affects your average handle time

Easy and building a knowledge base might not go hand in hand. A smart DIY knowledge base lets create data of any type. Still, knowledge management software with a DIY knowledge base might considerably decrease your efforts to create one.

4. Disseminate data

It isn’t enough to just create necessary documents and not inform those in charge of call handling

An all-around DIY knowledge base that comes with a knowledge management platform would have information disseminating features. The feature set on the knowledge management system might essentially include segregating documents department-wise and the ability to control the time period it is displayed for. 

Ready to create a knowledge base?

Try Knowmax AI-powered knowledge base software for call centers.

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Knowmax’s DIY knowledge base and how it helps?

Knowmax is a knowledge platform that has a complete DIY knowledge base model. The platform allows one to create customer service scripts for any scenario, whether inbound or outbound.

It all depends on the organization’s approach to what problems they would like to solve using a knowledge base software in place. The following are a few benefits the DIY knowledge base platform offers. 

1. Create efficient scripts

Call handling involves crafting scripts that get through to the customers. With Knowmax, you get a decision trees module, which is the perfect DIY,no-code tool to create contact center talk scripts for any call handling purpose. 

The decision tree module, in particular, is designed for call handling while adhering to metrics like SOP to give customers a mistake-proof solution to any query by suggesting the next best action. 

Decision trees software for call handling creates the perfect balance of getting the context right for the customer service executive while handling any call through a CRM integration on the Knowmax platform. 

2. Efficient knowledge sharing

The knowledge base created on the Knowmax platform becomes the encyclopedia of all your organization’s data. You can choose from the settings on the platform to decide which file goes where and who can access it. 

The knowledge created and stored on the platform can be shared internally and externally. All one needs to have is sign-in access to the portal and rights to have access to the data from the administrator.

What the platform eliminates is the silo creation of any data. As we previously mentioned above, you have all the information but don’t have access to it. The use of this platform would help you eliminate data silos.

3. Reduce support costs

Through a DIY knowledge base, you can create relevant call center scripts for all call handling scenarios. Knowmax as a platform aims to deliver the right information to the correct person as and when needed. 

Having contextual information and accessing it through Knowmax’s google-like elastic search improves the average handle time of the call since it reduces time spent searching to get to the information needed for a particular call. 

In addition to that, Knowmax has an in-document search that allows platform users to look for answers within a vast article. On the other hand, decision trees have simple yes-no formatting that improves first contact resolution

4. Improve C-SAT

We understand that it is impossible to solve customer queries by just calling. Having a knowledge base powered by AI-backed knowledge management is crucial precisely for this. 

While the modules of Knowmax knowledge management help with call handling, they also help in call deflection, as discussed above. How that happens is that all the modules – visual guides, FAQs, articles, and decision trees- can be put up on customer self-service portals through features of the knowledge management platform. 

These modules on self-service portals or call handling aim to provide contextually and the correct information to customers directly or through customer service executives and help improve their satisfaction rate by quick resolutions through the correct information provided at any portal or on call. 


To put first things first a DIY knowledge base like Knowmax would help create documents in the various modules for call handling to be a simple process.

The whole process being DIY, is a significantly hassle-free process. The comprehensive knowledge management platform would not only help with efficient knowledge management.

Still, it would take your organization’s goals to a different height after you’ve discovered and consciously used all the feature sets to make a difference. So why don’t you try it out today and take not only creating a knowledge base but every other day-to-day function to the next level?

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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