Visual Engagement - Simplify Assistance To Your Customers & Agents

Digitally transform customer experience using augmented reality for an interactive user experience and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Get enriched support systems that benefit field technicians and customers; even remotely.

  • Reduce time spent to solve a query
  • Connect with customers globally anytime
  • Enhance operational efficiency

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Visual Engagement - Simplify Assistance To Your Customers & Agents

Contactless support

The post pandemic era has strongly changed customers’ need for contactless support and self- service. With remote visual assistance provide solutions to your customers the way they would like to solve it in this contactless age.

Contactless support

Visual engagement

The best way to engage your customer to help solve problems is the mix of text and images.What is even better is doing this visually and helping customers through a step-by-step approach. Show exactly how a customer can do things by visual representation through screen sharing.

Visual engagement

Co- browsing

Share expert advice from field technicians through the possibilities of co-browsing with customers’ consent through camera access and screen sharing. Solving technical issues or difficulties through co-browsing eliminates unnecessary field visits and frequent calls for tech support. Co-browsing could help reduce support costs by large.

Co- browsing


Just text on image in video does not help customers. What really explains well are annotations for the steps to be taken by a customer to solve the problem. Visual assistance powered by AR helps highlight complicated technical issues with annotations through technology.


Mixed reality

The coming together of the real and augmented world gap the bridge that exists between call center support and field visits.You can do both through remote visual assistance. This means faster conversions and better first call resolutions that help in driving increased revenue per user.

Mixed reality

Enable future ready remote visual support for customers

When our customers win, we win

Remote contactless support that increases CX

Remote contactless support that increases CX

Contactless support isn’t just a trend. Brands in today’s world are successful if they provide customers with the type of help a customer demands, especially contactless support. As a CX head it is important for you to ensure top-notch contactless service for customer satisfaction. Knowmax’s visual assistance software helps you provide customer support remotely using AR over virtual support calls. This helps increase productivity and decrease support costs.

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Annual cost

6 Months

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How can brands use Remote visual assistance?

Brands can connect with customers through unique interactions possible only through Remote visual assistance. The assistance makes the user experience interactive and memorable.

What is the difference between Virtual Reality and Remote assistance?

Virtual Reality uses a specific device to immerse oneself into another universe. One can access Remote assistance from any mobile device and interact with it, making it ideal to use for customer support.

How does Remote visual assistance help in customer service?

Remote visual assistance enables self-service through technology. This helps resolve solutions quickly and without the customer having to make a phone call for help. You can make this technology available 24 x7 to users.

What are the types of visual support used in customer service?

You can use broadcast AR and Screen AR for customer service. Visual, video and 3D projection help the customers to navigate the portal by themselves. Customers may type in the query to select the most appropriate solution.

Which industry is best suited for remote support?

Recently Industries like education, healthcare, and e-commerce are increasingly leaned towards the use of AR support systems. AR isn’t industry-specific and can be used in any industry. It is customized and designed to the organization’s needs.

Does AR support increase CX?

Groundbreaking and engaging AR solutions are effective in creating an impression on users. This along with providing the right solutions leads to a satisfying customer experience.

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