Transforming information into actionable knowledge

Use interactive next-best actions for mistake-free resolutions

  • Convert complex and lengthy SOPs into guided workflows
  • Interlink any content on Knowmax with workflow steps
  • Improve knowledge access by attaching important files & URLs with user responses

Visualize customer problems to ensure accurate solutions

  • Create step-by-step picture guides for tough problems
  • Upload images individually or in bulk. Edit your images, text & add tips for each step

Draft support articles to resolve your customer’s problems

  • Create a new article or upload one from your computer
  • Interlink any content on Knowmax with the help article
  • Improve content clarity by embedding relevant files and URLs

Create FAQs to answer your most common customer questions

  • Improve content clarity by embedding relevant files and URLs
  • You can also bulk upload FAQs from existing spreadsheets

Upload your content for approval and select distribution channels

  • Add a relevant title & keywords for your content. Add multiple keywords to enhance content findability
  • Select existing category or create a new one to organize your content
  • Select departments and channels to share your content

Review content performance with micro-segmented analytics

  • Get visibility into user engagement patterns with detailed reports
  • Analyze content usage, time spent, and user feedback to identify content gaps for improvement

A knowledge management built for your team’s success 


reduction of support team errors


ticket deflection to self-service channels


reduction to time to proficiency


reduction in support costs


All you need to keep your teams and customers up to date


Single source of truth for all your knowledge

Ditch siloed & inconsistent knowledge experiences. Switch to a single source of truth for ready access to actionable & contextual knowledge across channels for omnichannel CX.


Easy content creation for an evergreen knowledge management

Create new or edit existing articles, FAQs, workflows, or guides to ensure your knowledge management is always up to date. Attach relevant content from the platform, or external files, videos, and URLs to your content anytime as needed.


Google-like search for easy and instant knowledge access

Get instant access to relevant knowledge with intuitive search. Filter content by title, category, publishing date, and use in-document search to instantly surface the exact content you need without tirelessly digging through files.


Empower customers to become independent problem solvers

Cut through the noise and let your customers know you get their concerns. Integrate Knowmax with your digital channels & deliver easy, round-the-clock customer support through help articles, FAQs, guided workflows and more.

Better-trained employees with half the effort

Eliminate frequent training challenges with a knowledge repository of training guides, video tutorials, help articles, and SOPs. Reduce employee training time and boost productivity with a dynamic knowledge hub for optimized operating costs.


Free agents from toggling between multiple screens

Boost agent workflow and focus by eliminating screen toggling. Save time and effort with Knowmax’s chrome extension that powers ready access to knowledge from your company’s KM platform right where they are at the click of a button.


Reach new heights with actionable analytics

Get insights on user engagement patterns for your support content to understand user trends and pain points. Analyze the most frequented resources and their performance to identify opportunities to build better content.

Worried about content migration?

Content Audit

Content Audit

Knowmax coordinates with your team for a comprehensive audit of your existing knowledge, and identifies relevant content types to fit your knowledge adequately.



Our AI data migration engine speeds up the time to migrate content and minimizes the manual effort and potential errors involved in the process.



We run regular quality checks to ensure your content is accurately migrated to Knowmax, and the platform is ready for launch fast and hassle-free.

Learn how a Fortune 500 enterprise achieves $60,000 cost savings with Knowmax’s AI content migration engine.

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