Learning Management System: Focus on Quality & Cost Effective Using a SaaS Platform

Establishing an effective connection between customers and support teams, Knowmax has created its Learning Management System – eLearning platform, which works in collaboration with Knowledge Management System, allows enterprises to better understand process knowledge of agents. Enterprises use LMS systems to track hundreds or thousands of employees.

  • Reduce onboarding time from 5-8 weeks to 3-5 weeks
  • Reduce training efforts by 30-40%
  • Reduce training cost by 15-20%
  • Analytics to know process & agent health
  • Sustained quality for new & existing agents
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Typical learning management lifecycle

Training need Identification

Content Design & Change Management

Content retrieval

Assessments & certifications

Anayltics & reporting

Are you facing these LMS challenges?

Unstructured training information

Streamlining training content with learning content management system for e.g. step by step workflows interspersed with feedback activities can make it more engaging and save on training costs

OJT takes most of their time

LMS training will save time for managers/supervisors and can ensure the opportunity to learn and grow for the agents, which can eventually increase the capacity for retention.

High training to operations curve of service agent

30% of businesses will invest in e-learning system to aid in agent training. Agents in each group have distinct needs, and training them with a classic approach takes more time.

High agent error due to lack of process knowledge

Lack of process knowledge can be disastrous. LMS e learning updates all the information in real-time to ensure accuracy in customer communication.

Lack of refreshers

High repetitive and common mistakes arise due to lack of updates and inconsistent information flow in the organization is the biggest challenge for CX leaders today to which LMS learning management system can help.

Managing ramp ups during peak volume

Businesses generate most of their revenue during sale seasons. Readiness of agents for high volume of customer interaction across channels is critical. If agents are not trained enough to tackle customers’ intricacies, it's a challenge for CX leaders.

Ambiguous information delivery to customers

Agents work in shifts, and at times, one agent gives some information which the other agent contradicts. This can be critical and a milestone for poor service quality.

Agent turnover is high and expensive

New agents take longer to resolve issues, longer to finish after call work and in general are less efficient thus service level will decline.

LMS - Your go-to platform for learning & assessment

Employee learning must be an ongoing focus and what could be a better idea than cloud based LMS, means zero setup and maintenance cost. Jump start your training delivery, in a matter of days not weeks. Quickly launch LMS learning to train agents anytime, anywhere globally. Get your training rolling with a Cloud-based SaaS model. Seamless training catered to the needs of the new generation users

LMS is a small part of a larger eco-system. While LMS helps in training, refreshers & assessments a knowledge management platform helps in on-going operations to achieve CX KPIs at all times.

Save up to $400K annually by delivering contextual and actionable knowledge

Case studies

They say knowledge is power, but how effectively does your business manage intellectual capital? Knowledge and learning go hand in hand. Moreover, a learning management system can do more than just deliver eLearning – It can help you improve knowledge management.

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