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Call center scripting software:
For interactive customer service scripts

A call center scripting software is a step-by-step guide that helps customer service executives troubleshoot customer problems. Knowmax helps enterprises create agent talk scripts to enable next best actions. 

Benefits of Knowmax agent scripting tool include:

  • Reduced Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • Enhanced First Call Resolution(FCR)
  • Cognitive scripting for enhanced CX
  • Improves employee time to proficiency

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Call center scripting software: <br>For interactive customer service scripts

Step-by-step guides

A simple step-by-step graphical tree through Knowmax’s decision tree software makes conversations with customers relevant. Create scripts that are concise and seamless.

Step-by-step guides

Create scripts for any scenario

Our call center scripting tools allow you to create scripts for any scenario from tracking order status, checking eligibility or other queries. The scripting tool is industry agnostic as well.

Create scripts for any scenario

Scripts designed to improve CX

Knowmax allows CRM integration into call center scripts. With this, you can derive improved customer satisfaction by avoiding repetition of data collection.

Scripts designed to improve CX

Theme based scripting

Choose from different themes to present your call center scripts, in image theme, color theme or default theme. You can also color code scripts for different departments or other purposes.

Theme based scripting

Multilingual scripting

Knowmax supports over a dozen globally spoken languages. Make call center scripts that troubleshoot your customers queries without any language barriers.

Multilingual scripting

Script feedback tracker

You can take customer executives’ feedback on how helpful a script is with Knowmax call center scripting software. Develop future scripts or make new versions of the same with valuable inputs from your team.

Script feedback tracker


78% of customers agreed that natural conversational flow in scripts improves their experience.

What Our Customers Say

How Call Center scripting helps enhance customer experience?

How Call Center scripting helps enhance customer experience?

73% of consumers say–valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do when providing customer service.’

Interactive decision trees help call center agents engage effectively with customers. Beyond troubleshooting & support, decision trees tools can be integrated with existing CRM. This enables features such as auto-traverse troubleshooting steps to save conversation documentation time. Thus resulting in a lower average handle time (AHT).

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How are cloud-based call center scripts better?

Compared to manual scripts, cloud-based scripts can be changed on servers, simplifying editing and accessing of content.

Can call center scripts be automated?

With integration of APIs on call center scripting tools like decision trees, answers can be autotraversed to decrease the redundancy of steps.

Do users need to remember script titles for search?

With Knowmax platform’s intuitive search capabilities, users can search for scripts using keywords.

How long does a user take to learn the scripting tools?

Knowmax call center scripting tools come with navigation tutorials that help anyone learn to create scripts in no time.

Are scripts accessible across departments on Knowmax platform?

Yes. On Knowmax knowledge base platform, users can access organizational information department-wise.

Can we migrate existing content to create a  decision tree?

Yes, you can migrate existing content to Knowmax cloud knowledge base and create decision trees.

Want to know how Knowmax can be effective in query resolution?

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