Call center scripting software for interactive engagements

An instant scripting software understands the customer queries and builds the information accordingly. It shows the relevant context in the form of a script. It is easy that even a call center agent can create a script in a few steps with the software.

  • Reduces Average Handle Time(AHT)
  • Offers 24/7 self-support
  • Enhance First Call Resolution(FCR)
  • It eliminates redundant information

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Call center scripting software for interactive engagements

Formation of information using scripting software

It facilitates ‘Self Discover Ability’ to allow the agents and customers to structure the information. An interactive way to get a thorough knowledge of easy breakups. It increases transparency and credibility through providing the information in interactive workflows, not verbal communication. Not-at-all a time-bound service could be accessed anytime anywhere.

Formation of information using scripting software

Approachable over distinct devices

‘Call Center Script Software’ can work as per the business requirement. Amalgamate this software within the website or chatbots and it becomes easy to access over any browser, PCs, and smartphones. Moreover, it comes out with an inimitable feature of ‘Multilingual’ that supports the brand to be more specific in multiple regions.

Approachable over distinct devices

Enhance NPS with Call Center Script

This tool can actually increase the customer experience by reducing ‘ Average Hold Time’(AHT). Customer does not need to repeat themselves or stay in the queue for hours as it is always available to assist. Proactively asks to choose the option and shows all the possible outcomes of any decision. It provides a series of steps or complete guidance which increases C-SAT.

Enhance NPS with Call Center Script

Call center scripting software inquiring

This Artificial Intelligence tool working more than a digital asset. It continuously examines itself to keep a track of frequently asked queries. And also ensures, whether the respective solution is satisfying the customer requirement or not.

Call center scripting software inquiring


A 1% improvement in first Call Response = $276,000 in annual operational savings for the average call center

What Our Customers Say

How Call Center scripting helps in enhancing customer experience?

How Call Center scripting helps in enhancing customer experience?

Today’s renowned companies had pulled up their socks to meet up with the customer needs globally. Knowmax as Call Center scripting software ensuring that the customer is getting the right information while interacting with digital solutions. This helps to create the information in its simplest form and publish it across all the touchpoints of the user using an interactive AI Backed with robust analytics.

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How do call center customer service scripts work?

Customer service scripts are pre-written response guides that give agents a framework for customer interactions & provide steps to troubleshoot complex issues.

What is the main goal of call center scripts?

The main goal of a call center script is to help agents provide accurate information to customers as promptly as possible.

How call center scripts make customer service more efficient?

When critical information is right at their fingertips, service agents can focus on building rapport with customers and ensuring they are satisfied with the resolution.

What software is used in contact centers?

Decision tree software provides a guided framework for complex to complex customer queries & helps reduce AHT.

What all a contact center script should have?

Make sure that your script has answers to commonly asked questions. All the responses should be structured well so it’s easy to find the information.

How important is customer experience(CX)?

Great customer experience is no longer a differentiator but it’s a must-have in an age where consumers are informed, smart, and have limitless options.

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