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Call Center Scripting Software To Avoid Awkward Silences During Customer Service

  • Next best actions for all customer problems
  • Intuitive call flow templates for any scenario
  • SOP adherence on all customer interactions
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Benefits of Knowmax
call center scripting software include :


Reducing Average Handle Time (AHT)


Enhancing First Call Resolution (FCR)


Mistake-proof scripting for better customer engagement


Shortening the training curve (time to proficiency) of employees

Script your way to an immersive CX with Knowmax agent scripting tool

1 .

SOP adherence through mistake-proof scripts

Knowmax’s call center scripting software enables mistake-proof customer query resolution. The step-by-step graphical trees integrate with APIs to auto-traverse customer information to aid in SOP adherence.

2 .

Create call scripts for any scenario

The agent scripting tool can be used across industries to build scripts for any customer query. From order status queries to checking a customer’s eligibility to avail a service, create scripts to troubleshoot any problem.

3 .

Personalized call scripts for improved CX

Knowmax call center agent scripting software integrates with all CRM platforms. With access to customers' journeys at all times, provide a personalized experience to your customers across touchpoints.

4 .

Theme based call scripting through perceptive UI

Knowmax uses perceptive UI to create scripts in color and image themes for improved quality of query resolution and personalization. Color themes are also available on the platform for further customization.

5 .

Multilingual scripts to cater to global customers

Knowmax supports over a dozen globally spoken languages for creation of call scripts for customer service. Reach out to customers across multiple geographies and ethnicities by creating scripts in regional languages.

6 .

Real-time script feedback

Knowmax agent scripting platform helps you take feedback on individual scripts. Develop future scripts, or make new and improved versions of the same script with valuable inputs from your team.

Supercharge your CX with Knowmax

Create Interactive Call Center Talk Scripts With Knowmax

With Knowmax call center scripting features, create precise call center agent scripts for any scenario. With a no-code interface and other dynamic elements, just about anyone can create call scripts for support agents that translate into an exceptional customer experience.

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What Our Customers Say

How call center scripting helps enhance customer experience?

73% of consumers say–valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do when providing customer service.’ Interactive call center agent scripting software helps call center agents to engage effectively with customers. Beyond troubleshooting & support, this agent scripting tool can be integrated with existing CRM. This enables features such as auto-traverse troubleshooting steps to save conversation documentation time. Thus resulting in a lower average handle time (AHT).

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Business metrics driven by Knowmax

30 -

Reduction of errors by support teams

15 -

Call Deflection to Self Service channels

20 -

Reduction of time to proficiency

15 -

Reduction in support costs

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