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Improve Customer Experience
At Lower Cost

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Picture Guides

  • More users understand visual explanations
  • Fast conversion of text into Video & GIFs
  • Fits into any self-service strategy

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Decision Trees

  • Attractive to logically minded users
  • Empowers users to self-diagnose their situation
  • Speeds up live assistance interactions
  • Reduces service costs and improves FCR

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Device Picture Guides

  • Pre-built guides for 17,000 connected devices
  • Covers Phones, Fixed and other connected devices
  • Ready with 30+ Frequently asked questions per device

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Content Management

  • Intuitive way to create, edit and update information
  • Tag Management to optimise Findability and Discoverability
  • Predictive Search to guide user navigation
  • Low effort, fast approval process
  • Workflow management to control creation and approval processes

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AR Support for Self Service users

  • Guided support for product installation and repair
  • Extends expertise across field service teams
  • Improves resolutions rates and time to repair
  • Provides hands free guidance in mixed reality mode

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In a growing Ocean of Knowledge,
Findability unlocks the value

Knowmax understands how users express themselves
and what they are looking for

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Making Bots More Effective

  • More relevant and up to date answers
  • Reduced demand for live assistance
  • Enables 24x7 level one support for customers

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Welcome to the world of
Organized Information and Knowledge Management

Great customer experience is no longer a differentiator — It’s a must. When every conversation matter – Knowmax ensures seamless customer interactions with guides and self-care assistance across touch points. Empower support advisors and customers with a cohesive Digital Enablement solution.

Our Solutions

Decision Trees

Create interactive guided workflows for accurate resolution and process implementation.

How-to Guides

Step by step visual guides enable digital adoption along with how-to & troubleshooting guides.

Knowledge Base

Single repository to manage documents, policies & more. Create dynamic FAQs and long tail articles.

Self-Service Modules

Setup your support page, train chatbots, enhance in-app support to deflect volumes at contact center.

Learning & Quiz Management

Send out regular updates via text, videos, HTML. Run assessments to find out employee knowledge.

Augmented Reality Guides

Drive Field Service Performance and ensures accurate instruction for each case using AR powered by Knowmax.

Are you looking for?

Single Source
of Knowledge

Create single source of information and differentiate your service bringing omni-channel consistency. Being consistent and reliable builds trust in customers.

Speed up access
to information

Smart auto tagging increases the discoverability of information. Effectively Reduce in Labour costs to index new information. Faster and accurate resolution.

Deliver Instant
Actionable Answers

Information presentation actively helping users. Deliver consistent and correct information on first contact. Faster navigation resulting in quick decisions.

Faster onboarding
& E-Learning

On-board advisors faster with efficient knowledge tools. Knowmax use cases show effective agent assist reduces average handle time by up to 20%.

Information to

The layout and visual appeal of traditional Office style documents is transformed. Convert your traditional information items to actionable answers.

your Chatbots

Offer accurate and Improved Chatbot interactions. Increase first time resolution. Enable your Chatbots to answer correctly, First time and every time.

Empower your Customer Engagements

Engage with your customers seamlessly across a range of different channels, including digital channels like mobile, web, chat and assisted channels like Contact centers, retail and on the field.

Digital Channels

Attain full digital maturity enabling self-service & allowing customers to solve queries more efficiently on their own.


Assisted Channels

Empower agent productivity with navigation tools and enable easy discoverability of information using Knowmax.

Contact Centers

Business Metrics Driven By Knowmax

Reduce Average
Hold Time By 30%

Reduce Support Costs
by 15-20%

30% Faster Employee
On- Boarding

Up to 25% improvement
in Chatbot efficiency

30% improvement in

Case Studies

What Our Customers Say

Integrations with tools that you choose

Explore integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar.

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Easy to Switch

Adopting Knowmax is a simplified process.


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