Make Knowledge work for your
CX function

Knowmax improves customer engagement by empowering CX teams and digital channels with AI-powered knowledge management capabilities

Elevate your CX with the right knowledge
always at your fingertips

Create a single source of truth

Ditch siloed knowledge that harms more than helps. With Knowmax’s google-like search engine, access relevant knowledge across touchpoints instantly, effortlessly.

Turn complex SOPs into interactive workflows

Create simple, next best actions for mistake-proof customer service with Knowmax’s no-code Cognitive Decision Trees. Integrate the trees with your CRM to deliver faster & personalized resolutions at scale.

Breakdown complex problems into clear visuals

Minimize PDF manuals for agents. Create visual how-to guides for any scenario, minimizing repetitive explanations. Enhance your self service by sharing picture guides in video format with customers.

Help customers help themselves

Kill two birds with one stone. Use our omnichannel-ready knowledge base to create self-help guides. Distribute the guides to all digital channels and free agents up for more critical tasks.

Train better at lower costs

Make learning fast, efficient, and cost-effective with a single source of truth that agents can access anytime, anywhere. Create process guides, documentation, and assessments to boost agent knowledge.

Handle concurrent chats hassle-free

With Knowmax’s chrome extension, open multiple tabs as needed. Track customer names & IDs from CRM to respective chat windows(chrome extension tabs), and easily manage multiple conversations simultaneously.

This is why our customers believe in us


less time to deliver answers


increase in C-SAT


queries self served


less employee onboarding time

When our customers win, we win

Why choose Knowmax?

Knowmax’s next-gen knowledge management capabilities are the sole creation of our CX experts who understand the world of customer service the best. We help solve the larger picture for you (Knowledge + Learning together) and enable your support teams with a single source of truth. We’ve built an AI Data migration engine so switching to Knowmax is a breeze.

Integrated with your everyday tools

Ready APIs to integrate seamlessly with your in-house tools

Ready to get Knowmax?

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