Enhance your CX with Knowmax

An AI knowledge management platform created by CX experts with 10+ years of experience in omnichannel customer service.

  • No-code DIY decision trees for SOP adherence
  • Ticket deflection to self-service channels
  • Making support teams mistake-proof
  • Making chatbots smarter and efficient

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Single Source Of Truth - Delivered

Great customer experience is no longer a differentiator — It’s a must. When every conversation matters – Knowmax ensures seamless customer interactions with guides and self-care assistance across touch points. Empower support advisors and customers with AI backed knowledge management system.

Are you looking for?

Speed up access
to information

Semantic Search helps improve the findability of information, reduces time to access right information, and ensures accurate resolution in the first contact.

omni channel CX

Ensuring harmony in the information going to the customer from assisted and digital Channels, else experience goes for a toss.

Optimized support

Empowering your champions with the right tools which helps them to take the next best action within a few clicks while solving customer’s query.

Time to

Turning complex onboarding processes into clear actions, helping newbies to take the next right step with training on the go.

Mistake-proof customer

Delight your customers with correct solutions at the right time across all engagement channels.


Providing smart access to contextual knowledge with easy findability, allows agents to navigate faster towards resolution.

Our solutions

Cognitive decision tree

No Code DIY creation and easy-to-use interactive workflows for SOP adherance that improve customer service on both assisted and self-service channels.

How-to guides

Step by step visual simulators enable digital adoption along with how-to & troubleshooting guides.

Knowledge base & content curation

Single repository to manage customer service documents, policies, & more. Create dynamic FAQs, long-tail articles, and more.

Micro-segmented Analytics

Deep dive into actionable data to analyse usage behavior across all customer touchpoints.

Digital self-service

Improve call deflection with the broadest range of access methods including dynamic FAQs, guided problem resolution for self-service, channels, BOTs, etc.

Remote visual assistance

Engage users through advanced tech support via step-by-step visual context, expert guidance, and co-browsing advancement.

Why choose Knowmax?


Multilingual capabilities for easy access by users across the globe


Chrome Extension to reduce screen toggle and save time


Hassle-free AI content migration and curation process


A complete guide for implementing a KM platform

Business metrics driven by Knowmax

30 -


Reduction of errors by support teams

15 -


Call Deflection to Self Service channels

20 -


Reduction of time to proficiency

15 -


Reduction in customer support costs

Case studies

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Integrations with tools that you choose

Explore integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar.


Simplified content Migration

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