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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

How To Enhance CX Across All Customer Service Channels?

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66% of consumers have used at least three different communication channels to contact customer service. That means focusing on just one channel isn’t enough anymore. As a business, you need to mark your presence wherever your customers are likely to reach out.

Enhance CX Across Customer Service Channels

One of the best ways to do this is to have a consistent and seamless omnichannel strategy by establishing a knowledge management platform for digital and assisted channels. But there is a step to perform before that: choosing the proper customer service channels for maximum enhancement in customer experience. 

What are some exciting customer service channels to choose from?

With a plethora of options for digital and assisted channels ranging from websites to social media and a knowledge base for customer service, it is essential to select the channel that most of your customer base or target audience uses. Following are some trendy customer channels you can ponder over. 

1. Social Media

  • Mobile customer experience is significant these days. Most customers’ first point of contact is their mobile or, second, a digital channel through other devices
  • Depending on the target audience sought after, the business can decide which social media channels will have a strong presence for their brand
  • Significant businesses have social media channels to give their customers a voice and address their problems on the same platform
  • Determine the right content formats for social media and create content. For instance, use a video editor for TikTok or Instagram Reels

2. Chatbot solutions

3. AR video call

  • Video calls are standard, but a step next level is Augmented Reality video calls
  • The customer can share a product or appliance on a real-time video call through augmented reality. The customer service team can resolve the problem while looking at the situation and the device.
  • The AR video call is the best substitute for field services, where businesses can give customers a field service-like experience through virtual video calls

4. Customer forums

  • One of the best ways to engage your customers is to create a customer forum and ask them to share their experiences and problems
  • A support community can also be an excellent customer service channel, where customers might help other customers
  • Customers trust other customers’ words even if business or support teams might overlook problems. In a way, it becomes a way to create a community that improves customer experience

How to create CX-enhancing content for all customer touchpoints? 

75% of customers desire a consistent experience, regardless of how they engage a company (through social media, in person, by phone, etc.). Knowledge and its creation is the first step to take care of after choosing customer service channels. Any customer support service channel needs to be created considering the following steps. 

1. Define the purpose of each channel 

  • Not all channels can serve the same purpose. Although there is a need to disseminate consistent information across channels, some channels can have additional usage
  • To create knowledge for customer service channels, the purpose is required. Once the goal is defined, then knowledge creation can start
  • Businesses can use each channel for multiple purposes like assisting customers, educating them, or providing a platform to solve their issues

2. Organize existing information and build content

  • All the current information needs to be collected or complied with before creating any new information for customer support service channels
  • Once the information has been collected, it’s time to review and keep relevant information and build on what is missing
  • New content can be created at the next stage while keeping the channel used in mind and whether it is for internal or external purposes

3. Use a unified KB for an omnichannel experience

  • Once the information is created, use a single platform to store all content 
  • It makes it easier for customer support teams to access information and disseminate it across customer-facing portals
  • Adopting robust knowledge management like Knowmax helps deliver a seamless omnichannel experience across all platforms through its unique abilities

4. Incorporate user feedback

  • Customer service channels are used by support teams internally and customers externally
  • There must be a feedback section to take feedback on resolution or knowledge shared for all forms of knowledge across channels
  • Reviewing feedback and incorporating it is the fastest way to enhance customer experience and make them feel valued by incorporating their suggestions

Provide seamless CX across all channels

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Customer service channels are the most critical part of customer service. A person remembers what you made them feel like rather than the actual product experience. Be it a digital or visual-assisted channel, customers like it when they get resolutions as quickly as possible in their channel of preference. 

So choose channels and evaluate them wisely. Adopting knowledge management for customer service channels is the best way forward to enhance CX further. 

Prabhjot Singh

Assistant Marketing Manager

Prabhjot Singh, a B2B SaaS digital marketer with 6 years of experience, specializes in boosting startups' online organic presence. His expertise includes crafting tailored strategies to increase brand visibility, drive engagement, and boost conversions. Prabhjot's innovative approach and deep industry knowledge make him a trusted partner for startups aiming to scale their online presence.

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