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  • Provide consistent & precise answers
  • Unified information delivery
  • Real-time updation of regulatory data
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Bank knowledge management

Knowledge management in banking sector is essential to help the circulation of information. It is crucial to ensure that the knowledge required is supplied to the right person at the right time through the right channels. A good knowledge management platform ensures that the banking institutions have regularized safe and secure transactions with efficiency to keep the knowledge base updated. All customer service channels must be operated via both digital and assisted means.

Knowledge management software for banking procedures

Money doesn’t grow on trees, neither does CX

Every establishment that deals in securities of financial nature needs to be secure internally and offer the same to gain trust. Once your customers feel secure transacting around your organization, the metrics like CSAT and CX are naturally going to fly high. The financial mechanism of the economy demands speed and accuracy. It can be ensured only through deployment of a robust knowledge management system to handle all incoming and outgoing information and all other sorts of data being generated. The never ending infusion of knowledge in financial world makes it difficult to manage the CX standards for today’s digital consumer.

Major CX challenges faced by financial industry


Long queues at contact center

With your agent having too many calls scheduled, the agent quality is considerably affected resulting in a frustrated consumer.

Higher hold time

Higher Handle & Hold Time

An agent at times might have to search from a vast and complicated knowledge base. This increases the handle and hold time.

Security breach by agents

Security Breach by Agents

The account information is highly confidential. A good knowledge management system restricts accessibility & sharing of knowledge.

Self service

Ineffective Self Service

When the platforms for self service are not properly supported with a robust knowledge base, it results in an unsatisfied customer.

Incorrect information delivery

Incorrect Information Delivery

Finance sector updates every moment and notification delayed in such a volatile market is always unwelcomed thus requiring correct information

Knowledge management portfolio for banking & financial services

Single source of information

Maintain consistency of information delivery across contact centers, branches & digital channels

support at customer touch points

Supports the demand of omni-channel customer service

Update regulatory

Creates a single source of complete organizational data

Drive digital solutions

Drive digital CX for customers as well as agents

Our modules


Decision Trees

Decision tree software resolves complex queries and simplifies customer interactions through a flowchart of questions amid multi-choice type answers. This process streamlines the situations possible and the answer originating in each circumstance for support teams and customers and it also features a step-by-step intuitive workflow.


Knowledge Base

A ready repository of organization’s knowledge are often created, filtered, updated, and accessed by the creators. The duties and responsibilities can easily be assigned by the admin of knowledge domain. Since the knowledge uploaded is delivered on through all touch-points, it's checked and approved by the admin followed by the super admin respectively.


Visual-how-to Guides

Visual aids represent quicker grasp over the subject matter making it easier for the agents to understand the solution and explain the same to the callers. Audience too, with visual aid, feels accompanied through the issue and receives satisfactory solutions.


AI Chatbots

Artificial intelligence helps you to build virtual assistants for customer engagement. AI Chatbots are efficient and reliable to complement digital customer journeys and assist in human-like transactions between customers and your services. Chatbots, through NLP, allow customers to get right aid at right time.

Benefits For



Financial sector requires a tough but subtle balance between the market forces of demand and supply to maintain equity and liquidity proportions. This calls for the duty of specialist who can create and curate knowledge accordingly. Multiple fintechs and lending institutes work in this space which is why the knowledge management software used should be unique and general as and when needed.

  • Easy findability
  • Reduction in error rate
  • Reduce task multiplication


Self service platforms make it easier for the customers to register their issues, find the solutions, and have a digital assistance help them execute the same on their own. It saves time for customers preventing waiting time and deflects ticket from agent desk too.

  • Access information anytime
  • Avoid long hold & call queues
  • Digital Adoption of services
Operations Supervisor

Operations Supervisor

Operations supervisor must overlook not only agent calls but also the transactions as handled by bots and AR, VR solutions. Each loophole is to be detected, mistake corrected, and steps for future prevention drafted at hand.

  • Lower AHT & Hold Times
  • Achieve SLAs
  • More productive agents
Training & quality

Training & Quality

Training refers to teaching the fresher batch from scratch about a job and its requirements. Onboarding of agents is crucial and agents with good communication skills are trained in accordance with organization’s workflow. A good knowledge management software aims to achieve an even higher level of C-SAT & CX.

  • Faster training & on-boarding
  • Simplified feedback mechanism
  • Training & assessments for process knowledge
Digital Team

Digital Teams

Digital channels are responsible for transformation of a company. Such strategies should always be backed by robust planning; an engaging and interactive website or app can reap conversions if it’s friendly and compatible enough for the search engine to crawl through. It provides an organization with 360 degree customer service 24/7.

  • Drive digital transformation
  • Promote self service apps & website
  • Monetize through digital channels
Customer experience heads

CX Heads

CX heads are the base for the relationship that the customers have with the organization. Consumers can reach out to you through app, website, bot, WhatsApp, social media, text, and call 24×7. The agents must be kept prepared for it at all times. Any loophole evident results in degradation of CX and NPS. It is thus essential to prevent any decrease in agent efficiency, learning, and quality.

  • Achieve CSAT & NPS scores
  • Reduce OPEX at contact centers
  • Increase overall brand loyalty

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