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Knowmax caters self-service experience that increase customer satisfaction

More than 50% customers think it is better to solve product issues themselves rather than rely on Customer service.

  • Help guides
  • Active workflows
  • Interactive usability

How can Knowmax help you in Self-care

Scale Faster

Engage customers across multiple touchpoints such as digital channels like website, chatbots, apps while not letting them wait for long.

Interactive Guides

Strengthen customer engagement using simple tools such as Picture Guides, Decision Trees and precised answers to queries formatted in FAQs.

Empower self-learning

Initiate better experience for customers through self-care tools; enhancing the product knowledge while being favorable to customer behavior.

Proactive views

Analyze the adequacy of services through robust content engagement insights intensifying data-driven availability for customers as per their needs.

Seamless Navigation

Help customers find resolutions on their own by enabling ease of use with AI-backed knowledge self-service system.

Product Feature Set

Remote Diagnostics

Self-care helps users get informed about devices to remotely configure and troubleshoot issues effortlessly with proactive updates and notifications.

Multilingual support

No more lingual roadblocks while troubleshooting issues with smart access to supported languages integrated into the platform.

Assisted Browsing

Tech assisted guidance in searching and browsing abilities ensure users not to get difficulty while navigating through solutions.

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