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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Customer Service Knowledge Base: Definition, Benefits, & Steps To Create

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Gone are the days when businesses could rely on customers’ patience to wait in long phone queues. New-age customers are finding newer channels and ways to get hassle-free solutions instantly, resulting in increased prominence of digital channels for customer self-service.

create knowledge base for customer service in just 4 steps

What is a customer service knowledge base?

A customer service knowledge base is ready to consume content repository for customers to find information and solutions independently.

It consists of articles, frequently asked questions, picture guides, and troubleshooting steps that customers may need to fix issues post the product and service purchase.

How does a knowledge base for customer support work?

Behind every customer service knowledge base is involved a dedicated backend content creation and curation mechanism. 

The content language and tone should be measured for accuracy, ease of navigation, and findability for customers to avail the organization’s knowledge resources.  

Once the knowledge base for customer service is created, the content can be pushed to power digital self-help service channels like chatbots, websites, and applications.

Why knowledge base for customer service is important?

Over 60% of customers expect their problems to be resolved in the first go itself. Besides helping customers find instant solutions on their own, a knowledge base for customer support is beneficial in many ways

  • Enables ticket deflection, which reduces support tickets with agents, helping them pay more focus to critical issues
  • Creates omnichannel customer experience, enhancing customer confidence with consistent information at every touchpoint
  • Self-service costs lesser than phone call resolutions, thereby bringing down operational costs while driving efficiency 
  • A robust knowledge base for customer support improves customer satisfaction metrics like NPS and customer effort

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How to create a customer service knowledge base?

There are several methods to store information in a knowledge base. It could be through a picture guide, a decision tree software, or simple articles and FAQs. The bottom line is to create a knowledge base for customer support that minimizes their efforts. This can involve interlinking different knowledge modules like adding picture support or videos to articles so that customers can extract everything from a unified place.   

In this blog, we focus on how to create knowledge base articles. Before jumping onto how to make these customer service knowledge base articles, let us understand what they are.

What are knowledge base articles?

Articles are long full pages of information about a particular problem. Articles address the issue in-depth, thus supplementing agent knowledge and users’ additional interests. It details the product, features, product-related queries, and potential solutions.

With Knowmax, you can create articles about any product or service in the customer’s native language to train the agent before getting them hands-on with callers looking for a solution.  

4 Steps to create customer service knowledge base articles via Knowmax

Step 1: Select the Article/FAQ option and start creating

  • Click on ‘Article/FAQ’ on the Knowmax admin dashboard
  • Open the article hosting page of the knowledge base
  • Click on “Create single-page article.”

Step 2: Edit, format, and interlink other modules

  • Start writing the article. Use the editor tool to change font, color, style, and alignment.
  • Insert tables and upload images wherever needed in the article
  • Another option is to add a document by browsing or uploading it from the system
  •  Edit the document on the platform using the “read text” option on the right side
  • Share additional information by attaching files within the article for interactivity. This could be a PPT, word document, or image
  • Embed other modules with the “Link nodes to another modules” option

Step 3: Add relevant titles and keywords

  • After completing the article, click on “Save and proceed.” 
  • Add the title and relevant keywords. 
  • Choose the category from the list or add a new category to store the article.

Step 4: Select channels and check the device preview

  • Check the device preview for laptop, mobile, and tablet
  • Select the channels and departments the article needs to be forwarded to
  • Complete the authoring process by clicking Upload for approval

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Building a support knowledge base for customer support teams from scratch may appear overwhelming. However, efficient and robust knowledge management system provide guided steps to creating a knowledge base for customer support without any IT expertise.

Knowmax- a no-code DIY platform enables a convenient authoring process to create new knowledge base articles, edit the uploaded documents, and add supporting modules to supercharge customer experiences with the right knowledge at every touchpoint.

Yatharth Jain


Yatharth has over 8 years of experience in CX, KM, and BPM. He founded Knowmax to make knowledge a genuine superpower for CX teams. He blends his experience working with CX and KM leaders across industries with the latest technology trends to build products people love.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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