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Updated On: May 9, 2024

5 Main Reasons Why You Should Use Decision Trees For Support Agents

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Decision tree for support agents

What if you could predict the future? What if you could know the outcome of an action in advance?

With that kind of power, you’re sure to make the best choices for the most favorable outcomes.

In customer service, there’s a call center tool to help your support team do just that!

As customers today expect solutions at the drop of a hat, decision trees are a must-have tool to make contextual knowledge readily available in your contact center for mistake-proof customer interactions.

This blog will discuss what decision trees for support agents are and how they can aid your customer support teams in delivering first-rate customer service.

What are Decision Trees for support agents?

Decision trees are tools that use a tree-like model to map out the possible scenarios for every customer input. Based on this input, support agents are presented with the next-best actions until they reach a resolution.

Call center softwares like decision trees aid in breaking down complex support processes into step-by-step guided workflows, thus minimizing the possibility of any mistake in the troubleshooting process.

In the past, decision trees were more like static flowcharts and often required coding skills for successful implementation. However, today decision trees are ready-to-use tools that let you create support content easily without needing any coding skills. 

5 Reasons how decision trees make your support agents’ lives easy & customer support frictionless

In a fast-moving world like a contact center, your support staff is under a lot of pressure to deliver the top-grade service in each customer interaction. This is no easy task, especially when present-day customers have sky-high expectations. 

But with the right tool, your support team can rise up to challenge and even excel customer expectations.

How can decision trees for support agents ease the load of your customer support?

1.   Transform complex troubleshooting processes into simplified next-best actions

Navigating complex troubleshooting processes can often feel like walking through a dense forest. Even worse, without simple-to-follow instructions, you’d be left wading through the thicket feeling lost and directionless.

Similarly, complex troubleshooting processes can stress and confuse your support agents, especially under hectic deadlines. But with a tool like call center decision trees, your agents have a clear-cut roadmap to victory with guided workflows for accurate problem-solving.

With the help of Knowmax’s DIY decision trees for support agents, you can easily create stepwise guided workflows that are easy to understand for any support scenario. 

This way, your support agents are not left guessing what to do next, as the steps are laid out for them clearly. They can efficiently reach resolutions with simple clicks based on the customer’s input.

As customer service decision trees provide precise outcomes for every customer input, they help speed up the resolution process, thus reducing handling time and improving customer satisfaction.

Guided workflow for support agents

2.   Make your support team mistake-proof

Did you know that more than 60% of customers say they would switch to a competitor after a bad experience with a brand? This implies that mistakes can cost brands heavily.

With decision trees for support agents, you can drastically reduce the support errors your service team makes by empowering them with the knowledge they need at their fingertips.

Advanced interactive decision trees make the resolution process clearer by allowing you to add notes, pictures, and videos at each step. Attaching all the knowledge your agents need in one place reduces any friction or frustrations agents might face in the resolution process.

Additionally, a platform like Knowmax allows easy integration with your in-house CRM to enable personalized support for every customer interaction. 

With precise context to a customer’s problem, you can also auto-traverse to any step of a decision tree to reduce average handling time and chances of any human-error in the troubleshooting process.

Decision tree for customer support agent.

3.   Replace lengthy and monotonous scripts with bite-sized dialogues

In call centers, support agents use call center scripts to probe customer problems and guide them toward a resolution.

It is simply impossible for agents to memorize customer service scripts for every possible support scenario. Additionally, storing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and scripts in legacy software or physical copies makes it impractical to find the right dialogue and information at the right time, consequently leading to poor customer service.

In this case, decision trees for customer support agents are a great replacement for tedious scripts as they provide agents with exactly just what they need to say in any support situation. 

With precise bite-sized scripts, your agents become confident and quick problem solvers. Ultimately, speedy and accurate support will lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Decision tree creation

4.   Enable 24/7 customer support with easy integrations

Till now, we’ve discussed how contact center decision trees can aid support agents directly in customer service. However, interactive decision trees are also valuable when integrated with customer-facing channels.

It might sound counterintuitive to ask customers to help themselves, but it can boost your brand’s customer experience.

For instance, think of a buffet system at a restaurant. Allowing customers to serve themselves doesn’t mean that your staff is inefficient or incapable; it simply offers a different type of service that provides your customers privacy, convenience, and autonomy. 

Similarly, by integrating decision trees for support agents into your self-service channels like chatbot and live chat, customers can help themselves with the next-best steps for their problems, depending on their input. This way, they no longer need to contact your agents in cases of simpler problems.

Since over 80% of customers prefer self-service before contacting a service rep, heeding this overwhelming preference will prove how customer-focused your brand is. 

In effect, ticket deflection to self-service channels frees your support team to devote more time and energy to complex and high-cognitive problems.

Simplify customer service with decision trees

Make customized scripts with Knowmax’s interactive decision tree software.

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5.   Deliver actionable insights to improve your customer service

Every business has a way of checking if they are headed in the right direction. In customer service, tracking your customer service metrics is crucial to gauge your support team’s efficiency.

Using a platform like Knowmax with in-built micro-segmented analytics allows you to gain actionable insights on user engagement with your decision trees. From the most frequently used decision tree to the path and time spent on each tree, you can get detailed reports on your decision trees’ performance. 

This way, you can identify any loopholes in your support content or check your agent’s performance and act to enhance your customer service quality.

Additionally, taking suggestions and feedback about your support content and service operations from your front liners is an irreplaceable method of gaining actionable insights.

Benefits of decision tree for support agents

Rethink your customer service with Knowmax decision trees

A full-suite knowledge management platform like Knowmax allows you to create decision trees easily, without any coding or tech expertise.

Knowmax decision tree tool allows you to create interactive decision trees for any support scenario – simple or complex. 

You can also interlink steps and embed visual media like pictures, GIFs, videos, and URLs to any step of a decision tree so that agents can access all the information they need during a customer interaction.

With in-built micro-segmented analytics for all your decision trees, Knowmax allows you to analyze the most frequently used trees, time spent on each tree, and more so that you can dive deep into what’s working for you and what is not.

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