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With Artificial Intelligence on our side, our team at Knowmax helps you build virtual assistants for customer engagement. Make AI Chatbots more efficient and reliable to enrich digital experiences and power human-like exchanges between customers and your brand. Chatbots, intelligent enough to pose as humans, allow customers to get the right aid at the right time while freeing up your support front liners for more complex tasks.

  • Reduce support tickets
  • Minimize operational costs
  • Seamless digital interactions
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Less artificial, more human with AI Virtual Assistants

With NLP (Natural Language Processing) trained chatbots, capture user sentiments while delivering apt and accurate responses. We help bots learn from conversational data to become more efficient and relatable. Build the best of customer relations with conversations that are meaningful.

Speak the language of your customers

Can your current bot communicate in more than a dozen languages? Ours can! Enhance customer experiences with chatbots built and trained by Knowmax, that use and converse in the languages convenient to your target audience. Our bot can adapt to phrases and speech, thereby eliminating language barriers.

Smarter, better, quicker resolutions

Knowmax’s AI-powered framework structures and answers using the content from your knowledge base, to deliver the most appropriate and contextual responses in no time. Enable your customers to experience seamless self-service with virtual assistants that work for you.

Supporting CX Teams with AI Chatbots

An intelligent virtual assistant can resolve customer tickets as fast as a human support agent can. Assist your support teams to handle seamless interactions. Not only do support agents have time for more complex interactions, but your operational expenses also come down a notch.

Definitive responses, happier customers

Knowmax has features like decision trees, predictive search and visual guides that promote the findability of content. These features can be integrated with the bot, for your brand to deliver apt responses, as and when needed. With canned responses, ensure consistency in all digital customer interactions.

A bot that earns for you

With great training, comes greater efficiency. Train your bot to engage with prospective buyers and help customers proactively. From generating business leads, to up-selling and cross-selling your range of products and services; bots powered by AI can do it all.

Chatbots can save over 30% in customer support costs.

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How are AI Chatbots helping in customer service?

Artificial Intelligence has opened doors for enterprises to automate processes & increase real-time interactions through virtual assistants. AI chatbot, as the perfect specimen of self-service, is paving a tech-driven way for businesses to digitally handle customers’ queries. Being a powerful digital tool, chatbots are helpful for customers who want faster responses to their questions & for agents to provide instant solutions.

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