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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Live Chat Software: How It Benefits Both Organizations & Customers

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Phone calls are not always suitable for customers from diverse time zones. Emails can take too long to communicate effectively. Self-service options without personalization are not an ideal solution for customer service as they do not incorporate the learning from knowledge management systems and fail to cover all possible issues that a customer can face. Business organizations today are increasingly turning to live chat software as an answer to these problems.

What is live chat?

Live chat is a web-based communication app that enables you and your website visitors to communicate through written text in real-time. Online chat is a superior alternative to phone calls or emails. All your and your customers need to do is to just type the queries and responses inside the chatbox and send it.

Online chats are carried out inside a chat box that can be opened on the company’s website on a browser. The significant thing is that your customers need not install any software on their smart devices nor sign up for any service.

Companies are waking up to the marketing potential that can be unleashed through live chat. Integration of knowledge management principles in live chat is crucial for generating quality leads and achieving a higher quantum of online sales.

Benefits of live chat software

Live chat is not just another run-of-the-mill communicational channel. It is not only about offering customers the best service. The pertinent question is how live chat can transform your business in a good way.

The advantages of live chat are far-reaching and can directly influence company’s bottom line.

1. Better Customer Engagement:

Customers representatives can be more proactive in starting conversations and collect contact details. This can generate quality leads. Customers who give their contact information willingly are more likely to make an end-purchase. Live chat helps your organizations in applying their Learning Management System (LMS) techniques to the process of attracting and retaining a larger customer base. Live chat is a key tool of learning management systems and can equip organizations with the necessary knowledge to stay connected with customers.

2. Swift Customer Support:

In modern era, customers are hard-pressed for time and have little patience in dealing with the intricacies of their queries. This presents an opportunity for company’s top management to devise live chat training methodologies in such a way as to align with the marketing objectives. Live chat executives are trained to answer customer’s questions promptly and stay one step ahead in guiding the customers in the issue resolution process.

Customers will be impressed at quick resolution of their issues and are in a favorable disposition to pay attention to the subtle marketing efforts. Live chat can be integrated with e-learning tools to enhance knowledge management resources and provide efficient customer solutions.

Live chat software benefits for customers

1. Customers can report their problems without going through more time-consuming communication process such as email.

2. Customers can save a lot of time and energy. They can resolve their product issues or queries instantly so that they have extra mind space for other activities.

3. Customers need not provide their contact details over and over again. Data like conversation history visited pages and tags can be correlated with other software tools of learning management to offer the best solutions to clients.

Tips to improve live chat support

1. Always introduce yourself

A customer service interaction is not a commercial transaction. It’s a conversation. By introducing yourself to the clients, you can create personal touch and begin to frame the conversation as one between people rather a mechanical interaction between a business and a customer.

2. Be Fast

Speed matters in communication through Live chat. Majority of customers prefer live chat because of the instantaneous nature of it.

3. Promise a Result

In some cases, you cannot resolve the issue right away. The right thing to do is let customers know when they should expect to hear from you. Learning management systems can be calibrated to deliver updates to customers on their queries and this leads to the generation of more opportunities to build trust.

Impact of Live Chat Support on Sales

Live chat is an excellent way to speak to leads and prospects as well as casual visitors browsing your website. LMS software can speed up customer responses times and positively influence your sales. Assisting customers at an opportune time will generate positive impressions on brand, and this means more purchases and a larger average order value.

Effect Of Live Chat On Customer Experience

Live Chat is a non-intrusive and personalized form of communication. When openly integrated with knowledge management systems, live chat can be a potent marketing instrument to better connect with the customers and catapult the business into a higher profitable orbit.

Customer report increased happiness levels with the product after interaction through live chat and enhances the organization’s credibility.

How to deviate more traffic to Live Chat Support

Companies are focusing in how to use live chat platform to keep the people transfixed on their websites. Knowledge management systems can be used to provide accurate solutions in live chat and goad customers into making a purchase on website.

Live chats are an excellent investment opportunity as they encourage upselling and generate more profits for the company. Live chat is a company’s differentiating factor to provide customer solutions with a human touch and to maintain business continuity in highly competitive global markets.

Examples of excellent Live Chat Support   

1. More than 50 % of all buyers are more probable to buy from a business which has excellent live chat features coupled with exceptional knowledge base software.

2. Tradeshift has enhanced its sales opportunities by 33% with proactive live chat and implementation of KM systems in live chat.

3. Cooper has increased the capturing of the lead’s details by more than 13 % by deploying LMS software instead of customer forms. Companies are reducing customer churn by replacing their customer support forms with live chat systems.


Live chat and messaging are focusing on delivering an enhanced customer experience. Smart businesses are realizing that deploying live chat LMS systems can lead to better business outcomes and tangible returns on investments. Thanks to the amazing live chat e-learning available today, businesses can offer a delightful experience to customers across the entire product lifecycle. Millennials prefer live chat to phone calls as they are dissatisfied with computer bots which give scripted and impersonal responses.

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