Posted On: December 4, 2020

Automating customer service- here’s how to do it right

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This is an era of customer's changing needs and that is less response time. Automate your customer service in 2021

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Customer service is the backbone of any organization. Customers become the face of the organization as other potential clients trust an existing customer’s opinion over the claims on website. This now raises the question of how to compete with the industry and still keep your customers happy, close, and away from jumping ships.

The answer is simple; deploy automated customer service support platform and help your customers not only get assisted but also get acquitted from the issue using automated and self-service responses.

Now, how can companies assure that their customer service channels are automated with consistent knowledge but, at the same time, it is safe from data hacks, security breach, or incorrect information dispersal?

Well the question actually is really simple- What is the correct way to deploy automated customer service solutions?

The answer, in a nutshell, is: Your automated customer service solutions must seek to provide correct information to correct user in minimum possible time without sketching a burden on the firm’s human assets and financial resources.

Let us study the details

What is automated customer service?

Automated customer service is the deployment of AR and AI-backed solution dispersion systems in a manner that keeps the help desks 24×7 available for assistance. The customers here have to type in their issue. The support team gets an update. If the issue is petty, it is directed to self service platforms otherwise it is directed towards the experts. Such a service desk can be integrated over all platforms providing 360° degree omni channel service.

The biggest challenge faced in automating customer service is matching customer’s demands with the service quality. A constant supervision is needed to study the behaviour, pattern, loops, etc of a bot or AR/VR service to track repeated mistakes and devise quick solutions to fix them as well.

6 steps to automate customer service

1. Self service for customer support

Customers don’t like to wait. They definitely don’t appreciate the contact centers keeping them waiting for solutions. With self service platforms, solution can be circulated in a creative and interactive manner with the help of tools like decision trees, visual guides, FAQs, and help articles.

With self service platforms, the wait time is reduced to almost zero with customer independently enrolling their issues and solving them as well. The finding of correct solutions within minimum time devoting least effort is what your self service platform should aim at.

2. Providing cloud accessibility

Cloud accessibility ensures omni channel services in true sense. Authorised personnel can access the knowledge base at any point in time from any place, over any device. Screen adaptation helps in making this easy. Agents don’t have to wait to get approval or permission to enter the platform each time before a solution is to be found and delivered. Even the employees and supervisors can receive useful insights and act upon them directly.

3. Google like search results

Knowledge management can help in automating customer service only if it is visible in itself. When a business is listed over Google, a set of keywords is focused and demography is set in accordance with target audience. Results are visible when this leads to improvement in ranking for organization’s page on SERP. Similarly, when you keep your knowledge contextualized and tagged, your relevant articles pop up within seconds as crawler can read within text.

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