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Decision trees for telecom companies to improve customer experience

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“According to Statista, the number of 5G subscribers is expected to grow to 2.61 billion by 2025”.

While this helps in generating more revenue & subscriber base; Two things haven’t changed:

  • Helping customers in the most satisfactory manner
  • Increasing agent’s efficiency to be able to handle unprecedented contact volumes

Striking the right balance is challenging but very much doable.

Before moving ahead let’s discuss the major pain points of this industry:

  • High average handling time adding to cost of operations
  • Lack of technology adoption – Adoption is one of the main challenge due to apprehension about content migration
  • Lack of updated product & process knowledge
  • High subscriber churn
  • Managing ramp ups during peak volume
  • Inconsistent resolution on different channels which is hampering customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Service agent error due to lack of process knowledge
  • Dealing with the sheer volume of information
  • Low First Contact Resolution & high repeat calls
  • High call completion rate

Delivering great customer service needs great customer service software solutions which empower customers as well as service agents. 

Knowledge management components such as decision tree software use the latest technologies of AI, machine learning, reasoning, and analytics to provide customers exceptional customer support and equip agents with the tools they require to deliver that support.

What is decision tree software?

A decision tree is a series of workflows and decisions that are made on a smaller scale in order to arrive at the definitive solution.

Using a decision tree users visualize these smaller decisions, breaking them down into the wider problem in a way that is engaging, interactive, and effective. 

An interactive decision tree is a step-by-step guided workflow that the user (Agents and customers) navigates until they reach the next best action.

Common examples of decision trees for telecom include – agent scripting for product troubleshooters, new product and process information delivery, device how-to guides, or any number of knowledgeable guides. 

There are four main components of a decision tree

  1. Opening statement
  2. User response
  3. Guidance step
  4. Leaf nodes, connected by branches (User responses)
Decision trees

By representing the information one step at a time mitigates the risk of a service agent becoming overwhelmed or overloaded with information, empowering comprehensive, logic-based decision making. 

46% reduction in call volume of leading Telco by Knowmax

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How Decision tree for telecom can be used?

Interactive, DIY(Do It Yourself) decision tree software simplifies the complex process into step by step guided workflows which helps your business in 3 major areas that directly translates to increased customer satisfaction (CSAT) and agent satisfaction (ASAT)

1. Agent scripting for all scenario

Create no code, DIY agent scripts that guide and empower your frontline heroes to deliver exceptional customer service. 

Top 5 Benefits

  1. Improved Average Handle Time (AHT)
  2. Higher First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  3. Lesser active waiting call
  4. Effective ramp up during peak volume
  5. Faster navigation towards resolution

2. Making effective internal process

Chart out standard operating procedures (SOPs) or build an interactive knowledge management tool, so your agents can find info quickly at the right time.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. Information consistency – One guided process for multiple agents, thus consistency of information
  2. Ensure omnichannel customer service – Create decision tree at one channel and dissipate on multiple channel
  3. Right information access at the right time
  4. Proactive customer service using cognitive decision tree
  5. Visual and contactless customer support

3. Customer self-help

Deflect customer service tickets by giving your customers an effective way to answer their most queries and contact the helpdesk for complex issues.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. Lesser active waiting calls and trouble tickets at service desk
  2. Timely resolution to customer problem
  3. Better customer engagement using picture support guide 
  4. Reduced support cost
  5. Increase Customer and agent satisfaction

Explore the industry-leading decision tree tool 

With Knowmax, it’s simple to break down complex customer scenarios into step-by-step questions- answers that guide your team to the best, actionable solution. 

Our interactive decision tree software makes it easy for your team to make the right decision at the right moment, helping every stakeholder analyze different courses of action and choose the best solution for their problem.

With a wide range of plug-and-play templates, you can get started in no time. There’s no better way to build your product & process flow or decision tree structure, bring it to the contact center and experience exceptional customer service & operational excellence.  


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