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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

How To Create Decision Trees For Telecom Contact Centers?

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Decision trees for telecom

“According to Statista, the number of 5G subscribers is expected to grow to 2.61 billion by 2025″.

While this helps in generating more revenue & subscriber base; Two things remain constant:

Striking the right balance is challenging but very doable with the right Knowledge management components. Decision tree software uses the latest AI, machine learning, reasoning, and micro-segmented analytics to provide exceptional customer service and equipment teams with the necessary tools to deliver that support.

What is decision tree software?

A decision tree is a series of workflows and decisions on your knowledge management platform to arrive at the definitive solution for any customer query. Using decision trees for telecom, support teams visualize these more minor decisions, breaking them down into the broader problem in an engaging, interactive, and effective way. 

An interactive decision tree is a step-by-step guided workflow that helps users navigate all possible solutions until they reach the best action. Common examples of decision trees for telecom include – agent scripting for product troubleshooters, new product and process information delivery, device how-to guides, or many knowledgeable guides. 

How to create decision trees for telecom contact centers?

Knowmax knowledge management has industry-leading decision tree software to build call flow scripts for any scenario. Following are the highlighted features of decision trees software for telecom to help understand the creation of decision trees.

1. DIY process builder

Create graphic trees with the main query and add answers step-by-step. Add the guidance step first and click on the ‘+’ to create direct nodes to write user responses. You can use ‘ᵛ,’ which works as a drop-down, to select multiple options, including formatting and deleting the node.

2. Customized templates

Create interactive UI with different custom settings. You can choose from the three main types of templates. Currently, you can choose for your graphic troubleshooting tree to be presented in default mode through image theme by uploading images or selecting a color theme. There are five standard color palettes you can choose from. 

3. Integrate APIs to decision tree nodes

With integrated APIs using GET and POST methods, you can set the parameters to filter customer information. This method helps you optimize customer service with no coding required from your end.

4. Interlinked interface 

On each node, you can select ‘link guidance step’ and go to the node you want to link it to, and select ‘endlink node.’ This connects both the nodes in the graphic tree. In addition, nodes can be linked to modules such as FAQs, articles, etc. Linking modules can be done from the ‘linking’ window.

5. Marking final steps 

Once you are done creating the graphic tree, you may select options that mark the end of the resolution. Under the ‘user response linking’ bar, you can tick the node that marks the final step. After this, as an activity for your agent, you can integrate a quiz designed to test agents’ knowledge to this last node.

6. Time spent analytics

Your graphic trees might need a revamp. How do you know this? Through the analytics in the backend. Feedback analytics on the site help understand the usage of various decision trees. It can determine through feedback if it was helpful in resolution or not. You can repeat the process by cloning or creating a new graphic tree to measure efficiency like this.

Simplify customer service with decision trees

Make customized scripts with Knowmax’s interactive decision tree software.

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3 Benefits of the Decision tree for telecom

The problems in the telecom industry can range from customers needing help with availing new services and recharging a sim card to numerous amounts of queries. Having a decision tree in telecom helps guide the customers in the right direction at any time. Following are some of the benefits of decision trees for telecom

1. Self-service decision trees

  • Decision trees are not just for the customer support teams to use. Decision trees can be used by customers themselves on their own
  • These graphical trees created can be deployed on the chatbox interface through Knowmax knowledge management, making customers resolve any question independently
  • Self-service decision trees for telecom help in call deflection, reduce customers’ long wait time and reduce call load at telecom contact centers

2. Mistake-proof scripting 

  • In the telecom sector, it is essential that the troubleshooting happens step by step without having loopholes
  • Decision trees help with SOP adherence to support teams
  • Support teams can troubleshoot problems faced on any device or while availing service without skipping important questions or steps to follow

3. Improves AHT and FCR for elevated CX 

  • Decision trees for telecom help create call center scripts for any scenario, be it troubleshooting new device settings, etc.; having readily available hands in a workflow means agents do not have to skim through or know hundreds of devices thoroughly
  • With just a few steps, support teams can arrive at the right or suitable solution within seconds, decreasing the average handling time of the total contact time with the customer
  • With all scenarios and possible steps branched out on decision trees, support teams can resolve customer queries in the first go, improving first contact resolution metrics and thus supercharging CX


With Knowmax’s decision trees for telecom, it’s simple to break down complex customer scenarios into step-by-step questions- answers that guide your team to the best, actionable solution. 

Our interactive troubleshooting flowcharts for customer service make it easy for your team to make the right decision at the right moment, helping every stakeholder analyze different courses of action and choose the best solution for their problem.

With a wide range of plug-and-play templates, you can get started in no time. There’s no better way to build your telecom product & process flow or decision tree structure, bring it to the contact center and experience exceptional customer service & operational excellence.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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