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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

4 Tips To Improve Agent Scripting In BPOs

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Improve agent scripting in bpos

Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) call centers step in for companies that outsource their support services. Be it inbound or outbound calls BPOs are ready to provide services for an organization in need of any specific services. BPO call center agents are those who deal with handling these calls. This is where the role of agent scripting plays an important role.

Agent scripting by definition means call center scripts for agents. This is the guide to the third-party call center agent to assist a customer with any query asked. Support scripting usually for inbound calls can get tricky even with a script.

Problems that could arise from poor agent scripting include

1. No warmth or empathy

With call center agent scripts written rigidly, an agent might sound too robotic, the customer might feel like they are not invested in solving their problem. 

Missing warmth in the tone automatically leads to an uncomfortable vibe for the customer. This might lead to the customer not wanting to share too much information.

Another problem this could create is that the rate of solving the customer’s problem could go down because customers might not be interested in sharing information.

2. Irrelevant script

When a script is not updated on time or is not solution derived it becomes relevant.When a customer service script is made it includes the problems at the current time of creation. 

With no updating or inclusion of new features, call center agents might forget to talk about the important element or key to solving a problem.

When a script is made, if the fastest or the most accurate solution is not put down in the guide then it would only mean more difficulties later on in the process.

3. No handy solutions

Be it any problem, there might be things that are related to the current query of a customer but the script being either too short or lengthy might not have relevant solutions handy.

For the all-center agent to find the right solution through vast knowledge resources takes time.

This not only increases the Average Hold Time (AHT) of the call but also proves difficult for the agent to immediately come up with answers for additional queries in a short time. 

Long hold times agitate customers, making the conversation not so smooth or have an easy flow.

4. Blind adherence to call scripting

Call center scripts are only meant to be a source of help or guideline. 

While it is important to follow a call center script for the resolution of a problem, it is also required that the agent knows what the problem is. 

Knowing the possible problems helps agents choose the right script.

Without proper training call center agents might not be able to grasp the situation or think of solutions, making them absolutely dependent on a call center agent script.

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How to make call center agent scripting better?

Agent scripting is a skill that can be improved upon when a product or service provided is understood by those making the call flow script. Following are practices that organizations can follow to create agent scripts.

1. Planned agent training

Call center agent training is the most essential part of hiring the right person for the job. Training is the period when the call center agent understands the role. 

After understanding the role for a while the agent themselves will be able to suggest scripting changes or write scripts on their own.

Training is the time when an agent should be taught how to read call center agent scripts in a non-automated way. 

A stone-cold tone as discussed above will create an unwanted atmosphere. With proper learning management systems in place, training can be specific and personalized to an agent’s problems.

2. Maintaining and tracking customer databases

Having a database of a customer, for example, if they are calling for the first time or calling for a follow-up and so on, or knowing what type of customer they are, assists the agent to identify the best script to use in the situation.

Maintaining a database helps with agent scripting as it helps be aware of the types of customers the organization has. Scripts can be created based on the logistics of this information.

3. Concise scripting

Scripting needs to be to the point, it should not beat around the bush at all. That being said, it is important to include a proper conversation flow, for reassurance to the customer and also include greetings depending on the time of the year and time of the day.

An agent scripting software helps create concise scripts for any type of situation. Concise scripting allows agents to provide ideal answers and exactly what the customers are looking for. This helps increase First Call Resolution as well.

4. Agent scripting software

Using agent scripting software that is customized to your needs can be of great help. Simple scripts that solve difficult queries are the right approach to go with. But how do you create this?

With the help of agent scripting software, you can write actionable scripts as explained above. Kowmax’s agent scripting software comes with tools like decision trees, a knowledge base, and visual how-to guides, which empower customer service agents to take the next best step while dealing with customer queries.

To add to this, detailed real-time analytics allows for tracking the use of an agent script as soon as the call with a customer is over. The basis on analytical reports, agents can tweak/update content in their knowledge base

Here’s how to implement an agent scripting software

One example of making a great call center agent script can be one made using knowledge base software

This is a use case of a script for healthcare pertaining to COVID,  using decision trees – a tool to create call center scripting. 

A Decision tree helps you make step-by-step stream flow answers to make your script as effective and time-bound as possible. This eliminates information that is not needed and gives out only what the customer is looking for.

Some tips you can follow to make a precise script like the above are:

1. Map down several steps to make an effective script.

2. Include all possible options to choose from for a customer.

3. Shorten the length of questions asked. 

4. Deal with one single problem in one decision tree.

5. Link related answers within the decision trees for further analysis or extra information.

Using AI-backed agent scripting software, global enterprises can decrease the Average Handling Time (AHT) of the calls and improve First Call Resolution (FCR).


Agent scripting can be made less challenging and more effective to write by using AI-powered knowledge management tools. This would not only help with scripting but also allow you to follow best practices of agent scripting while abiding by the larger guidelines of the organization. 

While the tips mentioned above help practice better agent scripting, it is always best to concentrate on what works for each situation or product. Constantly analyzing performances through monitoring and feedback helps the most to create effective agent scripts in BPOs.

Nitin Saxena

Sr. Vice President

Nitin has 25 years of experience working at companies like HP and Mphasis. For more than 14 years, he has been a key figure at KocharTech (Knowmax's parent company), skillfully navigating operations, training, and quality management responsibilities across international and domestic sectors. Currently, he oversees Business Operations at Maxicus.

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