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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

6 Ways How Knowledge Management Automation Can Improve Customer Service

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Ever since humans have known each other, the practice of Knowledge management has existed to help people adapt to external stimuli. In the business world, the drive to capture existing knowledge and benefit from it has led to the unceasing development of technology that can turn knowledge into an asset.

To this end, legacy knowledge management systems fail to help organizations harness the full potential of their knowledge, driving the need for adopting knowledge management automation to create, curate, manage and distribute knowledge for maximum customer satisfaction. 

Knowledge Management Automation

What is knowledge management automation? 

Knowledge is an essential asset for every organization. As data continually expands, managing internal information becomes increasingly difficult.

Traditional knowledge management systems that help store data no longer assist businesses in meeting the demands of an increasingly competitive customer service world.  

Knowledge management automation is the nexus between knowledge management systems and artificial intelligence. It enables organizations to store information and ensure its availability,  relevance, and feasibility to help customer service agents and customers find the correct information at the right time.

6 Ways knowledge management automation is improving the customer service

1. Elevating knowledge findability with intuitive search

  • A rich knowledge repository is effective as long as it can help users achieve their goals. Agents and customers should be able to interact with a company’s knowledge base in their natural way of communication and get relevant results without any hassle. 
  • Knowledge management automation enables intuitive search, which goes beyond literal keyword translation to understand the context and intent of users’ searches. AI-backed knowledge management utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and Machine learning to understand search intent and helps users retrieve relevant information from the knowledge base. 
  • An automated Knowledge Management solution like Knowmax enables google-like elastic search to help agents locate relevant information at the right time. The relevant tags attached to each knowledge base content increase knowledge findability and allow agents to deliver the right information to customers. An intuitive search function in knowledge management increases knowledge findability and ensures agents have the relevant information they need for delivering adequate customer support. 

2. Automating the customer service process 

  • As a company expands, it needs to ensure customer support agents can keep up with customers’ demands. However, expanding the human resource base involves enormous costs, and it is not the only approach businesses should adopt toward customer service. 
  • Customer service automation eliminates the need for support agents to answer repetitive queries by enabling customers to help themselves with self-service Knowledge base articles and FAQs. According to McKinsey, businesses that use automation to revamp their customer experience can save up to 40% on service costs. 
  • While saving companies’ costs and agents’ time, customer service automation improves customers’ experiences with faster and more efficient self-service options, resulting in higher customer satisfaction (CSAT).

3. Helping in a convenient content creation process

  • Content creation is critical to building a successful Knowledge base. It involves identifying the existing information, organizing it, and indexing it rightly to help agents quickly find the relevant information. 
  • An AI-backed Knowledge Management solution like Knowmax suggests the best content formats and helps content creators to organize information appropriately to help support agents and customers. Knowledge Management automation streamlines the content creation process and allows text editing, enabling content creators to repurpose the existing content while also making it convenient to create new content.  

4. Personalizing customer experiences with automated workflows

  • Given customers’ multiple options, offering personalization is the only way businesses can delight customers. Over 65% of customers find it essential for brands to adjust their content to reflect the current context automatically.  
  • An AI-powered Knowledge Management solution like Knowmax offers automated workflows like Cognitive decision trees to help agents personalize customer experiences. These automated workflows auto-traverse customer information from CRM platforms with an API integration framework and help agents deliver faster resolutions.
  • This helps agents with the customer context to personalize experiences and deliver faster services, resulting in increased first call resolution(FCR) and reduced average handle time (AHT).

5. Providing instant responses with AI chatbots

  • 68% of customers like chatbots because they provide quick answers. With the help of Natural language understanding, AI chatbots translate between different languages and converse humanly with customers. 
  • Knowledge Management automation powers chatbots with updated and relevant information from the company’s Knowledge base. By integrating chatbots with an AI-powered Knowledge base like Knowmax, the bot can use various content modules like visual how-to guides, guided workflows, articles, and FAQs to help customers find instant and accurate answers with minimal customer effort.    

6. Optimizing content by learning from user engagement patterns

  • Building a content repository in itself does not ensure customer success. The content needs to be optimized regularly to fit customers’ emerging needs. 
  • Traditional knowledge management systems require tremendous manual effort to test the performance of each knowledge piece. Given the rapid pace of information growth in today’s world, this is practically impossible to achieve. 
  • Knowledge management automation leverages the power of AI to detect user behavior and gives actionable insights to improve knowledge base content. Content admins can identify the top call drivers, failed searches, and the time spent on each content piece to make changes to the knowledge base.  
  • A full-suite knowledge management platform like Knowmax employs micro-segmented analytics to track the knowledge base’s performance and furnishes timely reports to help content admins update the content constantly. 

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To fully leverage knowledge and achieve the goal of delivering high customer satisfaction and experience, it is vital to adopt the power of AI and shift from traditional Knowledge management technology to knowledge management automation.

This will ensure a seamless search, workflow automation, and constant content optimization and enable revenue-generating self-service capabilities.

Knowledge management automation is the way forward to thrive in a rapidly evolving customer service world.

Kamal Pathak

Lead Product Manager

Kamal Pathak has over 10 years of experience as a product manager building successful B2B SaaS products in customer experience space. He enjoys writing, speaking, and coaching aspiring product managers.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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