Customer Service Automation: Scale With Knowledge Management

Customer service automation is a necessity for contact centers. With emergence of virtual contact centers, it is now possible to establish connectivity between agents and customers irrespective of the location of caller and nature of query.

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Customer Service Automation: Scale With Knowledge Management

Challenges during Customer Service Automation

Computed Service

Computed Service

The service offered by automated software for customer support is run by a set of pre-programmed list of keywords and question answers. Many times the customers require a simple step to be explained in detail for smooth application which cannot be delivered by computers.

Poor design

Poor design

The design of the customer service automation portal should be simple. In wake of poorly designed portal and disorganized icon placement, users have to search for the search bar rather than straight away heading towards solutions.

Complicated UI

Complicated UI

What is the use of automated support when the visitor has to ask for additional help to navigate through the portal finding solutions. Having enormous solution volume is good but the customer must be presented with exact one needed and not the entire knowledge base.

Selective deployment

Selective deployment

Knowledge experts must be well aware of the fact that the users won’t search for available format of knowledge base. The placement of intuitive solutions thus must be planned in a manner that it pops up as soon as a query drops in, benefitting both users and organization.

Tangible benefits of Customer Service Automation

Resolutions offered by automated customer support are quick and prompt. The moment a query is typed in, Knowmax’s Google-like elastic search reads through the documents finding relevant solutions saving additional navigation time to users.

Speedy resolution

With smart bots and AI helping the users devise solutions on their own, lesser manpower requirement arises at contact center operation floor. This saves huge costs as customer service automation works 24×7 without a break.

Lowered costs

Customer service automation usually delivers solutions at first contact thus increasing FCR. Intuitive knowledge and NLP assistance make users feel personally looked after under the umbrella of advanced technical solutions for instant issue resolutions.

Improved CSAT

The experience that a customer carries away from first contact they had with support services decides the future course of customer organization relation. CX is thus a key metric in shaping NPS scores. More satisfied a customer is, better is their reliability.

Enhanced NPS

Steps to be undertaken for Customer Service Automation

A consistent and concrete knowledge base must be created covering all aspects of potential questions and answers to the same. A customer should never be left hanging with automated support giving irrelevant statements due to lack of apt resolution.

Knowledge creation

Manual support involves agent’s expertise over depths of the issues. Complicated queries can be easily transferred from under automated queries to agent tickets. It ensures elimination of any error and also indicates future improvements to be made.

Manual support integration

The automated support platforms are governed by the codes and programs created by technical experts. Human behaviour is highly dynamic and anxious under stress thus essentially requiring empathy and experience to precede over via human supervision.

Regular supervision

Customer service automation assistance starts in a conversational tone to get hold of issue and deliver correct and quick solutions. Feedback concludes each such conversation. These feedbacks and random sample analysis helps experts to further improve automated intelligence.

Feedback analysis

Role of self service in Customer Service Automation



AI chatbots are trained as smart bots using human tone and dialogues for lenient yet focussed conversations. This informal transaction helps ease a user at stress thus improving interaction explaining issues in detail giving keyword catches to bot for finding solutions.

Self service platforms

Self service platforms

Self service platforms deflect tickets relating to repetitive and petty queries from agent’s ticketing system to independent servicing. It encourages customers to find reliable solutions from integrated knowledge base and find its application until satisfied.

AR support

AR support

Support executives cannot be present at all times but their knowledge and expertise can be. Videos on process of servicing navigating users step by step are integrated along with knowledge base. AR support help in real time resolution via remote screen access.

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