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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Knowledge Base Builder 6-Point Checklist

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The business world is long past the days of lengthy how-to-use product manuals and guides. Today, customers do not have the time and energy to make their way through long text explanations and despise any sign of information overload.

selecting a knowledge base builder

To this end, businesses need to have structurally sound Knowledge base systems created with intelligent modern-day knowledge base builder.  

Knowledge base builder tools turn an organization’s knowledge into an asset by enabling the creation, organization, and management of information from a unified platform.

In the world of customer support, an efficient Knowledge base builder software results in superior customer experiences by disseminating relevant knowledge at the right time. 

The perfect checklist to choose a Knowledge base builder 

Listing down the problems and highlighting the objectives is crucial before going ahead with a Knowledge base builder tool. This helps to identify the core business requirements and align them with the knowledge base builder features to ensure success. 

Below is a 6-Point checklist for businesses across industries to consider before selecting a Knowledge base builder software. 

1. Convenient search function

  • A primary function of the Knowledge base is to enable users to search for any information they need. Therefore, a Knowledge base builder needs to enable seamless search functionality that makes it super convenient for platform users to access information.
  • Given the vast magnitude of Knowledge base articles combined with time constraints in a customer service environment, an efficient Knowledge base builder tool should include in-document keyword research to allow support agents to retrieve relevant content quickly and efficiently from long text articles.
  • Along with enabling in-document keyword research, a Knowledge base builder like Knowmax enables a google-like search engine powered by semantic search to enable customer service reps to find relevant information at the drop of a hat and supercharge customer experiences.

2. Simple backend system for content creation

  • A Knowledge base is not a one-time data entry system. Instead, it requires content creators to continually manage the direction of content to improve customer and agent experiences. Therefore, a Knowledge base builder software should offer a simple backend dashboard to create, organize, and manage content conveniently. 
  • Knowmax, as a Knowledge base software, offers a no-code DIY (do it yourself) capability for content creators to create articles and problem troubleshoot workflows without needing any technical expertise. 
  • A simple backend system to create a knowledge base makes it convenient for content admins to tailor the knowledge base to customer needs by adding new content or creating different versions of previously published articles and workflows.  

3. Manageable categories for better knowledge findability

  • With new content being created in the Knowledge base, a Knowledge base builder needs to come equipped with robust categorization capabilities.
  • Knowmax Knowledge base creation tool lets users choose relevant categories and subcategories or add new categories to organize content before publishing it. 
  • An optimal categorization system makes it convenient for support agents to browse through Knowledge base content and locate relevant information timely.

4. Hassle-free interlinking of documents

  • Knowledge base articles must be linked with guidance steps, support documents, and video files to enable agents to deliver seamless customer service.
  • Knowledge repository software like Knowmax makes it convenient to upload external documents and add supporting pictures with the articles. Additional information or guidance tips can be added, too, without any hassle.

5. Feedback mechanism for improved collaboration

  • An efficient Knowledge base builder should enable users to communicate their suggestions and feedback on the usefulness of Knowledge base content.
  • Knowledge base builder software like Knowmax fosters a collaborative Knowledge-sharing culture, enabling customer support agents to rate Knowledge base content, convey their feedback to supervisors, and receive responses on a real-time basis.

6. Analytics for relevant and updated content 

  • Analytics help maintains knowledge base relevance and provides actionable insights for creating more helpful content.
  • Knowmax Knowledge base management system offers micro-segmented analytics to track agent engagement with each Knowledge base content piece and helps Knowledge managers identify the most searched keywords, top-performing content, and the time spent on different Knowledge modules. 
  • Detailed analytics and reports keep the Knowledge base relevant and updated and are an essential requirement of Knowledge base builder tools. 

Knowledge Management Checklist 2023

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Top 4 benefits of having a knowledge base

1. Faster discovery of relevant information

  • New age Knowledge base systems powered by AI utilize semantic search for more rapid discovery of relevant information. 
  • Customer service agents and customers alike can type in keywords related to their problem, and an efficient Knowledge base system retrieves relevant information from a pool of data stored in the backend servers. 
  • This reduces long search times and caters to the needs of a fast-paced customer service world.  

2. Higher support team efficiency 

  • With a comprehensive Knowledge base containing articles and troubleshooting guides, customer support teams can align speed with quality while resolving customer problems. 
  • With reduced average handle times on calls, they can resolve more support cases in their daily workflows.
  • For newly onboarded agents, the Knowledge base acts as a ready reckoner to get them up to speed and attain proficiency with procedural knowledge. This bolsters their efficiency in delivering high-quality customer experiences.  

3. Enhanced customer self-service 

  • Instead of spending time locating the customer support number and waiting to connect with an agent, many customers prefer to read information online and help themselves. 
  • With a robust Knowledge base to power self-service portals, customers experience the consistent quality of customer support via their preferred channels, resulting in increased customer satisfaction

4. Reduced OPEX cost

  • Investing in a knowledge base reduces operational costs spent on managing documentation located in different places while creating new opportunities to elevate customer experiences.

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Getting started with Knowmax Knowledge base builder 

That’s a lot of information! Follow a step-by-step approach and learn how to create Knowledge base articles with the Knowmax Knowledge base builder. 

Now that you know how a Knowledge base builder works and what features to look for while choosing one, it is vital to consolidate the current pain points and make a success plan to create meaningful and lasting brand-customer relationships. 

Jayanti Sabdani

Content Marketer

Writer. Storyteller. Literature Enthusiast. Jayanti leads content marketing initiatives at Knowmax and amalgamates in-depth research, interviewing, and product messaging to craft marketing content. When not working, she can still be found writing ( because that’s what she loves), reading, and trying out different cuisines.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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