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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Creating Decision Trees In Excel? (Not Suggested in 2024)

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Decision tree excel

You might think using decision trees in excel makes decision-making simpler. Pre-made templates are the most common way to use this tool. Did you know that there are simpler tools to help you do this with microscopic customization unlike the extensions or templates used for excel?

Decision trees are an integral part of machine learning. Using the tool dates back to as far as 1959. Decision trees have been useful not only in machine learning but to deliver great customer service. In fact, decision trees are known as the hidden heroes of CX as they seamlessly aid in bringing out excellent customer service.

Decision trees equip an organization to be ready to resolve queries quickly. This includes the goal of catching up to customer expectations. The expectations of customer service go higher and the bar set to achieve is also widening day by day. 

To be up to date, training your agents on it, and delivering changes is hard to do in a limited period. One feature that helps you reach these high customer expectations is using decision trees. An interactive decision tree is one of the most important tools to help enterprises analyze strategy for the next action to be taken by either agents or customers.

Using decision trees in excel?

Decision trees help make the right choices to solve a query by guiding one from the starting point, help choose the closest answers to solutions and decide the end resolution. Building a decision tree in excel is very common for enterprises these days.

However, To draw a decision tree in excel sheets is a time taking process. Besides that, starting out on excel creates the hindrance of learning the software thoroughly. The tools might be time taking to learn and not provide the perfect way to solve your problem. Adding to that, it’s an overall rigid process and very hard to keep your information up-to-date.

What you are missing out on is an easy to use tool that integrates all your information on one single platform with extremely simple tools; an alternative that has the ability to link relevant information to a decision tree. This helps save so much time and the confusion in making decision trees.

The best alternative to decision trees in excel is Knowmax’s decision tree tool

Knowmax offers decision trees that are code-free and an easy DIY pattern. Our decision trees give you an advantage over making decision trees in excel. Here’s how:

1. Easy customization.

With formatting tools that are imbibed in the decision tree, you can format text by a simple left click to bold, italicize, or underline important details in the respective information. Edit and curate content while viewing changes as you edit. This helps customize content that is made for a particular purpose.

2. Simple user interface.

When you build a decision tree in excel, all the information might be in your face, making it difficult to see where you are going. Knowmax’s decision tree helps visualize the result through graphical representation. It has an easy-to-use interface where you can see the progressive steps as you make them. The tool also helps you work on every single response at a time if you wish to.

3. Analytics in actual time.

Using Excel does not have inbuilt features that help you decide what is working in actual time. Our decision tree shows exactly what query or keyword is being looked at how many times it has been accessed and tells you what you can improve upon on a day-to-day basis. This helps you edit your decision trees as soon as you spot the issue.

4. Interactive decision tree.

Visually appealing content supports positive engagement. Attach links, hyperlinks, pictures, visual guides to make things more interactive nodes. This helps customers understand the exact steps to be taken by visually understanding. On a whole, this makes it less complex to decipher.

5. Improves contact center scripting

By providing step by step guided workflows, you not only improve agents efficiency in working, you also help aid in best self-service for customers. Less time consumed to solve a problem means improved AHT.

6. Use across various channels

There is no limit to where you can use decision trees. Optimize troubleshooting by using decision trees across several channels including training, chatbots and self-service. Decision trees can be used internally for say agent training and externally for customers to provide.

Easy to switch to whenever!

If you are using different software, you don’t need to abandon the information you worked on or rewrite to switch to Knowmax. It is easy to migrate your existing files onto the Knowmax platform by simply uploading your existing files. The software we bestow converts your information into our decision tree template in seconds.

Overall, Knowmax interactive decision trees are the best to reduce average handle time as guided workflows help you search within the software just by entering a keyword. It assures delivery of knowledge where required on time. It boosts agents’ confidence while having a customer on-call and gives the confidence to solve issues without hesitation and increased efficiency.

Prabhjot Singh

Assistant Marketing Manager

Prabhjot Singh, a B2B SaaS digital marketer with 6 years of experience, specializes in boosting startups' online organic presence. His expertise includes crafting tailored strategies to increase brand visibility, drive engagement, and boost conversions. Prabhjot's innovative approach and deep industry knowledge make him a trusted partner for startups aiming to scale their online presence.

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