decision tree software for customer service

Interactive decision trees software for call center and customer service

Posted On: September 2, 2019

Your customers don’t want to call you if the information is made available to them proactively. Brands today need to work on their knowledge management strategy to enhance the level of customer service. Self service is on rising and brands are leveraging chatbots and social media as new channels of customer service. With multiple platforms, information consistency plays a crucial role and a knowledge management software helps you deliver consistent information with an interactive decision tree software throughout assisted and digital channels. Findability and actionability of information play an important role for both machines as well as humans to deliver CX.


Introduction to decision tree software

With tons of information in the form of process flows, PDFs, Excels and word documents; it takes enormous time to search for the right information. A decision tree maker helps you create complex processes in the backend and convert it into a step by step guided flow for front end-users and customers. Interactive decision trees save a lot of time and mainly ensure that the right information is given.


Why do you need interactive decision tree software?

Interactive decision trees help call center agents to engage effectively with customers. CX heads can define authors in the decision tree software which gives them rights to create, modify and publish decision trees to agents as well as across websites, mobile app, and chatbots. This helps the support team to immediately resolve any kind of queries thus resulting in lower Average Handle Time (AHT) and also reduces Hold Time.

Knowmax interactive decision tree maker also allows you to upload media in the form of images, videos, and links of external websites for reference.

Our decision tree maker software allows you to add multiple nodes and make changes on the go which helps in making call center scripts effective. Authors can also interlink nodes and clone existing content in the decision tree software which helps in reducing the time taken to create content. CX Heads and Call Center Operations can ensure that the knowledge base is not filled with unnecessary information and using this decision tree software you can define if you want the content to be removed after a particular time and save an archived copy of the same in the back end for future reference.



Why Knowmax as a decision tree software?

Knowmax decision tree tool comes with other features such as Picture Guides, Knowledge Hub which means widens the horizon for an end to end customer service team. Apart from creating and distributing interactive decision trees, you can share information in the form of visual or picture guides. These can be how-to guides of a mobile app or installation and setup of hardware.

Our decision tree maker allows you to preview content and see how it will be visible across different screen sizes such as Desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. You can also define which channels you want to choose for publishing these interactive decision trees; these channels can be a website, mobile app, chatbot and call center teams. Agents, as well as customers, can rate and review the content which helps authors receive constant feedback and make changes if applicable. CX Heads can get analytics about the most viewed guided flows and also find out the resolution steps. These insights are useful when it comes to making changes in any process. Manage users and upload content in bulk to save time.

These trees can be integrated with your existing CRM and come with features such as single sign-on (SSO) and resolutions are auto-copied and tagged in CRM which saves post-call time for an agent to document the conversation.


How Knowmax works as Decision Tree Software?

Knowmax as call center scripting software:

Trainers and customer support teams spend huge hours defining call scripts for agents which have to be followed. Call center scripting software to help agents to deliver the right information and ask relevant questions when applicable. Knowmax decision trees maker work as a call center scripting software; Quality and L&D teams can create these scripts and for users. Also, our call script software allows CX heads to suggest changes before approving the content to ensure that the right information is passed to agents at all times and they have the right script for every call. Training teams can use these call center scripts for new agents which helps in faster on-boarding.

 Decision tree can help you enhance C-sat by 20%       


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