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Call Center Agent Training With Knowledge Management

Employee training must be an ongoing focus and what could be a better idea than cloud based LMS, means zero setups and maintenance cost.

  • Easier problem acquaintance
  • Quick solution delivery
  • Interactive modules
  • Quiz based assessment
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Call Center Agent Training With Knowledge Management

Challenges in call center agent training

Delay in ramp up

Delay in ramp up

From launch of new product line to expansion in new geographies, growth in business leads to immediate ramp up in contact center operations and impacts customer service KPIs. Thus, equipped & certified agents must be trained and ready.

Turnaround time is high

Turnaround time is high

An agent’s service quality is directly proportional to the state of training received. Agents are new and take time to grasp and learn new things about the product and services and hence training times are higher.

High training to operations curve

High training to operations curve

The investment made in training procedure can be justified only against the results obtained through operations. When agents receive compromised training, the time taken to start operations is pushed back.

Higher training cost

Higher training cost

On field training takes place with equipment and software. In call center agent training, Cost of trainers, time, and space occupied through regular 12 weeks training can be leveraged up to 8 weeks of intensive and interactive training with customized LMS per process.

Benefits delivered

When agents are trained to handle multiple calls simultaneously through agents’ self-learning materials and quiz management system, it improves their knowledge and faster certification. Thus, faster on-boarding becomes a finger snap play.

Faster on-boarding

Elaborated knowledge base that is represented by the means of interactive decision trees and visual guides aid in increasing the grasping power of agents. Self-tests at each level reduces the efforts on mentor’s part as well.

Reduce training efforts

With constant innovation & change in processes, refresher trainings of call center agents play a vital role ensuring that their process knowledge is at par always. When organizations roll out new features, it must be conveyed to the agents via proper training.

Faster refresher

With training materials getting concise and more effective, the average time of training per agent is reduced thus facilitating them to hit floor sooner. The cost otherwise used up with prior batch’s extended time is thus a pocket bonus.

Reduce training cost

Navigable knowledge when channelized into articles, FAQs, decision flowcharts and visual & video aids helps the agents learn quickly making it easy for trainers to create intuitive & gamified content with easy dissemination methods.

Improve information dissemination

How knowledge management helps in call center agent training

Agents during training are usually not sure about the next best action to resolve a customer query. In such a situation, a step by step guided workflow helps them in understanding the right resolution that needs to be provided.

Decision Trees

Contact center heads need to ensure that their agents are trained well to make the best of CRMs, software and tools. Trainers can use DIY picture guides to create how to guides for various scenarios to make sessions stimulating.

Picture Guides

Knowledge base of an organization is its entire data created and curated. Content management system makes information easily accessible to agents for training and learning purposes. Agents can create their own knowledge as well.

Knowledge Base

Conduct regular assessments of agents during training to know about their understanding of your product and organization. Circulate articles and videos related to call handling and soft skills that will be helpful in bridging communication gaps.

Learning Management System

Impact of call center training for different users



In a highly dynamic environment as that of a contact center, the contingent forces are strong and require a specialized hand in the same. When a robust knowledge base is a given, the struggle for better performance no more remains a pressure.



With highly trained and specialized agents on job, it becomes feasible for customers to decide the mode of help. Consumers feel privileged when the calls are taken up quickly and they are assisted by patient and well-informed service personnel instead of long and hammering call center ring tones.

Operations supervisor

Operations supervisor

Role of operations supervisor is of inevitable importance as well. The query pertaining to a particular problem involves a lot of brainstorming. It thus establishes the requirement of a highly efficient, learned, and active communication expert.

Training and quality

Training and quality

Training of agents, in reality is one of the most crucial parts of organization structures. Agents with good communication skills are trained in accordance with organization’s workflow and knowledge aiming to achieve an even higher level of C-SAT & CX.

Digital team

Digital team

Majorly responsible for digital transformation of a company backed by robust strategy and planning; an engaging and interactive website or app can speed up training if it’s friendly and compatible enough for the trainers to scan through.

CX heads

CX heads

Consumers can reach out to you through app, website, bot, WhatsApp, social media, text, and call 24×7. An agent must be trained in order to be ready to receive a query from any end and close it with consistency and quality.

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