Call Center Agent Training Through Knowledge Management

Enable quicker and more efficient call center agent training with a full-suite Knowledge Management system integrated with a lite LMS to create courses, quizzes, and more. Make your agents up to speed in no time, and reduce training and retraining costs.

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Benefits of Knowmax for
call center agent training:


Lite LMS to create call center training courses


Quiz Management to assess agent knowledge


Analytics to track agent performance

Contact center agent training through Knowmax


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Unique call center training methods

Knowmax Lite Learning Management system comes with a comprehensive training platform for call center agent training. Here, one can design content as per the needs of the roles. This material remains on the training portal for agents to access in various formats, like quizzes and full-fledged courses and many more.

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On-the-job training

With features like quiz management embedded into the knowledge management platform, an agent can assess themselves on how much they know while in contact with a customer. The Knowmax platform has an interface that includes agent training material right next to the call center script.


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Assessments and certifications

On Knowmax you can check agent knowledge and their progress with the training. After the course completion, assessments can be conducted through the learning management portal to certify the agents based on how much they grasped during training.

4 .

Track progress

Any call center agent training progress can be tracked by the user and the management by looking at how many parts of a single course the user has taken. One can see the roadmap or the percentage of completion of a single course.


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Contact center training involves considerable time, money and effort. The Knowmax lite learning management comes as an additional module along with the knowledge management platform which reduces training costs by creating a single source of truth for all training resources.

Supercharge your CX with Knowmax

Get the right KM for your call center agent training

41.7% of companies save huge training costs by implementing LMS. Knowmax Knowledge Management platform comes with an integrated LMS for efficient and cost-effective contact center agent training and cutting-edge KM capabilities for superior CX.

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How does a KM platform reduce employee call center training costs?

87% of millennials believe learning and development in the workplace are essential. Employee training is an integral part of any employee onboarding process. However, employee training is a time-consuming operation involving huge costs. A knowledge Management platform aids in faster and more efficient agent onboarding and training while reducing costs.

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