Curate Knowledge

Keep tasks amazingly simple and knowledge availability structured. Organize each bit of information with hassle-free knowledge tool capabilities. Content does not seem bulky when it is aligned correctly and ever better when the tools to operate information are simplified.

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Curate Knowledge


Content Management

Ensure that every part of your content or information is categorized but not scattered. Bulky information don’t make look content simpler as compared to aligned one. Make information effective for agents to find and customers to read and understand. Content in several categories flows seamlessly to address complex customer issues. Easy to locate tabs and keyword based search capabilities make findability easier in the vast area of knowledge. Unify the dispersed pieces of heavy information in a single repository of knowledge and let teams across organization work quickly. Enable hassle-free navigation for remarkable user experience.


Always have an access control over guides before publishing. Make confirmation of content every time a content guide approach for approval. Do make sure that content is updated all the times. Team leaders and CX managers can approve the content via maker-checker process. Suggest changes as per requirement and look for errors in content guidance. If the content does not match with customer issues, clearly define the guidelines for what else can be added or removed to make information flow seamless and active. Assign only particular users who are eligible to perform tasks as per their departments.

Scheduling and Archiving

Let the content be available for specific time period. Schedule the content till it is needed according to query demands. Set beginning date and end date in order to eliminate chaos in content availability. Make specifications for particular information that is no longer needed by support teams. Archive the content which is not required but can be utilized later. Restrict overflow of information in entire operational process and help agents to work without confusion. Always stay updated about the type and usage of content in thorough list; regarding necessary or discarded content guides.

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