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Decision Trees For Call Centers For Cost Efficiency

5 mins read

Looking for decision trees for call centers and customer service?

According to the Consumer Reports National Research Center, more than 60% of all customers complain about these issues which can be solved via decision-trees without much effort:

  • Long wait or hold times
  • Phone menu doesn’t have required option 
  • Call transfer to a rep who can’t help
  • Repeatedly asked for the same basic information

The Remaining 40% of complaints are complex. Uncertainty is one of the most common challenges enterprises deal with globally when handling complex queries.

Put yourselves in the service agent’s shoes, it can be difficult to prepare for the huge range of customer scenarios that can be asked at any point in time. 

While no one can map the future with certainty, tools such as decision trees can be used to predict how a specific series of choices will play out. They transform the uncertainty of complex interactions and guide agents & users along a concrete path. 

Create decision trees for customer service 

  • An interactive guide for self-service that customers use to solve their issues themselves 
  • An internal system for agents to approach and solve problems in a consistent and structured manner

How decision trees for call centers are simplifying complex issues and saving on cost?

In order to easily handle complex requests, they must be broken down into a series of clearly defined next best steps. Building a simple workflow helps to both clarify the process, steps, and consequences. 

Consider how to answer simple questions like “Do you use Android or iOS?” or “Are you a U.S. citizen” influences what the next question in the series will be. They can be implemented directly into your knowledge management platform and customer service software so that agents can simply click through guided troubleshooting workflows based on quality-assured content in your knowledge base.

By building decision trees, customer service agents are actively guided through service inquiries step by step which ensures: 

  • Consistent performance in your contact center
  • No questions skipped or forgotten
  • Increased FCR & fewer call transfers
  • Higher agent satisfaction 

Using a simple visual creation tool, users can create a troubleshooting workflow without writing a single line of code. Agents can focus on helping customers instead of searching for information in silos. 

The benefit of this can be seen in the form of higher First Contact Resolution rates (FCR), reduced Average Handling Time (AHT), and overall better customer experiences which impacts both NPS and CSAT.

Getting Started with Decision Tree creation – 3 things you need to know

To get started, we recommend the following:

  • Start with simplest & common inquiries 
  • Map the concern & create a workflow for not more than 5 subsequent questions. 
  • Deploy them in your contact center and access performance and feedback. 

Once the first few guided dialogues have been successfully created, it’s time to identify areas where the need is most critical. These will be more complex issues where the solution is often dependent on multiple factors and where agents lose a lot of time troubleshooting

Final Thoughts

Implementing consistent service workflows using no-code DIY decision trees will make agents more efficient and customers happier. Moreover, decision trees can and should be used as the basis for customer-facing self-service processes on your website. For many millennials this is not even the future, this is what they expect right now.

In addition, existing decision trees can be combined with AI and natural language processing to make your chatbot intelligent or even effective for remote visual assistance! Finally, decision trees can be integrated into 3rd party applications which you are already using. With these integration capabilities, enterprises globally experiencing greater CX & getting more out of their existing must-have applications.


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