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KM tools for support themes that help provide the next best actions. Create a customized knowledge base with KM tools to deliver exceptional customer service.

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Benefits of
knowledge management tools:


A single source of truth for all information


Omnichannel capability for consistent CX


Micro-segmented user analytics

Knowmax's Knowledge Management Tools

1 .

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base allows an organization to create internal and external knowledge-sharing repositories. It provides a single source of truth for organizational information in various formats and visualizers. Users can access any information quickly through Knowmax's google elastic search.

2 .

CRM integration

Integrations of CRM with the KM platform stores customers' information and avoid repetition of data collection, resulting in improved CSAT scores.

3 .

Micro-segmented Analytics

Knowmax analyzing tools give insights on top searched keywords, overall usage of all content on the platform, and more. Learnings from the usage analytics prove beneficial to know what works the best and for future organizational strategies.

4 .

Learning Management System

A learning management system would help users of the KM platform learn and reiterate information. Even a light LMS helps in time to proficiency for beginners and aids in remembrance for the old users of the platform.

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47% of companies that use KM tools have reportedly observed an increase in their outputs. The proper. KM tools help you create a customized knowledge base and aid in operational excellence. Achieve your CX goals now.

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What Our Customers Say

How do KM tools help curate customer experience?

91% of customers would use an online knowledge base if available and tailored to their needs. A well-created customer-facing knowledge base with the help of KM tools can transform the face of any brand. Knowledge base tools digitally transform how you reach out to customers in changing times. Knowledge base tools efficiently help create support material for customer-facing portals.

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Business metrics driven by Knowmax

30 -

Reduction of errors by support teams

15 -

Call Deflection to Self Service channels

20 -

Reduction of time to proficiency

15 -

Reduction in support costs

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