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AI Knowledge Management: How Artificial Intelligence Helps In It

New-age information solutions require the latest technology and one of the fast-paced developments in customer service. With easy solutions that can be powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) tied up with knowledge management.

Right now, it is vital to give customers exactly what they want and quickly, so adopting this technology will provide a positive CX and an excellent brand image. 

Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks typically requiring human Intelligence, such as translating between languages, visual perception, decision making, and speech recognition.

Knowledge management system is the process of creating, sharing, using, and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. 

The Connection of Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management

1. Artificial Intelligence helps in keeping content up to date

Once information is stored on a knowledge management platform, it so happens that one might forget to update information constantly, especially those that need daily or frequent changes.

With AI enabled knowledge management software, it is easy to get updates on such documents that need to be updated. 

2. Artificial Intelligence connects information from varying sources

Organizations store information at different places, and different departments store information differently. AI-powered knowledge management helps with accessing diversified information in a single place. It allows employees across the organization access to all information. 

3. Artificial Intelligence helps reduce support costs

With an intelligent knowledge management system, you can resolve customer issues or agent support through self-service solutions and deflect calls, thereby decreasing support costs for customer service. 

4. Artificial Intelligence improves information search

With AI-backed software, it is easy to locate information. This feature is significant as discovering files on a server where organizational data is stored can be complicated. AI searches by keywords where you can locate a file more easily than the traditional method. 

How to implement Knowledge Management?

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How an Artificial Intelligence benefit Knowledge Management features?

Just a standalone Artificial Intelligence initiative or knowledge base does not make sense. Combining both brings the best of efforts to achieve the best possible results.

A knowledge base through Artificial Intelligence has various meanings. Some of them are listed below:

1. Multilingual Settings

Knowledge management has lots of information. However, if it is only available in a single language, it could be difficult for most organizations to use the knowledge base to cater to demography who speak multiple languages

Artificial Intelligence( AI) can prompt the exact phrases for realistic translation rather than true translation when translating existing articles into other languages. This helps us understand that a lot of information can get lost as a result of true translation 

2. Cognitive Decision Trees

Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management combined can bring unique innovations like a cognitive decision tree.

What are decision trees in AI? In simple terms, decision trees in AI or Artificial Intelligence mean that decision trees are a graphical representation of information that helps quickly make decisions or come to a resolution. 

Artificial Intelligence knowledge management software can create decision trees that bring out information with smart keyword extractors.

Even integrations with CRM are possible to auto-traverse steps while on call. This ultimately helps in reducing AHT( Average Handle Time)

3. Co-browsing abilities

With Artificial Intelligence backed knowledge management, the customer or the agent can get the right prompts to the customer; when we throw Augmented Reality(AR) into the picture, it becomes the perfect blend of customer service options. 

The customer can not only see how to repair a device or any other object. They may also do it in real time, unlike a video tutorial. This helps promote contactless customer support while maintaining the feel of on-field customer service. 

4. Intelligent chatbot

An intelligent chatbot should be a chatbot that can chat like a human. A typical chatbot could not detect the customer’s tone or pick the most relevant answer from the knowledge base. AI in the knowledge base helps with this. 

Be it an actual human or chatbot conversing with the customer. It would be hard to distinguish if they are talking to a bot or an actual human. This is possible with artificial intelligence integrated into your knowledge management software. 

5. Understanding behavioral patterns

An AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered knowledge base helps understand the behavioral patterns of customers or agents based on what is being used in the entire knowledge base. This helps decide and set up ways to solve customers’ queries and makes an agent’s life easier. 

With this information, frequently asked questions can be put under a self-service section on the website portal or apps that customers can access. This helps in contactless resolutions and decreases support costs as well. 

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In conclusion

AI knowledge management brings a lot of scope to knowledge management platform. With more advances in the technology of Artificial Intelligence, more complex functions can be performed by knowledge management without human help.

The point of having advanced technology is not to waste human power on analyzing data when it can be spent on other valuable duties. Start your free trial with AI-powered knowledge management software today.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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