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Knowmax is a solitary platform of truth for creation, curation, and distribution of information to enable contact centers at focusing their workforce in facilitating their activities. It improves outcomes on key measurements. A contact community activity faces the trouble of furnishing huge scope client care with little ROI and colossal venture bills. To clear this negligible benefit, a solid and refreshed stage like Knowmax remains as a single easy to use contact point for the equivalent.

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Differences between Knowmax and SharePoint




Primary structure

-Notified circulation
With Knowmax, any member who stands authorized can create a notification directly associated with the document changed or updated. This notification gets automatically updated on employee dashboard of all those associated with the knowledge at once.
-Internal news publishing forum
SharePoint provides for news publishing forum integrated with it whereby communication within the teams is facilitated by creating and publishing the messages in form of news article that has to be read and documents related to communication be found.

Template variations

-Custom templates
The templates help ease understanding of a knowledge being shared by setting right tone for it to be read in to. Knowmax facilitates using our templates in addition to custom templates as well on demand of the client to rule agent knowledge with branding alongside.
-Modern communication sites
Knowledge to be shared in form of documents can be categorized into three default templates i.e., blank, topic, and showcase. A broad classification covers some but does not allow the user to make each document customized by the brand's tone for knowledge delivery.

Search mechanism

-Google like elastic search
With Knowmax, users merely need to type the phrase or number they are looking for, and Google like elastic search option searches not only for the documents but through the documents to bring up exact part of document containing search results.
-Average search feature
Search feature offered by SharePoint requires user to remember the name of file that has the content being looked for. When a file name is typed, document pops up but if that doesn’t exist on user’s memory, it’s just like scouring through library.

Message circulation

-Organized collaboration
Knowmax grooms agents for not just communication but for soft skills as well. The comment feature allows agents to comment over knowledge created and rate it as well. This helps content team to get real insights directly from the users thus signifying practical approach.
With SharePoint, employee does not have to go any other portal for communication as both internal as well as external communication is facilitated to be carried out on the same platform but exchange of documents internally can’t be carried out, thus stretching time involved.

Analytics management

-Key Analytics on board
Knowmax offers all key insights ranging from contact center metrics to digital measures and their results. Highest rated comments, most asked questions, top hit keywords are all documented for the agents draw conclusions and implement actionable insights so achieved.
-Analytics displayed
Analytics related to sales, digital, agents, operations, demography, product, and so on are put on a single board which might not be convenient unless classified exclusively per department to be viewed by thereby maintaining a balance in between secrecy and interdependency.

User interface

-Ease of use
If you have nothing to do with technology, coding, and software engineering, you still have everything to do with creation, editing, and dissemination of knowledge from Knowmax owing to the tutorial mode that guides creation and dispersion at each step making it a cake walk.
-Not friendly
For those who are not such a big fan of complicated platforms and do not follow technical steps closely have quite a situation in using this platform for creation of documents thus indicating an extra investment for technician, content creator, and approver for a one person job.

File attachment

-Media integration
Integration of URLs, images, attachments within knowledge base all come in handy with Knowmax. It makes the content created consistent and pervasive thus helping in retargeting it at both agent and user ends preventing work duplication and promotes easy understanding.
-No media integration
No media, link, or attachment can be put to support a document or file that would otherwise be complicated and difficult in standalone thereby making it a tough deal for users and/or agents to derive quick and simple conclusions where bracket support is needed.

Knowledge creation

-KM tools
Tools used by Knowmax to present knowledge in crisp, yet complete manner include decision tree, visual guides, interactive videos, articles, and FAQs thus being a comprehensive package facilitating actionable information accessibility and intuitive knowledge flow.
-Primarily DMS
Being a document management system primarily, it does not fall under the spectrums of SharePoint to create, edit, and distribute knowledge. Knowledge thus created carries a very general structure that cannot suffice the needs of a contact center agent running on clock.

Reasons for Knowmax's superiority over SharePoint

Building blocks with Knowmax

decision trees

Decision Trees

A step by step guided workflow, decision trees can be created by both authors and agents for themselves. It helps agents to look at the issue with a wider perspective thus walking customers down all possible angles of problem arriving at a consolidated solution.

Picture Guides

Visual How-to Guides

Visual guides of picture guides use a snapshot of each step to be taken in a chronological order. This not only increases the speed of resolution delivery but also increases user’s reception. Visual guides support resolutions for multiple devices like smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, etc.

Articles and FAQs

Articles and FAQs

A majority section of knowledge base is created in the form of articles and FAQs. Both these forms of knowledge are elongated making it difficult for agents to pick up exact needed piece within limited time to maintain both quality of work and aptness of solution as well.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Technology is viable and changes fast. With each passing day, a new innovation adds to reasons for our existing technological developments to get staler. Augmented reality is the way of erasing all geographical boundaries and connects agents directly with users via quick screen sharing.

Service mediums


Contact center

Contact center workforce includes agents who are responsible for solving customer queries as soon as possible. Knowmax not just trains them professionally but also grooms and tests them per individual products and processes being handled. This polishes them with professional efficiency.



The field experts go to the customer’s place of comfort solving the issue. Paying a personal visit is usually taken up with repairs and installation complexities. Knowmax keeps back office support ready for field experts to access any time when needed to be able to provide quick and compact solutions.



Branches refer to franchise that are scattered. Maintaining ordinance amid them is challenging as it involves not just timely updated but also to keep entire team connected. Geographical distribution is a hurdle as geographies have their nativity to be served with.


Mobile App

Integrate your self-service modules with your application. As knowledge management software, Knowmax can integrate your ready as well as expanding knowledge base to all your touchpoints even if they are accessed via mobile application making customers satisfied.



Website for any organization is the first impression it gives. Apart from being just a pretty view, it must also be the solution giver. Viewers who look for solution over website already support usage of self service portals over contacting agents. A consolidated platform thus helps them easily find solutions they need.



AI powered smartbots can be integrated with any knowledge base to all platforms giving 360° degree coverage. It delivers quick solution and can be updated on a timely basis. Automated responses reduce AHT and improve CSAT, CX, and FCR as well to a great extent.


Social Media

Social media is the trend today. To reach out an organization where all its competitors and clients are watching makes it essential to provide quick and best solutions. Integrating knowledge base with social media making solution distribution easy and friendly thus improves communication metrics.

Why switch to Knowmax?


Agents can create tickets with our one in all place platform. They can receive queries, raise tickets, find solution, and deliver them off all over same place without changing software for each independent function thus saving them time and reducing any possible chance of errors.


Agents might have ‘Ctrl+F’ to search through pages but time taken to do so with each article or knowledge base is huge thus further increasing AHT and customer churn too. With Knowmax’s Google-like elastic search, agents can type in relevant keywords for information related to query.


It is easy to find answers and deliver them if it is not buried but shown straight as a graph. Interactive knowledge in form of decision trees and visual guides help agents to retain knowledge for longer and also improves appearance of self service platforms.

Contact center tools

An enterprise desires performance and a unified platform for all operations ensures that. With Knowmax’s knowledge management platform, for creation, curation, editing, and dispersion, becomes easy and facilitates on-boarding, training, and orientation, of agents for work.

Quick dissemination

Distribution of knowledge is critical and tricky as an ocean of information has to be processed and organized securely before being distributed. The origination, as well as the destination of knowledge, must be clarified so as to ensure quick dissemination saving time for users of knowledge base.

Feedback management

Knowmax allows all users of any information from knowledge base to rate the information and comment on it. It helps in improving content quality while indicating directly to wishes and expectations of user base. This not only established communication network but also strengthens it.

Analytics & reporting

Analytics and reporting helps the content creators to discover faults and mend the loopholes. It helps an organization to know the keywords with highest hits and most asked questions. The analytics so received help team of specialists to formulate a strategy against the odds.

Interlink modules

At times it is difficult to communicate with customers about the solution not because of its complexity but because callers lack patience and fail to follow even simple steps. Integrating modules like decision tree or visual guides with long form articles or FAQs helps with same.

AI based intent

Any platform, any complaint; developing a ticket and selecting up key phrases from them is what the system's automatic AI does comply with through a brief search. So, while an agent opens up a ticket, all applicable data is pre-aligned to be mentioned quickly with one easy click.

Omnichannel distribution

The content material so created with Knowmax comes with aid of using thorough studies and detailing them with product and content material specialists making statistics certified to be run over all systems and disseminated over all contact points, thus facilitating 360 degree coverage.

Ease of content creation

With Knowmax, creation of knowledge can be carried out by anybody. Links, media, video, and all side attachments too can be easily put in. It not only makes knowledge easy to digest and distribute but also brings all parties to use of those content participate in content creation.


Entering digital space for any organization is critical and essentially stands in need of an expert's guidance. The content going live must be engaging, informative and creative. Knowmax supports digital migration for customer's demands maintaining brand’s tonality.

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