CRM Knowledge Base: The Science Of Yesterdays

Would you ever start putting together building blocks of your enterprise’s bright tomorrow with a stale yester-year technique? CRM knowledge base is definitely attractive but the win-win resides with Knowmax’s all in one knowledge management kit. Now digitize, connect, analyse feedbacks, sort tickets, and render solutions from a single platform.

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What is knowledge management?

Knowledge management is the art of managing all information, lead, and data pertaining to a particular organization. It involves categorizing knowledge bifurcating products to each detail like- its features, most encountered problems, maximum hit keywords, call and assistance analysis, agent errors, solutions to each problem with all angles included, and much more for agent training and for use by agents, experts, and end users.

Though knowledge management and its essential deployment has never been new to corporate world, yet the real essence of a well managed knowledge base and dispersion of knowledge through certain platforms in a certain manner was carried out only after internet rose to progress. With internet, intranet soon followed thus liberating organizations from any barriers of communication and segregating internal communication from overall communication as well.

What is CRM knowledge base?

A CRM is a platform for establishing better relations in between the client and organization holding its processes. It serves as a primary source of information for organizational staff to act upon. Customers’ expectations, their experiences with agents, follow-up services, and so on are all documented over CRM knowledge base for immediate and future references as well.

A well nourished service to any customer not only draws them closer to the enterprise but also builds in enough trust to stand up to its reputation, promotion, and goodwill. Thus, a CRM knowledge base acts as the perfect bridge for both communication and assessment as well of performances and scope for improvements.

Why CX professionals find them similar?

Dispersion of business knowledge

Knowledge related to all departments of business is combined and results drawn. In a busy schedule it becomes difficult to always carry an eye for such details which is why even top executives and heads want this information in form of actionable insights.

Organizational process decisions

Inference derived from all collected knowledge is squeezed into a format that is doable and not merely readable. With reasonable back up, employees are motivated to step out of the box and take ownership steps away from servitude.


Maintaining brand image & tonality

Every piece of information published on behalf of an organization leaves an impact on its brand image. A small scratch can quickly tear up which is why knowledge and CRM collaborate to periodically judge both the quality of work going around and distinction required.


Documentation of overall knowledge

Average span of human attention is 20 minutes. Let us then think of age of knowledge over changing job roles. Documentation thus, not only increases age of knowledge but also assigns it immortality in the search bar by merely tapping right buttons.

Knowledge management V/S CRM knowledge base


Managing data scattered over various platforms

An agent has multiple sources of knowledge to refer to outside of the knowledge base already created and existing. They might be scattered all over their systems and portals in form of webpages, referral texts, articles, documents, sheets, etc. KM serves to manage and encapsulate all such knowledge.


Omni-channel presence for customers

While CRM collects data from various touch points, the tickets are sent to contact center agents. An omni-channel KM platform disseminates information across these channels and gets insights on what customers are searching thus telling you about their loyalty or customer stickiness.


Creation, curation, and distribution of knowledge

Knowledge management software uses various tools like decision trees, visual guides, and chatbots to assemble, create, curate, and disseminate knowledge so acquired from verified touch-point to end destination.


Customer feedback and analysis management

Customers you serve or market share that stands as potential customer base has always to say something about you. To know the depth of waters you stand in, a CRM KB pools all such feedback and studies them to draw an analysis as inference for further detailing.

Reasons for Knowmax's superiority over CRM knowledge base

Our intelligent customer service suite

decision trees

Decision trees

A step by step guided workflow, decision trees can be created by both authors and agents for themselves. It helps agents to look at the issue with a wider perspective thus walking customers down all possible angles of problem arriving at a consolidated solution.

Picture Guides

Visual how to guide

Visual guides have a speciality that comprehends with retention capacity of human brain. This is the prime reason for its widely gained acceptance amid agents. Visual guides pin point entire solution reducing it to a couple of steps and can be delivered over mobile, wearable, and all smart devices.

Articles and FAQs

Articles and FAQs

A major chunk of customer base uses an online knowledge base if feasible. Monitoring highest hit keywords and most asked questions is facilitated over analytics dashboard making data driven actions a cakewalk. Long reports and quick questions can all be presented clearly to agents for shorter AHT.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Gone are the days that required physical presence to be referred to as close supervision and guidance. With co-browsing and AI sensing cameras, it becomes easier to share screen with access permission and guide user towards self-serviceable solutions live on-product.

kM-VS-CRM (1)

Chatbot Training

Chatbots are the content reinforces for the organization. To train a chatbot requires constant supervision while the bot is at work randomly sampling its conversations. The trick is to train the bot pick the keywords and read them into questions and devise proper solutions.

360 degree customer service coverage


Contact center

Contact center workforce is made up of agents responsible for solving customer queries as soon as possible. Knowmax trains them professionally and also grooms and tests them per individual products and processes being handled. This polishes them with professional efficiency.



Field agents have to make physical visits to their clients. They have to have make sure of delivering proper solution in proper time. This involves use of office backend integration, knowledge base accessibility and updated software and equipment to put all pieces of puzzle quickly together.



One of the most required is field of service is branches. A uniform connectivity in operations and smooth communication is required over all branches and franchise. Knowmax gets all the subtleties on common grounds by means of cloud repository making all activities sync.


Mobile App

Integrate your self-service modules with your application. First thought instantly crossing customer’s mind is contacting organization through quicker channel. There is nothing like it to provide self-service at one place helping customers save pains of channel switching.



Website for any organization is the first impression it gives. Apart from being just a pretty view, it must also be the solution giver. Once your own website’s solution page appears on SERP, it becomes easy and trustworthy for the consumer to be there and get the solution state achieved.



Bot deployment saves huge on finances and increases outputs through monitoring and control and reads reports to draw user behaviour. Use of NLP helps bots to connect with customers in their tone of comfort and AI sensibility drafts problem statement supplemented with answers needed.


Social Media

To reach out an organization where all its competitors and clients are watching makes it essential to provide quick and best solutions. Integrating knowledge base with social media making solution distribution easy and friendly thus improves communication metrics.

More reasons for switching to Knowmax


Knowmax has a ready repository of solutions for multiple devices. Any content generated is stored in its cloud repository thus being accessible to all permitted parties internally as well as externally from organization’s environment. Data is thus circulated as actionable insight.


Searching through long articles and scrolling images for information with an impatient caller waiting restlessly to receive quick solutions is not easy at all. Knowmax’s Google-like elastic search helps agents land directly on required information and saves time.


Problems make customers impatient thus agents can lose their cool. Interactive solutions like simplified decision trees or intuitive knowledge base by Knowmax can be integrated over all touch points making the understanding, explaining, and retention of solutions better.

Contact center suite

Enterprises require performance and a single platform for all operations ensures the same. With Knowmax’s knowledge management platform; creation, curation, editing, and dispersion, becomes easy thus facilitating on-boarding, training, and orientation of support service staff.

Easy dissemination

Knowledge when presented as straight and simple facts or bullets, each transaction between agents and customers is screened closely mending any loopholes. Knowledge creation tools abide by customer interest over self-service platforms and with ease of use to employees at firm.

Feedback management

Knowmax allows all users of any information from knowledge base to rate the information and comment on it. Agents give feedback to knowledge creators thus being able to deliver proper feedback on calls / chats with relevant knowledge articles.

Analytics & reporting

Analytics and reporting helps content creators with the discovery of faults. It helps an organization to know the keywords with highest hits and maximum mentioned queries. The analytics received help specialists to formulate a strategy for present and future course of action.

Interlink modules

Analytics and reporting helps content creators with the discovery of faults. It helps an organization to know the keywords with highest hits and maximum mentioned queries. The analytics received help specialists to formulate a strategy for present and future course of action.

AI based intent

AI based intent identification picks up keywords as soon as a ticket is raised. This then searches through knowledge base finding solutions to related queries. Relevant content for solving the query pops up at agent’s screen quickly with artificial intelligence.

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