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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

5-point Checklist To Pick The Right Troubleshooting Tree Software

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troubleshooting tree software

The fast-paced customer service world demands agents to deliver quick solutions with accuracy and minimal customer effort. This makes it crucial for businesses to manage internal information and organize it in the right format to enable support agents to troubleshoot customer problems effectively.

To this end, troubleshooting tree software can help businesses create visually engaging information, guiding agents to make real-time decisions for improved customer service

Why is troubleshooting tree software important for customer service? 

Troubleshooting tree software streamlines customer support by organizing all the relevant information into step-by-step guidance steps to fastly and efficiently identify, diagnose and fix customer problems. Here is how troubleshooting trees benefit customer service:

1. It helps achieve higher first-call resolution (FCR)

Customers are 2.4 times more likely to be loyal to brands that can resolve their problems on time. Troubleshooting trees eliminates the long search times by helping agents with the next best action steps to resolve customer problems. With actionable information, agents can quickly identify the root cause of issues and resolve customer problems in the first go itself

2. It creates consistent customer service 

Customers expect consistent services irrespective of the channel they use. A troubleshooting tree can be integrated with multiple customer communication channels, like email, phone, and self-service, to create consistent customer experiences, whether they use agent-assisted channels or self-service portals for support. 

3. It improves agent training 

A graphical question and response pattern can reduce the onboarding time of new agents by 80%. Troubleshooting trees consolidate relevant information and act as a definitive reference source for all agents to hone their problem-solving skills. This reduces the lengthy classroom training and helps reduce costs while improving operational efficiency. 

4. Ensures SOP adherence 

Troubleshooting tree software consolidates all the customer service SOPs under a unified platform, eliminating long search times. With troubleshooting trees, organizations can document SOPs in a multimedia format to help agents fast-track the troubleshooting process in compliance with regulatory standards.  

Simplify customer service with decision trees

Streamline customer support by organizing all information into step-by-step guidance steps.

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The perfect checklist to select the right troubleshooting tree software

Any new software purchase should start with evaluating current limitations, their reasons, and their goals for future growth. Troubleshooting tree software should help businesses document scattered information into guided workflows to enable fast, efficient, and consistent customer service. 

Here is a 5-point checklist to select the right troubleshooting tree software. 

1. No-code DIY technology for content creation

  • By 2024, 80% of technology products and services will be built by those who are not technology professionals. The rapidly growing digital world is leading the business world to move towards the democratization of technology development beyond IT professionals. 
  • Because information keeps expanding, businesses need to manage operational costs and efficiency by adopting no-code technology to create content for customer service. With Knowmax troubleshooting tree software, any subject matter expert in the organization can create decision tree flowcharts with a do-it-yourself (DIY) interface that enables drag-and-drop options for content creation. 
  • A no-code DIY troubleshooting tree software enables organizations to efficiently transform multiple scenarios into intuitive workflows and club them into suitable categories. A DIY content creation technology also makes it convenient to create different content versions and edit the workflow steps to ensure content remains updated without involving hefty IT costs.

2. CRM integrations for personalized experiences 

  • Over 75% of customers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized customer experience. Despite companies possessing relevant customer information, agents cannot retrieve the same in times of need. This leads customers to repeat information, which adds to their frustration and increases the call handling time.   
  • With Knowmax troubleshooting tree software, workflow steps can be integrated with multiple APIs to fetch customer data from CRM platforms. The auto-traversing of customer data in the workflow steps allows agents to quickly resolve customers’ problems while quickly personalizing the support experience. 
  • The auto-traversing of customer information also eliminates human error and saves agents time to focus on steps that require manual probing. This improves the overall agent and customer experience and improves operational efficiency. 
crm integration for personalised experiences

3. Next best action steps for SOP adherence 

  • When customer service SOPs are scattered in disparate files and folders, agents are prone to make errors and end up sounding confused about the information they deliver to customers. According to PWC research, 46% of companies will abandon a brand if employees are not knowledgeable. 
  • The direct way to deliver great customer services lies in empowering agents with the right technological support and training to do their work right. With troubleshooting tree software like Knowmax, companies can transform complex SOPs into the next best action steps, which helps agents with the clarity to ask the right questions to customers and guide them confidently with the troubleshooting steps. 
  • Guidance tips and notes for additional information can be added to the workflow steps to make relevant information available to the agents in a unified place. This enables them to adhere to the regulatory standards and deliver satisfactory customer services

4. Feedback mechanism for improved troubleshooting process

  • Agents deal with customers daily and learn their challenges better over time. A company that provides agents with a free and safe space to voice their concerns can adequately meet customers’ expectations. 
  • With troubleshooting tree software like Knowmax, organizations can create and manage troubleshooting trees that can be rated by agents for their resourcefulness. After resolving a customer query, agents can rate the troubleshooting tree and share suggestions for improvement.  Admins can see agents’ feedback and acknowledge the same in real-time, which improves the customer service troubleshooting process
Feedback mechanism for improved troubleshooting process

5. Micro-segmented analytics to track user performance  

Even the most well-documented troubleshooting trees will not perform to full potential if the performance is not tracked regularly. Troubleshooting tree software should help in content creation as well as in tracking its impact on key success metrics. 

  • With a full-suite Knowledge Management platform like Knowmax, admins can measure content engagement with the help of micro-segmented analytics. This analytics highlight the engagement time for each content module which helps content admins optimize the content according to customers’ needs. 
  • With timely content performance reports, companies can ensure the troubleshooting trees are updated to meet the customers’ needs. Real-time data analytics to track the content performance improves operational efficiency, agent experiences, and customer services. 

Getting started with Knowmax troubleshooting tree software

Here is a step-by-step guide to kickstart creating decision trees with Knowmax troubleshooting tree software.

Given the customer expectations for speed, convenience, and quality customer service, companies should empower agents with the right technology and training to do their work.

Troubleshooting tree software should enable no-code content creation capability, integrate with existing business processes, help ensure SOP compliance and accommodate agent feedback for constant improvements.     

Kamal Pathak

Lead Product Manager

Kamal Pathak has over 10 years of experience as a product manager building successful B2B SaaS products in customer experience space. He enjoys writing, speaking, and coaching aspiring product managers.

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