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Efficiently implementing Knowledge management for Self-Service

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The use of Knowledge management for self-service platforms is snowballing across the globe. Companies are starting to realize the incredible benefits which a well-built Knowledge base gives to different self-services. Knowledge Base is the practice of preserving information for a service or product with an innovative approach. A knowledge management is a one-stop access point to create, store and access organizational data.

It allows customized information of different types and gives you all-in-one access through a search. Businesses of all sizes are extensively using Knowledge Base systems to improve customer experience.

Organizations can select the features they want in the knowledge-based system and use them according to their needs. A knowledge base platform has all the relevant information of the organization, usually on a cloud-based platform. A knowledge base can also selectively give authorization for data viewing through permissions on the platform to the internal team.

When multiple people handle different pages or media, that information will likely get a little scattered or consistent inflow. A scattered flow might be confusing for customers. All information representing the particular product or service should reflect the same information across multiple touchpoints. A knowledge base takes care of all the pushing out of data from a single source.

Knowledge management for self-service keeps the consumer in the driver’s seat and helps them find solutions to their queries and complaints from a single source of truth. 

The must-have 4 features of a Knowledge management for self-service

A sturdy knowledge base must have a few standard features.

1. Ease of information findability

Information and content are the backbones of any Knowledge Base. An excellent knowledge base is well-structured with a focus on finding solutions fast and efficiently. It can retain and remember information and context of the conversation, helping save time and costs for both users and the company.

2. A consistent flow of information

Knowledge management also enables a consistent stream of information that has been updated regularly with the latest updates and common queries and complaints. It encourages users to solve their issues themselves with a searchable directory leading to reduced calls and tickets.

3. Regularly updated information

Information of a good Knowledge Base is updated timely with relevant information and solutions added over time. This helps remove stagnant data and allows agents and users to retrieve concise and up-to-date resolutions.

4. No contact resolution with knowledge management for self-service

The significant benefit of a Knowledge management for self-service is to enable no contact resolution for customers. A minor human intervention is seamlessly possible with an excellent Knowledge base. A good Knowledge base must strive to give the customer a one-stop solution. 

3 Benefits of a knowledge management for self-service to customers

Let’s quickly take a look at some benefits of self-service.

1. Immersive User Experience

A Knowledge management for self-service gives a unique experience to customers. Immersive self-help is possible by having a knowledge management aiming to bring the same experience a customer would have when they clearly explain the same problem to a human counterpart. The idea is to show the customers the way to find them the exact solutions they are looking for.   

2. Quick Resolutions

Knowledge base helps in providing quick resolutions. This can be done in various formats, be it articles, FAQs, or guides in other forms. When self-help is an option, it is the way that solves the problem quickest.

3. Increased CX

Self-service through a knowledge management enhances the positive outcomes and overweighs it compared to adverse effects. The positive outcomes are solved by self-service, and the discarded or left behind negative consequences are having to call a contact center and wait for a long time on hold, etc. 


The ultimate aim of a knowledge base in self-service is to ease out customer experience and help them find solutions easily and quickly. A knowledge base built on a strong base and clear plan cannot just enhance the customer experience and boost customer loyalty but also increase efficiency and help grow a company’s revenues.

Our team at Knowmax can customize your knowledge base to make it look and feel like your own. With features to add your company credentials on the front end, you can organize all business-related information and knowledge. It also provides a single unified knowledge base platform with the power to extend customer service content to every customer touchpoint. With Knowmax you can.

  • Enable self-service
  • Faster resolutions & fewer ticket
  • Structured content management
  • Easy navigation towards resolutions

Allow your customers to solve their queries by integrating Knowmax within your business website or creating an accessible portal-based system. With rich content updated regularly, ensure the best use of your resources. Connect with us now for a demo and reform your customer service with our Knowledge base systems.

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