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Knowledge Management For Superior Customer Service

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90% of consumers regard resolution as their most important customer service issue. Contact centers are constantly working toward ways to improve the productivity of their executives and coming up with new ideas for favorable resolution rates.

There is a constant revolution in the kind of technologies that will aid in a digital transformation; you need to invest in that knowledge management system with the right tools. Knowledge management system not only enables smooth functioning but also extends the same to achieve superior customer service. 

What are Knowledge Management Tools?

Knowledge management tools are the enablers of information sharing within and outside the organization. Along with this, KM tools aid in the knowledge sharing process, culture, and strategizing. The integration and usage of tools like a knowledge base and CRM integrations smoothens day-to-day functions.

5 Knowledge management tools for superior customer service

1. Knowledge base

  • A knowledge base software has the know-how’s and to-do’s of anything and everything related to your business. 
  • This knowledge base is the tool for anyone in the organization to collect, curate, and enable knowledge distribution. 
  • The knowledge base has all information that can be shared with either employees or customers directly. 

2. User management

  • With security being an utmost concern for any organization, user management lets admins decide who has access to the content in the knowledge base
  • User management also lets an admin using knowledge management software give rights to edit and publish specific content. 
  • The feature helps content reach only the right people and not share confidential organizational information with the wrong people. 

3. Authoring

  • Authoring tools are a part of the creation bracket under the knowledge management system.
  • Authoring tools in robust knowledge management have no-code DIY tools like decision trees, visual how-to guides, article creation, and more modules.
  • Each module can create information for different purposes like manuals, instructions, troubleshooting help, etc.

4. Integrations

  • Integrations with other tools that knowledge management platform works with are incredibly prevalent in the customer service world.
  • For instance, the integration of CRM into the knowledge management system lessens the effort involved in information collecting from all parties.
  • Integrations with ISVs ensure that there is no screen toggling and help in working on one screen at a time throughout a function.

5. Learning Management system

  • Learning management is a knowledge management tool that disseminates information for learning.
  • For a new customer service executive at a contact center, training can be reduced through learning management methods.
  • For current or on-boarded employees learning management tools like quiz management help refresh memory of known things and help retain new information.

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How does the Knowledge Management Tools help? 

1. Fast decision making

  • Knowledge management tools aid in fast decision-making. 
  • Fast decision-making results in less time to resolve queries for a customer. 
  • Fast decision-making through KM tools for support agents helps achieve personal and organizational KPIs. 

2. Improved productivity

  • Knowledge management tools increase productivity significantly. 
  • Especially when we take modules of KM like decision trees, the time to get to resolution is significantly reduced. 
  • This means more customers reached through the use of KM tools.

3. Help in self-service

  • Knowledge base platform as a knowledge management tool isn’t just for internal use but also for external. 
  • Just like users within the knowledge management system can be presented with information, customers can avail helpful information through self-service portals
  • The information in self-service portals makes resolve queries by themselves and thereby improves resolution rates.

4. Adherence to SOPs

  • To be able to follow a standard procedure is crucial to not missing out on important customer information.
  • With KM tools with precise authoring tools, it is easy to create scripts by integrating APIs without code. 
  • Robust knowledge management with the right tools and modules helps create mistake-proof solutions. 

5. Ease of silos

  • One of the most frustrating things, especially in a hybrid working environment like in today’s world, is the lack of transparency. 
  • With the right KM tools and ease in user management, information sharing is a simple process. 
  • Information can be shared across hierarchies and departments through Knowledge management tools.


The need for knowledge management for customer service is the need of the hour. Identifying the condition signifies how drastically one’s need to improve customer service through Knowledge management is. The right time to try out the KM tools to improve customer service and increase productivity is now. So, what is your business waiting for?

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