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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

How To Create Innovative Customer Interactions?

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In a world where everyone is unique, interaction with each customer with personalization is complicated but the needs of the hour.

customer interactions

64% of the customers expect tailored engagements based on past interactions. To get to customized arrangements, you need first to find ways to interact with your customers through new-age technologies or tools.

3 Innovative ways to improve customer interactions

Customer service interactions need not just be boring old mails, cold calls, or SMS messages. With changes in technology, customers are moving to various platforms to consume content and interact with brands. Thrive Analytics found that 73% of consumers are satisfied after using mobile AR.

For example, online shopping is one of the most prevalent shopping methods for gen-z and millennial customers. However, brands need to interact with customers to get them to shop. 

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3 best ways to interact with customers

1. Immersive customer service

  • Let your customers try your product or services is one of the best interactions possible with your product or brand
  • For example, if your business is in the e-commerce space, you may interact with your customers virtually, like trying on lipstick or seeing what a fridge you buy will look like in your living room
  • This strengthens customers’ shopping experience as they can virtually try on things they will take. In a sense, this is customer service before purchasing the product.

2. Interactive product packing 

  • When picking a product, you may include elements like QR codes on the product wrapping or packing material
  • For example, if you sell a condiment product like ketchup or condensed milk, the QR package on the product can engage the customers to use the item in the best way possible
  • Packing, in a way, is trying to interact with the customers to have an all-around product consumption experience

3. Post-purchase technical support

  • Artificial reality enables customers to use their phones as a customer service support tool post purchasing any product
  • Field service takes a new turn as a phone camera and AR work together to set up instructions on working service or running an appliance through simulations
  • This creates a contactless field service experience and makes the customers get the best service from the comfort of their homes

How a knowledge management platform builds customer interactions?

You must be wondering how a knowledge management platform comes into the picture to build customer interactions. One way to think about it is that knowledge management leads to a smoother process of knowledge management which in turn creates excellent customer interactions. 

Following are a few ways in which knowledge management comes into the picture. 

1. Maintains Consistency

  • Using AR, VR, social channels, and internal channels for customer service gets a little complicated. Maintaining omnichannel consistency in a setting where several customer touchpoints are present to cater
  • This calls for omnichannel customer service where all channels have the same information flow, and content remains consistent across all channels
  • The scenario calls for knowledge management to maintain omnichannel consistency for all knowledge across customer portals, both internally and externally

2. Curated customer experience

  • As mentioned at the start, most customers expect a personalized experience. Imagine if even a single customer used the website to purchase and the app for customer support. How can companies keep customer interactions flowing here?
  • The answer to this question would be to have a knowledge management platform through its CRM integrations is the best way to provide customers with a full-fledged personalized customer experience
  • This function works because CRM enables customer journey tracking and matches the cycle stage to correct information retraction from the knowledge management platform through AI

3. Is future-facing

  • With AR and VR developing for the customer service realm only in recent years, it is vital to have knowledge management tools that adapt to technology
  • A future-ready knowledge management platform like Knowmax keeps your customer service ready for any channel
  • With a future-facing and highly agile platform, create the best customer interactions for every forum & be ever ready for changing technology

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Customer interactions through innovative methods improve customer experience. 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. The best way to interact with customers is to target and use channels to garner customer attention in the latest and most innovative ways possible. 

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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