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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Yes-no Decision Trees For Improved CX In Travel Industry

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72% of satisfied customers tell at least six other people about their positive interaction with the brand. Post pandemic, the travel industry has had to catch up with their customers through customer support more than ever.

yes-no decision trees

How can organizations in the travel industry improve positive interaction with their customers post-pandemic? One sure shot solution for this is the tool called – decision trees. Yes-no decision trees are a need for the now picking up travel industry to cater to customers of all types. 

The need for yes-no decision trees in the travel industry 

Decision trees are step-by-step workflows that help users arrive at the following best action. Decision trees can be used internally for support teams and externally for a customer through self-service portals. The following are why the travel industry customer support needs decision trees: 

1. Design

  • The designing part essentially captures and creates tourism experiences. This can include anything and everything between travel plans to stay.
  • Decision-making is facilitated to customers by designing the outline of what the trip or stay and the itinerary would all look like from the customer’s end
  • Designing travel experiences with yes-no decision trees help customers understand what services are being offered

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2. Delivery

  • Once the customer has chosen travel or stay plan with your organization, the next step would be to deliver your services
  • In this case, decision trees help create tourism experiences according to the customer’s preferences on where they want to travel depending on their personal choices
  • For example, customers traveling to a beach area might be looking to rent a yacht; through a decision tree, all queries can be answered in simple-yes or no statements with decision trees

3. Promote 

  • One way to promote tourism experiences is to create a pleasant travel experience. This would include customer support being helpful when in need.
  • If a customer is given proper communication and further given more support through the agency’s support team, the customer’s overall experience is bound to improve
  • Decision trees help give exceptional customer service with zero complications to enhance customer experiences

4. Evaluate

  • Monitoring and evaluating customers’ experiences is essential to reflect on the organization and customers
  • Through customers’ choices on decision trees, you may use them through micro-segmented analytics to predict future behavior and patterns
  • The evaluation through analytics helps deliver exceptional customer experience by improving services and assisting with customer retention

5 benefits of yes-no decision trees in customer service 

Yes-no decision trees in the travel industry have multiple benefits to travel companies. They help create effective campaigns and narrow down operations to increase customer interest and revenue steadily. Read on to learn more benefits of the yes-no decision trees. 

1. 360-degree customer view

  • For the travel industry, it is essential to predict the future behaviors of customers to deliver the services they need
  • The yes-no decision trees backed by robust knowledge management strategy help keep track of analytics
  • Keeping track of analytics through decision tree inputs given by customers aids in predicting customer behavior individually and creates a business opportunity

2. Enhances self-service

  • Your support teams might not be available for conversation with your customers. That would mean a decrease in the First Contact Resolution rate
  • With yes, no decision trees ensure First Contact Resolution through customer service automation
  • With an AI-backed knowledge management platform, ensure that your customers are attended to 24/7 through the decision trees deployed on the chatbox

3. Personalized travel plans 

  • Every traveler is unique. At travel agencies, you might have customers who are willing to take available packages and some who do not want to travel like all the others.
  •  To fit the unique needs of your customers, guiding them through the yes-no decision tree solves the case
  • The yes-no decision tree works for you because it takes your customer data set for feature selection then classifies this information through decision trees. After traversing yes-no decision tree steps, the perfect resolution is arrived upon.

4. Improve resolution time 

  • Travel customer care is that your brand needs to be quick and reliable. Imagine traveling to a remote location and not having assistance from your travel agency.
  • Do not lose customers because of inadequate services. You can keep up the reputation and ensure hospitality with your services through the simple yes-no decision trees.
  • The yes-no decision trees not only help provide the best resolution, but they are efficient in quickly delivering what the customer is looking for in just a few clicks

5. Create cross and up-selling opportunities

  • When a good knowledge management platform backs decision trees, they create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • This happens in two ways: one is the CRM method discussed above, and the other is to create a calculated decision tree using robust scripting software
  • With a comprehensive knowledge management system, yes-no decision trees can be created without coding requirements to promote cross-selling or up-selling of travel or stay plans


Decision trees can be used in operations, research, and customer patterns and behavior analysis to cater to their unique and personal travel needs. The yes-no decision trees’ algorithms in customer service operations help build effective customer service for improved customer satisfaction.

Pratik Salia


Pratik is a customer experience professional who has worked with startups & conglomerates across various industries & markets for 10 years. He shares latest trends in the areas of CX and Digital Transformation for Customer Service & Contact Center.

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