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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Improving Customer Service Information Accessibility With Knowledge Management

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customer service information accessibility

Knowledge management is a critical component of a successful customer experience journey. Prioritizing customer understanding of products is a common practice among businesses worldwide, as it is considered the most significant factor in their success. 

If you aim to serve your customers better, it is essential to make the right knowledge available at the right time, without any hassle and friction across different customer service channels

Netflix demonstrates that when a corporation collects and absorbs knowledge about its subscribers, it is better equipped to make significant internal changes and capitalize on new market possibilities.

Companies frequently overlook the need to stay focused and update their knowledge as their customers’ wishes and requirements change. 

When an organization concentrates on getting accurate and crucial information about its subscribers or consumers, it develops a competitive edge that puts it ahead of the competition.

Why is customer service information accessibility important?

Companies deal with a lot of data on a daily basis. This data includes both confidential internal information and public knowledge for customers.

Most companies gather large volumes of customer information, which might take a long time to access. Customers are likely to feel irritated if a customer service representative takes too long to get access to relevant customer service information to assist them in fixing a problem or receiving an answer to a simple question. 

By unifying available customer service information and making it easier to access and use, knowledge management systems may help an organization save time and effort. 

Knowledge management systems (KMS) allow organizations to create, collate, and disseminate information effectively. They promote a culture of knowledge-sharing that is crucial in customer service scenarios.

Customer service Information accessibility with knowledge management systems benefits customer-facing agents since they obtain precise information about customers’ purchasing histories, buying preferences, and issues, allowing them to serve customers more effectively. 

How knowledge management improves information accessibility for better customer support?

With a robust and well-functioning knowledge management system, you can deliver better and faster customer service that keeps customers happy. 

Here are five ways in which knowledge management systems improve information accessibility for better customer service

1. Helps agents find and use relevant information easily

Modern customers are used to receiving prompt replies. This means they not only expect quick responses now, they demand them. 

One support challenge that agents face is accessing the right customer service information at the right time. If knowledge is scattered or stored in lengthy, hard-to-read documents, their ability to deliver speedy support will naturally get affected.

But with a knowledge management solution providing a single source of truth for enterprise-wide information, agents can get ready access to relevant knowledge with just a few clicks. 

This way, they no longer need to dig through enormous piles of information to find what they are looking for.  

With advanced search capabilities, an AI search engine can evaluate the agent’s search intent and provide relevant information that matches the keywords. Industry-specific terminology, different languages, and unique content, such as product names are all taken into account by natural language processing (NLP). 

Self-learning search engines learn from each encounter and give more precise and focused results.

single source of truth for improved customer service information accessibility

2. Enables Fast Resolutions with Organized Workflows

In a fast-paced environment such as a contact center, agents are expected to efficiently and effectively resolve customer issues within tight deadlines. 

However, this can often lead to overwhelming pressure and cause agents to struggle with the necessary steps to move forward.

But with simplified guided workflows, agents can take the guesswork out of customer support. 

Knowmax’s cognitive decision trees provide the next best actions to agents with every customer input. This way, your agents can be confident of the steps they take despite the time crunch.

Knowmax’s guided-assist decision trees can be integrated with your Customer Relationship Management software. The integration enables auto-traversing of customer information from CRM across decision tree steps. 

This helps agents to speed up the resolution process while improving the accuracy of customer service and personalizing it.  

guided workflows for agents

3. Provides Immersive Customer Experiences with Visual Guides

With CX becoming today’s business benchmark, businesses are trying hard to meet customers’ ever-evolving expectations. The customer service goal for every business now is clear – quality and timely support across all touchpoints. 

Adding visuals to your support strategy can transform your customer service success. When your agents can visualize the exact problem that customers face in real-time, they become better equipped to solve their issues.

With Knowmax, you can create step-by-step pictorial instructions for customer support  With these visual how-to device guides, your agents can deliver customers’ accurate solutions seamlessly, and also send the picture guides to customers for ticket deflection

step by step guides

4. Enhances customer access to information with the self-service knowledge base

The customer service landscape is changing rapidly with customers’ overwhelming preference for self-service. In fact, over 90% of customers say they would use a knowledge base if it could resolve all their problems.

To fulfill your customer’s wishes, an external knowledge base software is just what you need to boost self-service efficiency. With an external knowledge base intact, you can create top-grade knowledge that will help customers help themselves. 

A fundamental component of a successful customer experience is providing consumers with the information they want when they require it. With a well-curated knowledge base, your customers can simply access the support they need on your website’s help center. 

Your help center can include FAQs for customer service, how-to guides, help articles, video instructions, and webinars, minimizing the need for customers to speak directly with an agent and allowing them to get the information they need faster. 

5. Track knowledge performance to improve CX strategy 

No matter how good your CX strategy is, there is always room for improvement to set your business apart. One pro tip is to analyze your agents’ resolution journey to identify any cracks in your existing support content. 

Using software that tracks in-depth performance analytics of your support content will give you deeper and more precise insights into how efficient your content is at solving customer issues. Knowmax’s in-built micro-segmented analytics allows you to track your agent’s engagement with any content piece. 

From analyzing the most regularly visited content to how much time an agent spends on any content before reaching the resolution step, these detailed reports give you a clear picture of how effective your content is at resolving customer issues that come your way.

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Final Thoughts

To service customers today, businesses must level up their customer service efforts. And one way to ensure customer service success is for crucial knowledge to be stored, managed, and disseminated effectively. 

Customer service information accessibility with knowledge management systems is critical to any customer service team’s performance. Ensuring that relevant knowledge is easily accessible when needed will help you deliver exceptional customer service across channels.

Kamal Pathak

Lead Product Manager

Kamal Pathak has over 10 years of experience as a product manager building successful B2B SaaS products in customer experience space. He enjoys writing, speaking, and coaching aspiring product managers.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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