Posted On: December 30, 2020

40+ self service statistics and recent trends 2021

Self service statistics is a projection by experts and data analytics across the industry to develop a better understanding of the demands of customers. It helps solution developers get a deeper peek inside the brains of today’s consumers and create a bridge between their demands and your organization’s supply to take industrial standards up by a notch.

What is self service?

Self service platforms are commonly accessible to all users. It is a digital journey for consumers to indulge in while searching for solutions independently. It is supervised by experts on the backend and assists in a smooth execution of the solution as well.

5 benefits derived by deploying automated self service channels

1. Quicker time management
2. Simpler search and self execution
3. Automated tracking of results
4. Effective supervision
5. Direct communication channel

1. Over 60% of US consumers prefer an automated self-service, such as a website or mobile app, for simple customer service tasks.

American Express

2. 77% of consumers report having used a self-service support portal.


3. 56% of companies don’t use a knowledge base to help their customers.

4. 91% of organizations identify web self-service as a relevant investment focus.

CCW Digital

5. In 2017, customer self-service almost surpassed human-assisted for customer care.

6. 50% of millennials view self-service as a part of the brand promise.

7. By 2020 85% of customers will choose self-service first.

8. Less than 12% of organizations have achieved anticipated ROI for self-service today.

9. 77% of people use Google at least three times a day to search for things online.

10. 91% of customers use Google search before contacting a live support agent.

11. 220% likelihood that younger generations (vs. their older counterparts) consider a question answered by a Google featured snippet.

12. 85% of customer interactions could be handled without a human agent (using a chatbot, for example) by the year 2020.

13. 80% of routine questions could potentially be answered by a chatbot.

14. Estimated cost savings chatbots will deliver by 2020: $8 billion

15. Rate at which global knowledge management software market is expected to grow by 2023 is $33 billion


16. 70% of consumers say they prefer messaging over calling for customer support.

IBM Watson

17. 67% of respondents prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative.

18. More than 60% of US consumers say their go-to channel for simple inquiries is a digital self-serve tool such as a website, mobile app, or online chat.

American Express

19. 59% of surveyed banks and credit unions report that consumer self-service is very important at their institution.

20. 40% of customers contact a call center after they have first looked for answers to their questions via self-service.


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