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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

8 Smart Customer Service Goals To Strive For In This Year

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According to a Harvard Business Review study, people with goals are ten times more successful than those without goals. Whether in life or business, you need goals to stay on course to achieve greatness.


Goal setting is crucial in an area like customer service. It is a field where you are expected to deliver a positive customer experience and handle multiple communication channels consistently. The customer support team of any business plays an integral part in establishing a brand reputation in the market.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, it is important to have the right set of goals to ensure the success of your customer support team. According to another HBR study, one-third of managers believe that adapting to change management will be their biggest challenge in executing company strategy in the future.

Top 8 customer service goals that you should set for your team in 2022

1. Reduce customer wait time

One of the most important customer service goals in 2022 should be to reduce customer wait time. Consumers’ attention spans have decreased drastically, and long waiting times can lead to poor customer experience and reflect poorly on the brand.

Maintaining a short customer wait time is essential to improve the overall customer experience. You can rely on technology and an increased workforce to reduce the wait time for the customer.

2. Improve resolution time

Apart from reducing the wait time for the customer, it is equally important to improve the resolution time. No customer is interested in talking or chatting for a long time to get a resolution. The customer service team’s responsibility is to provide the fastest solution possible.

Quick answers should be one of the critical goals for the customer service manager to keep a short resolution time for all customer queries. 

However, you must not compromise on quality while improving the resolution time. Among the most important customer service objectives is the ability to provide first contact resolution. Nevertheless, too much focus on resolution time would motivate your team to provide incomplete answers.

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3. Focus on self-service options

These days the majority of customers connect via the Internet. You need to create self-service solutions and platforms where the customer can find answers to the most pressing queries. Standard solutions like FAQs, visual guides, AI-powered chatbots, automated call centers, and community forums can be used as self-service solutions. 

These solutions can help customers find answers to commonly asked questions. Simultaneously, the calls get filtered, and the customer service team would only gets serious queries.

4. Make the customer the brand ambassador

Rather than only banking on advertising and marketing to bring in new customers, you should focus on making the customer your brand ambassador. It is only possible when you provide a delightful experience to the customer.

According to a report, customers are willing to spend more on brands where they get a good experience and are more likely to recommend them to others. Hence, it is important to keep customer satisfaction as one of the critical call center goals in 2023.

5. Increase customer loyalty

Creating a loyal set of consumers is one of the most difficult tasks in today’s modern competitive world. In contrast, customer service is one of the most potent weapons to increase consumer loyalty.

By providing a consistent experience to the customer, you can expect consistent buying behavior from the consumer. A positive experience will also create a loyal base of consumers for the organization.

6. Embrace technology and automation

One of a company’s best customer experience goals is to embrace technology and automation. You need the right knowledge management solution and the best customer support software integrated with your CRM system with appropriate automation for a better customer experience. You can deploy these advanced solutions in the workplace to enable your team to provide high-quality service.

7. Manage customer interactions centrally

In today’s scenario, where the consumer interacts with a brand across multiple channels and touchpoints, it is essential to manage all customer interactions centrally. To provide a consistent omnichannel experience, you must capture details like past purchases, support tickets, and other relevant interactions so that the team is aware and suggests the correct resolution.

8. Do not forget employee experience

As you set these customer satisfaction goals to provide better customer service, you must realize that equal care should be given to the employee experience. The role of your customer support team has transformed from just handling phone calls, emails, or chats to providing a consistent omnichannel experience. You must make a conscious effort to provide a positive employee experience.

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Final Thoughts

These goals can help you achieve higher profitability and a better customer experience in 2023. It is equally important that you get buy-in from your team on the goals you set. It will help you perform better in a collaborative manner. As you adapt to the changing customer requirements, you will be able to create a solid customer support strategy for your business. 

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