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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

Best Ways To Handle Customer Complaints

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Best way to handle customer complaints

Handling customer complaints could be a hassle at times. If they are left unsolved, it might lead to more angry customers, thereby spoiling the image of your company. Earlier when every customer complaint used to be tackled manually with a customer service representative; not every customer experienced great service.

Thus, it became the need of the hour to strategically manage these complaints. But, first, it is important to go into the crust of the matter and know the root of the problem.

Why do customers complain?

One of the major reasons that customers complain could be mishandling the complaints, to begin with. Thus, it is of utmost importance that customer feedback is taken from time to time so that the customer doesn’t end up ruining the reputation of the company by his word of mouth. 

Other reasons for customer lodging complaints and negative feedbacks could be-

Un-kept Promises

High hopes and unrealistic promises made by the sales staff. Making promises and assuring the customer over a particular product or service helps in straight away winning over their trust. Although, If such promises have not been kept; it may lead to several complaints, negative feedbacks, switching to other services & distrust. 


How feasible is it to reach out to the customer service representatives of your company? Is enough information about your company being updated on your official website from time to time? 

Put yourself into the customer’s shoes and try to empathize with them. Thus, think of yourself as a client or a customer and feel the tension in your gut, when you get your calls unanswered when you are desperately seeking a solution. 

Lack of contact information or unanswered call drives the customer’s crazy. Therefore, one should strategically plan to handle consumer complaints, not just to satisfy them but also to ensure that the complaints are taken into consideration for prospective customers as well. 

Low Quality of Products and services

Complaints regarding the quality or appearance of the products occur on online shopping platforms because, at times, the product doesn’t look like what was shown in the picture. Also, at times the products are defective, which fumes and frets the online shoppers.

Hidden Information and Costs

It is of utmost importance to play fair with your customers. Any hidden costs or extra charges can break their trust and creates a bad impression on the company. Thus, Hidden information or cots is another reason that a lot of customers complain about.

Now that the world has evolved and everything from house automation to gearless cars is driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence), services for lodging customer complaints and valuable feedbacks have gone through a breakthrough. With the exclusive concoction of KM (Knowledge management) and AI, it has become attainable to lodge and categorize customer complaints through LMS ( Learning Management Systems).

Nowadays a plethora of software and intranet facilities are available, wherein the customer service representatives can handle complaints of specific departments by collaborating on the intranet. Moreover, using AI efficiently could help in providing instant satisfaction to customers by generating automated chatbots. 

Channels through which customer complaints could be registered

There is a myriad of platforms where customers can pour in their complaints. Such platforms work as an aid for the customers to conveniently reach out to the customer service representative.  


Nowadays, with the rise in technology and KM (Knowledge Management) techniques, people are used to getting instant solutions. Thus, chatbots make it feasible to interact with the customer quickly and efficiently.

Today’s young generation is connected to the internet all day long; thus they demand faster and instant solutions to their problems. Chatbots or automated texts could be a great way to solve consumer complaints. Also, such digital and AI-driven technology is easily understood by this generation.

Not only it helps in providing instant solutions, but it also saves them time and money one needs to spend on a traditional customer service center. 

Voice Analyses Aids 

Voice analysis aids are developed from the new technologies and are a part of LMS (Learning Management Systems). Its primary feature is to detect both the voice of customer service representatives and the customers. This voice detection feature helps understand the customer’s tone so that the specific case can be handled by understanding his thoughts, needs, and behavior before dealing with his complaint.

This, voice detection aid helps the customer service representative’s to add a personal touch to their communication with the customers. 

Conversational Commerce with Messaging App Bots

Nowadays, people have become lazy with the increase in technology and automated systems. Chatting or talking to a customer service representative could be quite a task for this AI-driven generation. Thus, by implementing conversational commerce with messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Instagram, or Alexa voice searches, people can simply speak out and register their complaints at the comfort of their homes.

Activity monitoring can resolve monitoring issues before they arrive

With the development and steadfast growth in Artificial Intelligence, Companies have installed bots that keep an eye on the users. As per their observations, they figure out that what the customer has been experiencing. Thus, in case a user is going through some inconvenience, the AI Bots sort them.

Moreover, there could be times when the issue is sorted much before the customer experiences the problem or issue. Resolving issues much before they occur keeps you customers or users happy to the point it saves the customer service representatives. Having such actively monitoring bots could also lower abandonment rates.

Augmented Chats

At times it could be quite frustrating for a customer to interact and chat with chatbots for hours just to solve an unresolved issue. That is where augmented chats come into play. This tool identifies if human agents need to step in and handle the matter. Thus, it won’t end up making the client frustrated.

Categorizing Customer Complaints

Although the above channels could be of great use when it comes to handling customer relationships, in the end, it is imperative to categorize customer feedback. There are a few ways in which customer feedback can be categorized.

Performing Sentiment Analyses is one of them. Tracking and decoding the words or the tone of voice used by a customer could be detected by some online demo models based on LMS (Learning Management Systems). Such models help in differentiating and categorizing customer feedbacks by allotting them specific percentages.

The percentage would define the degree of seriousness of feedback left by a customer. Moreover, some complaints could be classified based on aspects/categories like price, time, value for money, etc. 

Well, analyzing the customer’s sentiment could be done feasibly, but, another thing could be done to make sure that the customer can share his feedback with fellow customers. This way, the customers can realize that the service they are using is credible and all the reviews are in real-time.

Such feedbacks can only be taken digitally with the help of knowledge base and learning management. Thus, with the rise in technology and a breakthrough in Knowledge management techniques, customer complaints have become easy to deal with, thereby making customers happier. 

Nitin Saxena

Sr. Vice President

Nitin has 25 years of experience working at companies like HP and Mphasis. For more than 14 years, he has been a key figure at KocharTech (Knowmax's parent company), skillfully navigating operations, training, and quality management responsibilities across international and domestic sectors. Currently, he oversees Business Operations at Maxicus.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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