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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

What Is Positive Scripting In Call Center & How It Impacts Customer Experience?

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Scripting is a term that is mostly related to reality shows on entertainment television channels. The connotation is slightly negative, as the audience believes that most reality shows are scripted and are hardly ‘real’. The impact of the term ‘scripting‘ is somewhat similar to customer service as compared to reality shows.

positive scripting in a call center for better cx

Consumers expect to interact with a human with empathy, understanding, and context of the call rather than discussing it with a human robot following scripted responses.

The fans of scripting will tell you how critical it is for keeping the conversation on course and helping new agents converse with customers with ease.

Call center scripting is highly useful, especially in the training phase. While agents are expected to improvise as per the flow of the conversation, scripting provides the right structure that helps in laying the ground rules with which the interaction can proceed.

One of the most significant advantages of scripting is the ability to replace negative words with positive words. It is also known as positive scripting.

Positive scripting in a call center is used to steer the conversation clearly with positive words that show empathy, motivation, and care for the customer.

A positive script for a contact center is helpful in various ways. Positive scripting in a call center for better customer service can drive customer experience scores and revenue and create a positive brand voice in the long run.

Here is all you need to know about the impact of positive scripting in call centers on customer experience through knowledge management.

What is positive scripting?

Positive scripting is a customer service practice in the knowledge management framework that allows you to create positive responses to customer queries or clarifications.

The primary goal of positive scripting is to keep the conversation with the customer positive and pleasant.

Also, positive scripting aims at keeping the conversation closed with the primary on the topic for which the call has been made.

BPOs that practice positive scripting can generate a higher response rate as compared to BPOs that do not undertake it.

Positive scripting can potentially drive customer experience and revenue for the business. There needs to be a balance between the usage of the positive script and the actual conversation that is taking place with the customer.

If you can balance the two factors, you can create a machine that will create a positive brand voice in the long run. 

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Importance of positive scripting in a call center for better customer Service

Positive scripting is essential for customer service in multiple ways. Key factors in which customer service teams benefit from positive scripting are as follows:

1. Comfort Level

The use of positive scripting for customer service allows customers to have a sense of comfort level with the agents. As negative words are replaced with positive ones, there is an increased comfort level on the call, which may lead to more sales and better quality scores.

2. Customer experience

Positive scripting allows your team to make the customer feel more important and improve the overall customer experience. It is critical because if the customer thinks he or she is being valued, it will lead to a better customer satisfaction score

Positive scripting for customer support can drive a CX score if used effectively under a knowledge management framework.

3. Consistency

Positive scripting in the call center helps you provide a consistent experience in responses from the physical and digital teams. Customers today can contact you by email, phone, social media, or website. 

The support team’s responsibility is to ensure that the consumer gets a consistent response across all support channels. The use of positive scripting across these channels will help in driving a consistently positive experience for customers.

4. Brand voice

Positive scripting helps in driving a brand voice that is encouraging and positive for consumers. Effective utilization of positive words in the script can develop your brand as one that listens to its consumers and acts accordingly. 

Rather than appearing cold to customer demands, positive scripting in a call center helps create a brand voice that stands for being more communicative and empathetic to consumers.

5. Agent confidence

Positive scripting comes in handy for agents that are new to the team or have less experience. It is critical because agents can get off with the right start and maintain a positive vibe with the consumers. 

It is also good for agent confidence as they have a positive script to refer to and get comfortable with improvisation as they learn more about the process.

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Things to keep in mind while practicing positive scripting in a call center

Positive scripting is a double-edged sword. KM System, such as Knowmax, can help you build a positive script and, at the same time, improve customer experience by using AI & machine learning tools. For it to work effectively, it is important to ensure that some things listed below are kept in mind before designing a script with positive words:

1. Robotic experience

The last thing you want is for the consumer to sense that it is a robotic experience with a human, on the other, following a positive script. You must include the positive words naturally and do not come across as a human-robot in front of a consumer.

KM solutions can help you avoid a robotic experience by providing interactive decision trees and other tools that will avoid a robotic experience.

2. Heavy reliance on script

While positive scripting works fine for the agent’s confidence as they start the process, it is also important that the heavy reliance on the script reduces over time. 

If that doesn’t happen, the customer experience will end up sub-par and not per expectations.

Therefore, you should reduce reliance on the script and make the positive script part of the natural conversation of agents with the consumers. KM tools can help you maintain the right balance between the script and the conversation. 

3. Little or no flexibility

If the positive script does not allow for much flexibility, it may hamper the customer experience. Agents need to have a certain level of flexibility within the script to improvise responses per the customer they are talking to. 

You should build some room for flexibility as you are preparing the positive script in your call center operations.

Using knowledge management tools effectively can provide the right resources and enough flexibility for your employees to have a structured yet flexible interaction with consumers. 

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Effective integration of KM solutions is key to building a positive script and keeping the interaction with the consumer natural and outcome-oriented. You should aim to integrate positive scripting in the knowledge management framework to build a positive customer experience across all touchpoints

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