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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

5 Tips To Optimize Customer Touchpoints

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Touchpoints are interactions between customers and businesses. That’s why brands are eager to optimize customer touchpoints. Those touchpoints might be direct interactions, such as getting a demo from the sales team or can be indirect interactions, such as reading a blog post on your website and wishing to connect with your company.

Each of these customer touchpoints either direct or indirect, significantly influences customer experience(CX) as well as brand perception A poor experience at one touchpoint can easily change the customer’s perception of multiple positive historical experiences at other touchpoints.

By outlining key touchpoints, businesses can capitalize on timely opportunities to optimize customer touchpoints.

5 tips to optimize customer touchpoints

1. Company website

When it comes to optimizing your homepage and product overview pages create a great customer experience, so while creating these pages, keep an important thing in mind that description of products and services should be as clear as possible.

Do not assume and create pages as your visitors are already familiar with things. This forces your new visitors to get into details of things in order to understand what you do, ultimately delivering a poor experience and often divert prospects to look for solutions elsewhere. 

Being clear also means avoiding the use of jargon or other heavy terms which people might not be familiar with.

Having a FAQs, & articles page or known as a knowledge base for your customer on website, will help answer most of the queries without contacting human support. Thus, helps to reduce OPEX cost.

2. Company blog

When writing content for the blog posts, it’s crucial to know that your blog can advocate and source information for lots of different types of visitors and not just prospects who are actively looking for a solution you provide.

Best plan would be to create a great experience by publishing high-quality, helpful, and actionable content.

Your posting should not always talk in lines of sales pitch. It’s crucial to focus on publishing content that helps visitors learn something they need to know. 

If you’re publishing the best content on the internet about whatever subject you’re writing about, that content introduces and creates brand awareness to everyone who reads it and builds trust with that audience.

2. Social media

Focus on certain social media sites with informative content where your customers most commonly spend their time and where you can actively maintain your profiles.

Chances are very high that customers reach out to you with questions on social channels that you don’t track closely. If you don’t respond, they’ll feel neglected at the first interaction itself. Social sites are designed to be social: and customers across the globe love interaction through different social channels. If you can’t optimize it, you may miss out on things.

3. Emails

Marketing emails are one of the greatest ways to keep in a loop with prospects and customers, but strategy is important as it’s also a touchpoint that’s easy to get wrong. While you can post as often as you want to your blog or social media as these are your own channels, in contrast if you send too many emails, your subscribers and customers will get irritated. 

Let them choose what they hear from you is the great way in this scenario.

It’s also equally important to make sure that customers can read your emails. Consider implementing a plan to extract data and create insights on a regular interval.

4. Sales calls and demos

This is the most important yet very challenging touchpoint. The salesperson isn’t concerned with the customer experience; they’re concerned with making the deal at all costs. Leverage sales enablement tool for calls and demos to contribute positively towards improvement of customer experience which is not possible with stereotypical sales teams.

If your sales have people who want to help prospects make the right decision, even if that decision is to purchase a competitor’s product, you’ll build far more trust with leads and will ensure that the experience is delightful.

5. Customer support

Delivering great customer service is a critical component and also it is no longer a differentiator.  Poor customer support can quickly degrade a customer’s perception.

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service,” and 78% of customers have backed out of a purchase they had previously committed to due to a poor customer service experience.

4 tips to great customer service

1. Deliver instant actionable answers

Information presentation actively helping users. Deliver consistent and correct information on first contact. 

2. Easier to get in touch with the support team

Offer support on the channels your customers prefer the most. omnichannel support will allow your customer to interact witty you on the channel of their choice which makes them feel privileged. 

3. Supercharge your self-service options

AI-Powered chatbots, step by step guided workflows, frequently asked questions, Knowledge base articles, and more options like these is a great way to provide 24/7 support and help customers who would prefer to find solutions on their own.

4. Providing faster support

Customers always appreciate faster responses that help them solve their problems promptly and get back to routine. however, faster support doesn’t mean forsaking the quality you provide.

Empower your customer journey through effective engagement

Engage with your customers seamlessly across a range of different channels, including digital channels like mobile, web, chat, and assisted channels like Contact centers, retail and on the field with robust knowledge base management software and optimize customer touchpoints.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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