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What is learning management software(LMS) ?

Posted On: September 4, 2019

Training newbies in every industry takes plenty of resources in terms of creating, managing and delivering knowledge equally. There, Learning Management software can be utilized as one of the legit resources for providing knowledge but maintaining that overall information is important. As the self-service trend is rising on customer-preferred channels, a platform like knowledge management system helps to gain and disseminate information in customer service; while enhancing the capabilities of LMS training management.


Who needs Learning Management Software (LMS)?

 While 93% of L&D professionals preferred to use LMS to boost Employee Engagement, only 27% were able to successfully do so.”

The demand for Learning Management System is expanding across organizations. Moreover, the need to train & boost employees’ performance varies among the departments. Majorly LMS can be utilized for:



Admins handle the row of duties that involve information-based tasks, including creating courses and assigning specific learning content to particular groups. LMS assist admins in completing those projects while multitasking on content updates. Through LMS, administrators can also track employees’ learning and tasks performance that helps them to make data-driven decisions.


The main motive of LMS is to serve the learners regarding product information, organization’s services, and how products can be useful for what type of customers. LMS is helpful in making this possible and for agents to understand their knowledge capabilities. Above all, it boosts the interest for a learn to take tasks seriously.


What is Learning Management System (LMS) used for?

Employee training

LMS provides benefits to cut down on employee training costs associated with traditional learning, also gain better insights on their employees’ progress with integrated monitoring and reporting tools.

Knowledge retention

A knowledge retention program ensures the valuable skills, techniques and information stays and LMS platform assists in completing this need. As you don’t want this valuable information to just sit in some document across departments.

Managing users

A good LMS automate all the actions and allows to perform changes and updates to multiple items and users. Also useful in documentation, tracking, reporting & administration of training programs that also used in Learning & Development programs.

Content in one place

The learning management software lets you store all your content on a unified space, reducing the risk of losing important data. Learning management systems are designed to identify training and learning gaps, utilizing data analytics, and reporting.

LMS Monitoring

Data-driven insights that can be derived through knowledge platform backed LMS provides valuable insights related to productivity and employee progress. It also comprises reports that include:

  • Course scheduling and content updates
  • Total time spent on quizzes/ tasks accomplishments
  • Active course notifications
  • Most reviewed content
  • User activity reports or content usage
  • Certification analysis

Tiers of learning management software

With the core features of LMS, it can be deployed across different sized organizations and utilized among various teams.

Small scale businesses

Small businesses can take benefit from an LMS for specific talent management needs on a simpler level.

Mid markets

Medium-sized companies can utilize their enterprise-driven systems at a lower cost with integrated solutions that meet their talent management needs through a cloud platform.

Large enterprises

As stronger collaboration they need, enterprises can benefit from a customized and integrated approach in LMS.

Ending Remarks

By using learning management software, businesses can minimize disruptions in the workplace, and personalize training sessions. As employees can train at their own pace,  learning modules also increase. Incorporating LMS into your training or orientation routine is a great way to keep track of your employees achieving milestones in their training and learning while saving extra expenditures. Knowmax enables a unified space for learning management system to ensure the smooth running of work for L&D teams to conceptualize the performance benchmarks across departments.


Knowmax makes employee training easier       


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