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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

5 Tips To Create Best Chat Support Scripts

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Building a superior customer service experience is becoming increasingly important and difficult for businesses. Consumers are more demanding than ever and expect businesses to provide fast resolution and consistent experience across multiple touchpoints. There are serious repercussions for businesses that do not consider customer service a critical component of business success.

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According to research, 89% of customers are more likely to make another purchase from a brand after a positive customer service experience. On the other hand, 61% of customers like to switch to a new brand after one bad experience. This number increases to 76% after more than one bad customer experience.

In other words, businesses need to consider customer service as the factor that can make or break a business. As a result, focusing on elements like agent quality, chat support script, and performance measurement is essential. 

As 41% of customers prefer live chat with the brand, followed by 32% that prefer phone support, and 23% rely on email, companies need to ensure a robust chat support script in operations.

A chat support script is the list of pre-written suggested answers for customer queries or objections. A chat support script helps an agent to provide a cohesive experience to the customer and follow the brand’s messaging, guidelines and tone.

How to get started on chat support scripts?

Customer support chat scripts are integral for providing a positive customer experience. Irrespective of the agent the customer is chatting with, it helps provide a consistent customer experience. Here is how you can get started with chat support scripts.

1. Understand your customer’s needs

Understanding the customers’ needs is one of the most important aspects of designing a good chat support script. Once you can understand what the customer is looking for, you will be able to design a script that works for the customer and the brand. 

Customer support chat scripts usually include answers to the most commonly faced customer issues. As a result, a clear understanding of customer needs will help answer the most commonly asked questions.

2. Show empathy in writing

Chat support script should be designed in a way that you can show empathy in your writing to the customer. 

Along with a conversational tone, it is equally important to be empathetic to the issues or complaints of the customer. Compared to a formal and to-the-point tone, an empathetic tone of writing will make your customer support chat scripts more humane and natural. 

For instance, you must paraphrase the conversation before closing the chat to ensure that both the customer and the agent are on the same page. 

Similarly, feel free to share your feelings with the customers. Suppose the customer is annoyed or frustrated. In that case, it is fine to communicate that you would feel the same if you were in their shoes. 

You can also empathize in the conversation by offering choices and explaining the pros and cons of each choice to the customer to resolve the complaint.

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3. Ensure proper continuity

Customers don’t like to explain the issue repeatedly or wait endlessly to resolve a complaint. Therefore, it is important to ensure proper continuity in the conversation without any delay in resolving a complaint. 

According to a study, businesses have reported losing up to 75% of customers due to stretched waiting times. Even if you cannot resolve a customer complaint within 48 hours of receiving it, it is better to inform the customer and ensure a timely resolution. 

Customer support chat scripts designed for various processes should include the aspect of continuity to help agents resolve complaints quickly.

4. Make sure to take follow-ups

Follow-ups can be an essential part of the chat support scripts. In the age of e-commerce and modern business, impulse buying is a real-world phenomenon. Follow-ups can help you push impulse buying toward your brand.  

Follow-ups help to keep the customer interest alive without much effort and rekindle the conversation as you already have a strong connection.

5 tips to create the best chat support scripts that work

Integrating the right chat support script with your customer service operations is crucial to improving performance and delivery. Here are the five tips to create the best chat support scripts

1. Get a DIY chat support script software

You can opt for a DIY chat support script software to define the next best actions for all customer issues. You can expect reduced average call time and better customer engagement with intuitive call flow templates and SOP adherence to all customer interactions.  

With Knowmax’s scripting software, you can create intuitive chat scripts and get real-time script feedback along with multilingual scripts to cater to global customers.

Script your way to an immersive CX

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2. Use language that is easy to comprehend

It is important to ensure that the language in a chat support script is easy to understand and communicate. With too much jargon and difficult language, it becomes difficult for agents to understand and communicate effectively with the customers. 

On the other hand, if you use difficult words in the script, it may get difficult for the agents and customers to interact. 

3. Add the visual elements

It is unnecessary to rely on text alone to create compelling customer support chat scripts. You can use visual elements like images, screenshots, videos, GIFs, etc., to make it more interactive and appealing. 

Knowmax’s full-suite knowledge management platform offers visual how-to guides. It makes customer engagement more interactive and effective with the help of pictorial device guides & video support. 

4. Make an internal checklist

A script can help you with a suggested roadmap that a call may take depending on the customer query. Still, it is a good idea to have an internal checklist to ensure that the agents are ticking all the right boxes. 

As it is a live chat, it is important to ensure that the agents are on the right side of compliance and privacy requirements. At the same time, the internal checklist helps ensure a positive customer experience by asking the right questions.

5. Create new scripts based on previous feedback

Customer support chat scripts are expected to evolve as they go through various phases of business. 

Based on the feedback received from the stakeholders, it is vital to make changes and create new scripts. The feedback can be from the customers, customer support team, quality assurance, or any other stakeholder interested in improving business performance. 

A next-gen Knowledge Management platform like Knowmax offers a rigorous feedback mechanism. This aspect helps brands improve customer service content, thereby improving customer service delivery. 


Writing effective chat scripts is a long-term game for business success. As it takes some time for the chat script to evolve based on feedback, getting started as early as possible is essential.

Understanding customer problems is at the heart of building an effective customer service script. A bonus tip here would be to recognize loyal customers. It helps in strengthening loyalty and spreading the positive word around.

On the other hand, if the customers feel you are indifferent to them, it would give them a chance to leave you for a competitor. Integrating knowledge management software into the process would help overcome this challenge.

The script can have personalized nudges with the right knowledge management software to provide a superior customer experience to your loyal audience. 

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