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Updated On: Apr 1, 2024

4 Millennial Customer Service Expectations And How To Reach Them

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Customer service practices cannot really be set in stone. You can try hard as a business to do your best to make your customers happy. But what if we told you that reaching your customer’s service expectations is not challenging to achieve the task?

customer service expecations

Customer service expectations entail a lot of things. 91% of customers unhappy with a brand will leave without complaining. To avoid this scenario, you must be ahead of your customers and cater to their expectations. 

4 present-day customer service expectations

Millennial customers’ presence and voice are broadly felt across all customer points. Millennials will pay 21% more to do business with companies that excel at customer service.

Companies must see customers as individuals who have unique lives and different goals. So how to cater to all customers at once? Following are common customer expectations across industries: 

1. Contextual information

  • The presence of information in the right place is not enough. Information, wherever present, has to be highly relevant and give the customers answers to the questions sought. 
  • Your research on your customers from a brand perspective has to be suitable to give your customers what they seek. 
  • Making sure that all information within each content piece is related to the problem sought is what customers expect. 

2. Speedy resolutions

  • Customers in today’s world need everything quickly and fast. No customer would be happy to spend more than necessary to solve their problem.
  • Customers expect companies to be involved and invested in solving customers’ problems.
  •  Speedy resolutions are vital in resolving customer service expectations.  

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3. Incorporation of customer feedback

  • When dissatisfied with services, customers voice their concerns through feedback portals or social media. 
  • One of the best ways to reach customer service expectations is to listen to their concerns. 
  • Reading feedback and incorporating it is the fastest way to satisfy customers’ needs instead of developing elaborate plans from internal teams without customer feedback research. 

4. Digital presence

  • 55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase, with 47% visiting the company website, 26% checking out the physical store, and 23% talking with friends and family. 
  • The stats above reiterate that customers are looking for any presence from the brand in the digital world. 
  • Digital presence is of utmost importance in the present world for all things business, from branding to customer service. 

How to reach millennial customer service expectations?

Reaching your customer’s expectations isn’t that hard when you have the right strategy. But where do you start? Here are a few things you can do for a head start. 

1. Evaluate your best practices 

  • Evaluate where your customers are dissatisfied with your services and start with what needs to be done to fix it. External help here would fix things long run. 
  • External tools like feedback tracker tools and keeping track of how satisfied the customers are gives a glimpse of which practices of yours are successful and also identify those that are not. 
  • If your business doesn’t take time to reflect on practices, the time to start is now. So you can evaluate the correct procedures for maximized success. 

2. Provide 360-degree support

  • Customers are no longer restricted to one type of customer service channel
  • Some customers prefer customer support on call, some prefer to chat, and others might prefer email. Brands need to offer omnichannel support to match these expectations. 
  • A knowledge management platform like Knowmax helps brands have omnichannel customer support. It lets businesses deal with all channels from a single platform. 

Understanding The 360-Degree Customer Experience

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3. Create self-service channels

  • Customer service expectations are sometimes met when you let customers solve problems independently. 
  • Millennial customer service expectations of getting the correct information at the right time can be solved this way. 
  • Self-service portals connected to a robust knowledge base deliver the information customers seek on their channel of preference and empower them. 


In an ever-evolving world, businesses need to be aware of their customer’s expectations and future-proof their CX by being on platforms of their customer’s choice.

All organizations require a solid knowledge management system to maintain a seamless customer experience while catering to millennial customer service needs.

So, if you are on a journey to empower your customers in the digital space, adopt the proper knowledge management today!

Jayanti Sabdani

Content Marketer

Writer. Storyteller. Literature Enthusiast. Jayanti leads content marketing initiatives at Knowmax and amalgamates in-depth research, interviewing, and product messaging to craft marketing content. When not working, she can still be found writing ( because that’s what she loves), reading, and trying out different cuisines.

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Unlock the power of knowledge management for your customer service

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