OneCard's journey of providing seamless customer service to 2 million+ users through efficient Knowledge Management

28% increase

in Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT)

10% reduction

in Average Handle Time (AHT)

12% increase

in First Contact Resolution (FCR)


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    Hari Velayudan

    COO, OneCard

    "Knowmax has transformed our CX function and helped us increase our C-SAT scores by 28%. We're lucky to have found a Knowledge Partner that delivered promising results and supported us throughout our Knowledge Management journey."


    OneCard – a product of FPL Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly growing FinTech startup founded by a group of banking veterans who have built a mobile-first credit card. Valued at more than $750 million in Dec 2021, OneCard’s core mission has been to improve the experience users have with credit cards.


    OneCard struggled with scattered product and process data, making it hard to follow SOPs. The knowledge wasn’t actionable, resulting in delayed and poor customer service. Besides, providing a credit card service for the mobile-first generation is not easy, with data security being a primary concern. The need was to stitch all the loose ends to create a rigorous knowledge base for process transparency, a prerequisite for excellent CX.


    Deploying the Knowmax platform made customer-facing teams’ search for information seamless with a single source of truth. With a unified Knowledge base and well-organized customer data, support teams could deliver speed, consistency, and quality to customers. Knowledge sharing significantly reduced the new agents’ training time and paved the way towards a great customer experience with the OneCard credit card.

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