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Easy 8 steps to create customer service scripts

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Create customer service scripts for better engagements at a call center or self service

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Customers are the pivots for businesses in all sectors. Be it healthcare, government, retail, or telecom; every organization’s day to day activities revolve around a single thought- “How will our customers react to it?

Customer service scripting is not a mandate but an essential act to be met with. It is a support that your agents might need while starting a call or to break the silence, or to comfort the customer, or just to learn the procedure while being new on the floor.

You can train your agents and even bots as much as deemed essential but no amount of training helps as much as a day one experience on the floor.

Need for customer service scripts

A script in hand in better than a guess that didn’t work out!

Here’s why your agents need a proper customer service script to improve their output quality:

1. Quick response

While agents pick their brains remembering what response they were taught for a particular situation, a customer service script helps them to plainly read from in there and modify the responses a bit. This speeds up the resolution process reducing overall call and wait time as well.

2. Confident fresher

Being a call center agent is not a job of permanent nature. The frequent promotions and rotation keep the floor filled with fresher agents on an operation that need constant training and supervision. With a versatile script, even fresher can perform great with minimal intervention.

3. On-hand support

On a first of its kind encounter, even a simple query seems difficult let alone actual twisters. Delaying solutions by putting call on hold or transferring them to experts each time is a hazard of a choice. The scripts, however, can be accessed from any device, any place, and can be delivered through any platform rendering on-hand support.

4. Handle customer agitation

When a customer is irritated and is losing their calm, it is difficult to handle the situation. The agent is required to calm them down, keep them engaged, have an eye on the timer, deliver a solution, and make sure they understand the application of the solution. A script is created presuming all such loopholes that could be encountered and thus is a perfect guide for every mood as well.

5. Personalised service

With the dialogues already on screen, and the entire procedure sketched out, it is easy for the agents to fill up gaps of scripts turning them into personalised ones thus making the caller feel valued as a customer even in times of distress instead of talking to a humanoid.

8 steps to create perfect customer service scripts

Creating a great customer service script is no magic wand wave but it also isn’t a child’s play. It requires a lot of research into your TA, their tastes, preferences, culture, and other such factors that are abstract yet loud.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before and while making great customer service scripts:

1. Define the channels

What channels could an agent have to visit for complaint resolution? What all platforms do your customers use to register a complaint or raise a ticket should be studied and the script created should be one that can be pushed forward on all such platforms in case of self service or AI bot resolutions as well.

2. Know your customers

Usually, the customers can be broadly categorised by age, digital usage, a tech-savvy, position held on the job, or top-level management. Knowing your customers helps subject matter experts to list down all requisites of the script and content creators can revolve around those pointers to generate a flexible yet fulfilling solution script.

3. Point out the objective

What is the nature of complaint and how is your solution relevant towards dismissal of the same is an important question to be addressed. The query could be complicated or technical in nature and might require an expert’s assistance. A well researched script rules out the problem of lost objectivity.

What is the nature of complaint and how is your solution relevant towards dismissal of the same is an important question to be addressed. The query could be complicated or technical in nature and might require an expert’s assistance. A well researched script rules out the problem of lost objectivity.

4. Level with agent training

The agents have a certain level of professional maturity and training is deemed to improve it. However, the creators of script must know the job environment and mental pressure agents go through to make it in accordance with them. The language must never be a barrier in communication.

5. Keep it interactive & simple

The knowledge base is not the resulting success; it is a procedure which when implemented leads to resolution. To explain what to do and how to do it is a multifaceted view for any issue. It can be tricky at times to pick the right lane and resolve an issue at once. Interactive guides and decision trees make this process even simpler than it sounds within a couple of clicks.

6. Reflect host brand’s tone

Brand tonality in agent script is the flavour of its existence in eyes of the outside world. In the absence of a script, agents each time might not remember to greet or conclude a conversation with a brand name or its tagline which might lead to the impression of a general contact centre instead of a dedicated action taken by the brand to keep its customers satisfied.

7. Communicate with resolutions

When a ticket is raised, it is primarily to get some issue addressed with a product or service. A script that describes the procedures but doesn’t give out compatible solutions is equivalent to having no script at all and the agents have to always go spontaneous. Agent rotation on the job is impossible thus lacking personnel growth.

8. Feedback & soft skills

Greetings must always commence a conversation be it assisted or automated and feedback must always conclude them. It must include brand name, tagline, customer values, and customer satisfaction, calming the caller, and resolution delivery, all at once. The bots and agents must both have tone recognition in their training and scripts as well to pay attention on empathy and feedback.


A good customer service script requires a great deal of research and hierarchical division before and during creation. The content team must pay attention to the fact that all details are included and any information related to one particular issue is clustered but not overwhelming. The script must be consistent for all distribution over all platforms to help improve scores like CX, CSAT, ASAT, etc.


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